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15 Awesome Things to do in Florida in August You Can’t Miss!

15 Awesome Things to do in Florida in August You Can’t Miss!

Thinking to visit Florida in August? Good choice. Florida is of course a great place to travel year round due to the great year-round weather the State enjoys.

August falls into late in summer in Florida. Florida’s schools typically break for the summer between late May and mid August so the plus side of traveling to Florida in August is that you may miss school break and the most expensive time of the year to travel.

As well as fewer crowds, you can find more affordable flights to Florida during this time, cheaper hotels and activities as you are traveling in low season.

While prices may be cheaper, you can still expect the weather to be hot and humid.

Despite the heat, we still think a trip or getaway to Florida in August is a good time to go as there are tonnes of fun things to do! Read more for our top tips for summer fun in the Sunshine State.

Weather in Florida in August

The average high temperatures in Florida in August range from 88°F (31°C) to 91°F (33°C).

You should expect high humidity. Humidity levels reach over 75% humidity during the month of August.

It is also in the middle of hurricane season in Florida (which runs from June to November).

Things to know before you go

It is Florida’s Rainy Season

Don’t be surprised if it rains during your visit, in fact I would be surprised if it didn’t rain as August is in the middle of rainy season in Florida (which runs from May to October).

On average there is around 7 inches of rainfall in the month of August. Just bring your raincoat and umbrella and you’ll be fine. There are also lots of fun indoor activities in Florida to enjoy.

It is Going to be Hot, Hot, Hot!

Make sure your accommodation in Florida has air-conditioning and bring your swimmers.

This is the perfect time of year to visit the amazing Florida Springs!

You are technically visiting during Hurricane season

You are technically visiting Florida during hurricane season.

Hurricanes tend to more frequently occur in Florida in September and October but it is indeed possible for a hurricane to happen in Florida in August

best cabins near springs in florida - in august

15 Awesome Things to do in Florida in August

1. Kayaking Islamorada

Just a short jaunt down from Miami, the Florida Keys is an idyllic archipelago nestled between the Gulf coast and the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a diverse, breathtaking destination with turquoise waters and picturesque landscapes everywhere you look.

Chalk full of an array of activities, the Keys attract adventure seekers and those who want to escape the hustle bustle of big cities, as well as the full time residents who make a charming island life for themselves.  One activity reigns supreme in this tropical haven – kayaking.

With extensive mangroves, hidden caves and pristine coastlines, this region is a perfect location for kayaking, offering up close encounters with marine life, both above and below the surface.  Kayaking offers a unique perspective of nature, with its slow pace, you are sure not to miss anything as you paddle your way around this beautiful island.

While it can be practiced year round in this tropical paradise, it is most enjoyable during the summer months so it is a perfect activity to enjoy in Florida in August! The water is warm, the breeze is nice and the afternoon showers provide a welcomed cool down after a day on the water. 

See all tours in Islamorada here including Kayak adventures.


Image credit: Viator

My personal experience kayaking Islamorada

My adventure began on Islamorada, a beautiful, serene kayaking destination.  My dad and I rented kayaks at Paddle the Florida Keys – a locally owned and operated kayak rental and tour company.

They are extremely professional and highly rated! They get you on the water quickly and efficiently, with easy to follow tips and pointers and the staff is incredibly friendly.

Before we knew it, we were on the water, exploring the lush landscape. We navigated the maze of mangroves, in and out of the light filled canopy.  The water was crystal clear, and we were able to spot dolphins, expansive coral gardens, manatees, and even a bald eagle.

The water was calm and easy to navigate for kayakers of any level. It was never too crowded, we really felt like we almost had a private lagoon to explore.  I brought a small dry bag to put my personal items in like my phone and keys, a go pro and water.  We never felt rushed and really took in all the beauty surrounding us.  I couldn’t recommend this destination or company more!


2. Tampa Bay Downs

Located right in the heart of Tampa Bay, Florida, Tampa Bay Downs is a Mecca for professional and leisure horse enthusiasts alike.

This iconic venue has a rich history, dating all the way back to 1926.  The environment exudes a sense of historic nostalgia that transcends time.  The anticipation and excitement from the crowd is palpable from the seasoned regulars, all the way to the newcomers who come to take in the sights of classic horse racing.

Tampa Bay Downs truly offers an immersive experience and wonderful way to spend an afternoon. People from all walks of life and locales are drawn to this location – one of the oldest horse racing tracks in the entire country.   As it is one of the only American thoroughbred race tracks, this facility is largely popular and ever expanding it’s amenities.

This includes the newly created Downs golf practice facility as well as the Silks poker room.  Patrons can practice their swing and their hand at cards while wagering on horse racing. These two additions are open seven days a week and have only boasted a bigger draw to Tampa Bay Downs. 

Tampa Bay Downs is vibrant and robust.  An explosion of electric energy from the crowd can be felt as the gates burst open as thunderous hooves gallop around the track.  Jockeys test their equine prowess as they navigate this performance sport with tactical skill and the athleticism of these thoroughbred horses.

There is a sense of camaraderie amongst all the track goers, even those betting against one another.

My personal experience visiting Tampa Bay Downs

I’ve visited Tampa Bay Downs many times, each being incredibly enjoyable.  The seating is expansive, yet you still feel up close and personal, able to take in all the heart pounding elements of the races while these majestic horses make their way around and around.

If you dare to do more than take in the sights, you can place a wager each race, whether you are gambling a substantial amount or just a little.  Bets begin at only $1 if you just want to have fun. Parking is free and easy to navigate, entry fees are only $3 and free on Wednesdays.

There are many dining options, bars and lounges, surely something everyone.  All in all, it is a beautiful way to spend an exciting afternoon outside, while still cool and comfortable in the shade.


3. Pineda Inn

Settled along the sun-kissed shores of Florida’s Space Coast, The Pineda Inn provides a tranquil and relaxing escape for tourists and locals alike.

On the outskirts of Melbourne, this charming bar and grill offers an idyllic attractiveness with a combination of coastal charm and modern amenities.

Stunning views of the Indian River offer guests a needed break from everyday responsibility, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  This casual dining spot is welcoming to everyone and anyone!

Whether you are out on a date or coming in from a day on the water, Pineda Inn is a gathering place to enjoy great food, company and delicious beverages with a view. The menu is simple and not overcomplicated, serving up local dishes like Conch Fritters and blackened Mahi sandwiches.

This established restaurant has been serving up great meals since 1947, and has garnered quite the following, yet still maintaining that quiet coastal feel. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and situated amongst a stunning natural backdrop.

You can saunter down the pier and have a peek at the fish swimming in the river, or take in the pink and orange hues of the sky as the sun goes down.  Indoor seating is available for the hottest of days, as well as the recently expanded outdoor deck if you would like a closer look at the water. 

The laid back ambiance and warm southern hospitality is felt instantly when you walk in. It is a beloved local gem by generations of patrons. It is truly a memorable place, from the friendly smiles of the staff, to the regular gatherings of families, celebrating milestones while enjoying happy hour cocktails and bites.


My personal experience at Pinada Inn

I indulged in a number of craft cocktails from the bar, and took in live music on more nights than one.  The air was lively and energetic, I quickly understood why so many had chosen this restaurant as their favorite local watering hole.

My family group was relatively large, and was still quickly and easily accommodated.  We spent a longer time than usual and were never rushed out or made to feel unwelcome.  Wine pours were always heavy handed, even dogs were welcomed!

The space was newly renovated without losing the original charm that has entranced visitors over the years. No reservations required, just a happy relaxed vibe.


4. Coopertown Airboat tours

For more than 75 years, Coopertown airboat tours has been rated number one by the Miami Herald newspaper.  Adventure meets wildlife in the heart of the Everglades with the captivating world of Coopertown Airboat tours. 

These exciting boat rides are like none other, equal parts thrilling and educational as they quickly dash around the marshlands.  Seasoned boat captains that are well versed in boat safety and the delicacies of the Everglade ecosystem take you on a wild ride.

You soar on the surface of the water, bobbing in and around the tall Saw grass, getting a thrill of a lifetime.  The noise of the huge propeller at the stern of the boat comes to halt when spotting some of the local wildlife inhabitants.


Coopertown is committed to preserving the natural environment, offering sustainable ecotourism experiences while educating guests about conservation.  Whether you’re a curious traveler or a south Florida local, Coopertown airboat tours serves up a boating experience like you have never had before. 

The airboat captains in this company are true stewards of the land, educating with their equally as developed sense of humor.

It can get a bit hot visiting the Everglades in August so we recommend you take a trip in the afternoon.

Read more: Best Everglades Airboat Tours


My personal experience with Coopertown airboat tours

Throughout my boat ride, it felt as though we were on an Indiana Jones adventure, Everglade edition. My experience was incredible and surpassed any expectation I once held.  We saw endemic birds, plants and of course, a number of American alligators.

This high speed 40 minute boat ride was over all too quickly, as we had a ton of fun.  Afterwards, we learned about and interact with some of the rehabilitated animals that were being cared for at this center.  I was able to hold a small alligator, as well as a large snake!

The onsite restaurant and bar was truly Floridian, serving up frog legs and similar delicacies.  Furthermore, Coopertown has a rich history of being the stunning and unique backdrop for a number of documentaries, commercials and action films.

I highly recommend this unique experience to families and anyone passing through the Everglades.  You will leave with adventurous experiences etched in your memories for years to come. 


5. All In Charters

In the tropical paradise of Key West, there is no shortage of fishing boats on the horizon.  Some of the best anglers in the world reside here to troll the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys in search of the best catch.

All in Charters stands out amongst the crowd as the top, private fishing boat charter in Key West! Captain Garrett Frey is the sole owner and operator of this outfit, and he is guaranteed to create an exciting fishing experience full of unforgettable memories.

The combination of his local knowledge, years of experience fishing professionally in these waters, top of the line fishing gear and a marine science degree is a formula for a fantastic day on the ocean. His unrelenting passion for the sport is contagious whether you are a seasoned angler or completely new to fishing.

The tropical waters of the Keys are abundant in marine life, and All In Charters offers a strict no fish no pay policy, making certain your booking is worth your while.  Grab your friends and family and book one of the four charters available: reef fishing, shark fishing, tarpon fishing or offshore/trolling.

My personal experience at All in Charters

My dad and I set out on our offshore/trolling charter with Garrett and were immediately off to a tremendous start.  The weather was perfect, a light ocean breeze kept us cool in the heat of the Gulf.

Garrett really got to know us and made sure to tailor the trip exactly to our liking.  The boat was extremely clean and had top of the line fishing gear for us to use.  Garrett may seem a young charter captain but make no mistake, he is right down to business, knows exactly where to go and when to move to the next spot.  The reels were buzzing as we continually brought in one monster after another.

This day was thrilling, fun and we had a easy going conversation with Garrett throughout the trip.  He made sure all our needs were met at all times and was great to get along with.

The offshore fishing charter takes you to prolific fishing grounds where pelagic species roam, ensuring epic heart pounding battles bringing them in.  Getting further offshore also invites the opportunity to take in the beauty of Key West.  From its pristine coast lines, offshore islands and abundant marine life, this is a trip you won’t want to miss.


6. The Columbia Restaurant

If you are looking for an awesome restaurant to visit in Florida in August, you can’t go past The Columbia Restaurant in Tampa.

Cuban-Spanish immigrant Casimiro Hernandez Sr. came to this country with dreams of starting a new life for his family.  With four sons in tow, he had no option but to succeed and create a better life for them.  In 1905, the Columbia restaurant was born!

It is now the largest Spanish restaurant in the country, and still owned and operated by his descendants.  It not just a restaurant, but an immersive experience into Spanish and Cuban culture, serving up mouth watering dishes.

The warm and beautiful ambiance includes hand painted tiles, wrought iron balconies and flamenco inspired murals that are absolutely captivating.

Expertly prepared dishes such as paella and succulent ropa vieja, as well as the classic Cuban sandwich make your tastebuds dance with excitement as you enjoy the fusion of the two latin cuisines. The original Columbia now spans an entire city block.

Since its original founding, six other locations have been established.  It is clear this restaurant will be an incredible success for generations to come.

My personal experience at The Columbia Restaurant

Arriving at the Colombian restaurant is impressive even before entering the front doors.  With its huge size and beautiful, timeless decor, it is more of a marvel than just a restaurant.

It is also an authentic experience into the heart and soul of Tampa’s deeply rooted latin heritage.  The energetic and lively atmosphere hits you right away as you make your way through the front doors.

The courteous staff is dressed in traditional Spanish attire, and vintage photographs and art are hung on all the walls.  This takes you back to the humble beginnings of this establishment.

Furthermore, beyond the delectable menu, live entertainment can be seen and heard in the form of Flamenco dancers and musicians.  I couldn’t stay seated long and definitely toured around to take in the full experience of this restaurant with the best mojito in tow.

I ate up every bit of food I ordered there, stayed hours past what I had intended and simply can’t wait to return for such an exceptional experience.  Do not miss out on this incredible dining opportunity.  The Columbia now has seven locations throughout Florida, be sure to have a visit during your stay!


7. Clearwater beach

Clearwater Beach, Florida is a sun-drenched paradise with expansive, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Renowned for it’s breathtaking beauty and laid back atmosphere, Clearwater Beach has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the country’s best beach destinations.

It has even landed on the coveted number one best beaches list by Dr.Beach himself. Located on Florida’s stunning West Coast, this enchanting beach town offers visitors an array of outdoor activities, a stunning landscape, and incredible sunset views that have captivated the attention of travelers from all around the globe. 

Clearwater Beach has something for visitors of all ages! Whether you’re relaxing in a hammock under the shade of palm trees or going all out in exciting water sports, the beach caters to every whim. Walk along the busy promenade and take in the charming small businesses, delicious restaurants, and people watching.

For a little reprieve from the hot summer sun, be sure to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see local marine life up close. Clearwater is the ultimate vacation destination!

Pier 60 is one of the most notable attractions of Clearwater Beach.  It features a shaded playground for children, which is wonderful to retreat out of the hot Florida sun, especially for little ones.  It is also one of the best fishing piers in the country!

My personal experience at Clearwater Beach

I was lucky enough to visit over the Fourth of July, and was able to take in a spectacular firework show.  Nightlife on the pier is lively and full of musicians, street performers and artisans. For daytime amenities, conditions are generally calm and gentle, which makes for easy paddle boarding, swimming and snorkeling. It would also be a great place to visit in Florida in August.

Jet skiing, parasailing and fishing charters are also readily available.  All of the beach front restaurants feature fresh, locally caught seafood.

The Pinellas trail runs along the coast of Clearwater beach and is great for hiking and biking. Whether you are visiting with family, friends, or by yourself, there is something for everyone at Clearwater Beach. 

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach/ Flickr

8. Kennedy Space Center

You can’t visit Florida without visiting the Kennedy Space Center! It is a place where dreams of space exploration have become a reality for decades. Situated on Merritt Island, Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is not only a historic site but also an active hub for space missions and scientific research.

As NASA’s primary launch center for human spaceflight since the 1960s, the Kennedy Space Center has witnessed some of the most significant milestones in space history, including the Apollo moon landings and numerous shuttle missions.

Stepping foot into the Kennedy Space Center is like entering a realm where science fiction transforms into science fact. With its inspiring exhibits, immersive attractions, and behind the scenes access to space technology, visitors of all ages can embark on a journey of exploration, education, and inspiration.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be captivated by the spirit of innovation and the unwavering dedication of the brilliant minds who have made and continue to make space travel possible. Tour historic launch sites, come face to face with real space artifacts, and learn about the ongoing missions that continue to expand our understanding of the universe.

The Kennedy Space Center invites guests to delve into the intricacies of space travel through interactive exhibits like the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction.

Book your tour to the Kennedy Space Center here.


My personal experience at The Kennedy Space Center

I was able to touch an actual moon rock and I experienced a simulated launch!  If you are particularly lucky on the day you visit, you can even meet veteran astronauts who share their personal experiences of their time in space. 

The sheer magnitude of the space shuttles is mind blowing, it must be experienced first hand to fully grasp.  This immersive experience is once in a lifetime and impressive to those of all walks of life, leaving you inspired with incredible memories.

If you are to only see one attraction in the state of Florida, The Kennedy Space Center should be it.  I know I certainly left with a deeper appreciation for space exploration and everything that can be learned from taking a journey into the universe. 

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center/ Flickr

9. Crystal River

Crystal River is a spring fed body of water that is home to a variety of wildlife, including manatees, dolphins and fish.  It is an ecotourism hub and is a largely popular tourist destination for a multitude of reasons.

Its natural beauty is incredibly inviting from the crystal clear waters, surrounding lush greenery and ideal setting for a number of outdoor land and water sports. Cypress trees provide shade on the winding waterways, a natural refuge from the sun, also allowing a consistent water temperature range year round.

People flock here year round to hike, camp, kayak, swim, snorkel and spot animals in their natural habitat.  Average water temperatures hover around 72 degrees, which can be brisk, but also an incredible reprieve from the scorching summer heat.

The summertime is high tourist season for most of Florida, including Crystal River, so if you don’t mind a little cooler temperature, a winter visit can also be wonderful and a little less populated.  Nature enthusiasts and adventurers from all backgrounds love everything this beautiful region has to offer.

Crystal River is known as the manatee capital of the world.  These magnificent gentle giants seek a safe and warm enough place from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico during the winter months, although they can be spotted anytime.  They are truly a unique sight to see in the wild, grazing on sea grasses and algae, slowly moving through the waters, allowing visitors to witness them in their natural habitat.

If you visit Florida in August it is a must do to visit one of Florida’s amazing springs like Three Sisters Spring in Crystal River. Other good options are Kelly Park and Ginnie Springs.

Book your tour swimming with manatees in Crystal River here.

Crystal River

Crystal River/ Flickr

My personal experience at Crystal River

When I visited, we rented clear kayaks from Crystal River Kayak company and Dive Center.  I highly recommend these! It is as if your entire vessel is wearing a snorkel mask, allowing you to see schooling fish, underwater plant life and more!

We saw a number of manatees, as well as a few American Alligators.  This experience is one of a kind and worth the journey to central Florida. The best snorkeling spots in the area are Three sisters and Kings Bay.

Each is stocked with tons of wildlife and of course, some of the clearest water in the world.  So clear in fact, visibility can reach over 100 feet.  Don’t fret too much about the alligators, they are nearly omnipresent in Florida, mainly keeping to themselves.  A visit to Crystal River is sure to be a memorable, unique experience!

Crystal River – Citrus County

Crystal River – Citrus County/ Facebook

10. The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum is a captivating artistic showcase right in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. After a day in the sun, maybe enjoying all the amenities of Clearwater, take a quick jaunt down to St. Petersburg.  Here you will go on an extraordinary journey into the life and works of Salvador Dali, and take in the worldwide impact he had on culture both then and now.

As the permanent home of the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s masterpieces outside of Europe, this iconic museum is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and anyone with a curiosity about his creations.  The Dali Museum stands as a testament to the surreal genius of the premier Spanish artist, no surreal artist today has made such a timeless impact on art culture.

This museum showcases a diverse range of his thought provoking and groundbreaking works. A  distinctive glass bubble known as the “Enigma,” is showcased here, providing a fitting backdrop for the innovative and dreamlike art housed within its walls.

Step into a world of imagination and creativity as you explore the unique and eclectic collection of Dali’s paintings, sculptures, and drawings. The museum’s interactive exhibits and engaging installations offer an immersive experience, shedding light on the enigmatic mind of one of the 20th century’s most influential artists.

Whether you’re already a Dali enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of surrealism, The Dali Museum promises an inspiring journey through the realms of imagination and artistic innovation.

Dali Museum

Dali Museum/ Flickr

My personal experience at The Dali Museum

Visiting The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, was as surreal as his artwork and certainly an unforgettable experience.  As I entered the museum’s striking glass structure, the “Enigma,” I felt an immediate sense of wonder and excitement. I felt as if I was in a fantasy movie.

The building’s unique architecture seemed to mirror the eccentricity of Salvador Dali’s works, setting the stage for an artistic journey like no other.  What truly made the experience exceptional were the interactive exhibits that invited me to become a part of the art.

The virtual reality installations allowed me to step inside Dali’s paintings, where I could almost touch the melting clocks and enter myself in his dreamscapes.

I have visited art exhibits and museums all over the world, and any opportunity to be interactive with art is pure magic, as if you are interacting with the artist themselves.  This is particularly incredible in a surrealist Dali exhibit. I highly recommend a visit to this dreamy museum in South Florida!

Salvador Dali Museum

Travelview/ Shutterstock

11. Underwater Gator Tours with Chris Gillette

This tour is absolutely like no other! Just as peanut butter and jelly make a matching pair, so do alligators and Florida.  Jump in and take a close up look at these living dinosaurs like you never have before. Much different from a visit to a local zoo, this alligator sanctuary provides the general public the experience of a lifetime, with interactive participation and the best photos you’ve ever taken for proof.

Bring your swimsuit and sense of wonder and dive in to a 30,000 gallon aquatic gator habitat and watch these incredible animals in action.  With protective barrier between you and the gators, you are still able to swim with these large reptiles.

This is not something you would ever be able to attempt safely in the wild.  Chris Gillette is a superior guide and educator on all things reptile, he does an perfect job at highlighting their largely misunderstood reputation and also their importance in our society.

He has a lifetime of experience to share with anyone who dares to jump in.  Every animal in this rescue has been saved from certain death, as they were all once nuisance alligators that found themselves in swimming pools, parking lots, residences, etc. You are sure to leave with knowledge you never knew you were missing about these magnificent creatures.


The tour is on the pricier side, but it is absolutely a once in a lifetime experience and worth every penny.  Visiting this outpost is not simply getting the photo op and leaving, you become an alligator advocate.

Prior to jumping in, you are briefed on the importance of alligators in our ecosystem, threats to their habitat, how to raise awareness about the nuisance gator issue in Florida, and so much more.  Casper is the star the show here, and while he is still an untrained wild animal that is very dangerous if not handled properly, he has the calmest temperament of all the alligators in this center.

Chris has worked alongside Casper for 12 years and is familiar with his habits and tendencies. He is between 9-10 feet long and 250lbs, which makes that barrier seem a little flimsy when you first jump in! I can assure you though, the number one focus of this tour is safety, safety, safety.

Only one guest is allowed in the water at a time, with Chris accompanying you at all times.  I am someone who gets cold easily, so I opted to bring a wetsuit, though it is not required.

They provide masks and fins and you can bring your own cameras, including a go pro if you prefer.  Use your photos to promote awareness and educate those who have not had the profound luck to participate in this tour.  Chris Gillette is doing a fantastic job working tirelessly to rescue as many alligators as he can, educating the public both online and in person, and is an excellent guide for this tour.

I Highly recommend booking this experience for the animal advocate you know, or anyone who wants a thrill of a lifetime! Book at

Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center

Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center/ Flickr

12. Bioluminescent tour with BK Adventure company

A spectacular summer phenomenon that can be found on Kiwanis Island, Cocoa Beach, Florida is the bioluminescence! To witness this nighttime magic on the water is other worldly.  Bright neon blue-green hues dazzle on the surface of the water with the movement of the waves and otherwise disturbance of the surface.  Simply put, bioluminescence is a chemical reaction of an organism – in this case dinoflagelletes – in the water, causing them to emit a light.

Many organisms possess this seemingly magical phenomenon, including fungi, insects and fish.  Simply dragging your hand in the water can result in this beautiful light sparkling like a million stars in the sky.  While it can be seen year round, it is most prominent in the summer time.

The dimmer the moonlight, the brighter the bioluminescence is, so it is best to track the moon phases before you book your trip if possible.  Although venturing out onto the water at night can seem intimidating, this experience is incredibly memorable and worthwhile!


My personal experience with BK Adventure company

I booked a clear kayak tour with BK Adventure company, as this was the best vessel to witness such a marvel.  As we glided through the calm evening water, the glow emanating from our wake was enchanting, literally as if the universe was below us.  Experiencing this first hand is stunning.

A YouTube video could never truly emanate what we saw that evening.  It is a natural wonder that everyone should take in at some point in their lifetime.  There are a few locations that offer these spectacular tours, but they tend to sell out quickly, so I recommend booking in advance.

I felt as if I was starring in a real life Fern Gully movie, and highly recommend this tour and company to anyone looking for a unique outdoor experience.

The whole trip is an hour and a half long and available to anyone aged five and above.  Safety vests are provided and just as any wonderful experience goes, it was over all too quickly.  Don’t sleep on this great opportunity if you are in Kelly Slater’s hometown – aka Cocoa Beach!

bioluminescence kayaking florida

13. The Postcard Inn

Aptly named, The Postcard Inn is the picture of perfection amongst hotels in the Florida Keys.  Situated in the heart of Islamorada, this hotel was named #1 by Condé Nast traveller, a premier travel magazine.  From walk up beaches, coastal restaurants, stunning pools, and charming decor, this hotel stands out amongst others.  You truly feel as if you are swept away on vacation at this wonderful paradise.

With its central location, walkability is perfect for shopping, eating and activities.  Booking a private charter for fishing, renting a paddle board and exploring what the Keys have to offer is all easily accessible.  There is even an onsite tiki bar with an impressive menu of cocktails, live music and a beautiful, airy atmosphere.

Private rooms as well as more expansive cottages are available to book, depending on your party’s needs.  There is no better destination in Islamorada. The paddle board rentals, bikes and kayaks are complementary with your reservation, which is almost unheard of these days.

Beach side cabanas are available on the beautiful walk up beach, and an expansive, water front pool is perfect for lounging and sipping cocktails from the Kokomo bar. 

Book your stay here and see all reviews here

My personal experience at The Postcard Inn

Upon arrival, I was instantly impressed with the warm, light decor and modern amenities. The rooms were up to date, clean and perfect for my stay.

After a day exploring the sights both on and off the water, it was a perfect retreat to return to for happy hour cocktails and a sunset walk around the adjacent marina.  The staff was incredibly friendly, welcoming and gave great local recommendations to check out throughout our stay.

I would recommend this hotel for anyone, including families with small children or couples.  The Postcard Inn’s central location is quiet and tucked in on an otherwise busy and lively street filled with street performers, musicians and eccentric small shops.

My family and I ended up making lifelong friends from other guests we met at this hotel.  And the detail everyone looks for when booking a stay: the comfortability of the beds.  I have to say they were cloud-like, and I got some of the best sleep I had in a long while.  Don’t miss out on booking this great hotel!


14. Le Tub Saloon

This dive bar & restaurant has been a fixture in Hollywood Beach Florida since 1975.  Its simple menu has proven over the years that it doesn’t need extravagance to be successful.

Rated as America’s number one burger by both GQ and Oprah’s magazines, its no secret as to why this establishment has endured over the decades.  The quirky decor and atmosphere tells a story and keeps patrons busy as they dissect the beautiful treasures that are displayed throughout the space.  All the walls, nooks and crannies are covered from items gathered on the local beaches over the years.

Nothing has been updated simply to keep the unique charm in tact.  The outside of the restaurant is covered in lush foliage, making it difficult to find this hidden gem outright.  Word of mouth over the years has been enough to keep plentiful business for this unique eatery.

Its casual atmosphere and intercostal views are a great way to enjoy a delicious and inexpensive meal on the water.  The waitresses are just friendly enough, providing an almost comical experience throughout your stay. One of the best restaurants in Hollywood for sure.

Address: 1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019, United States

My personal experience at The Postcard Inn

One of the more striking features punctuated throughout this shanty saloon are the old fashioned claw tubs.  They are each filled with flowers and plants and a hodge-podge mix of objects.  This unique restaurant was founded by Russell T. Kohuth, who began gathering odds and ends from his morning jogs on the beach.

Funky finds eventually began making their way inside by lifeguards and other local patrons.  Eclectic doesn’t quite capture the entire ambiance, it is truly something to experience in the flesh.  The tables are all made of sun bleached reclaimed wood, giving this nautical eatery a truly worn in feel, in the best way possible.

We watched an incredible sunset while sipping a few beers, dockside. Perhaps the polar opposite of something like a Nobu, you won’t find anywhere quite like this small business and I highly recommend popping in this great find if you are in the area!


15. Whimzeyland

Whimzeland is a step into another dimension.  If you want to explore the eccentric, then look no further than this distinctive attraction in Safety Harbor, Florida.  Founded and created by artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda, this collection of worldly sculptures and decorations have completely transformed the scape of an otherwise regular suburban home into a dream sequence.

Upon arrival you are immediately immersed into a land of wonder and vibrant displays of color and shape.  Conventional architecture is set aside and a funky, almost Alice in Wonderland-esque aesthetic takes over.  Your imagination will be lit on fire in this creative attraction.

You can’t help but feel immediate, almost child-like joy when exploring what is around the next turn. 

Every corner is covered in exquisite detail, a vibrant crafting of colors and creativity.  It is not simply an installation, but an invitation to let go of our own rigidity and tendencies to conform.  The multitude of mixed medias used to construct this home are unlike anything I have ever seen.

Plexiglass sculptures, cast iron figurines, paintings, tapestries and colorful bottles are only some of the many items used in this home construction.  It truly is whimsical in every sense.  Beautiful mosaic tiles pave the walkways, following no rules or structure.

It is a visual display of emotions in art. Bowling balls line paths that twist and turn every which way.  Huge faces are splayed at varying heights and shapes throughout the home. Disco balls, beads and rattan lampshades hang from the ceiling in no organized manner, it truly is a vacation for your eyes, transforming you from typical, everyday sights, to something out of your wildest dreams.

If you are looking for a mental break during your vacation, then take a tour in and around this art home.  You won’t regret the dopamine hit that surges through your subconscious after sauntering around this dreamy wonderland of color. 

Address: 1206 3rd St N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695, United States


Author: Lindsey Brown, a published novelist who has extensive experience traveling the Sunshine State.


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