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19 Best Restaurants in Hollywood FL You Must Try

19 Best Restaurants in Hollywood FL You Must Try

Looking for the best restaurants in Hollywood FL? You have come to the right place!

There is nothing better or more exciting while on vacation (or even if you are a local in the area) than sampling the best food in town.

If you are hunting down the best places to eat in Hollywood FL, here are 19 of the best restaurants in Hollywood with everything from Japanese to waterfront restaurants to casual sandwich bars included. So what are you waiting for – dig in!

19 Best Restaurants in Hollywood you must try

1. J28 sandwich bar

Looking for a great sandwich that you just can’t get at a local subway? J28 has some of the most savory sandwiches you can find anywhere in a 10 mile radius of Hollywood beach.

Right off of young circle, the center round about in the mecca of Hollywood. That is Hollywood, Florida for any of you out of towners. J28 has some serious Zang to each bite, they really aren’t your average midnight inspired craving you might whip up before you go to bed.

From crispy pork belly with zesty seasoning, to chicken saltado with 11 spices on a nice fresh bun. You get your choice of sides- fries, rice and beans, rice and fries, whatever you like. It a nice Peruvian classic south Florida inspired place that is sure not to disappoint.

J28 sandwich bar

J28 sandwich bar/ Facebook

2. Kuro Japanese

Not hitting the jackpot on the slot machines? No worries, there is a lot of great dining at the newly renovated Seminole hard rock casino.

Kuro Japanese restaurant is one of those amazing dining experiences you won’t forget, and by far one of the most hip and entertaining experiences you can get while visiting. By far it is one of the most upscale experiences at the casino, not your average Japanese restaurant striving singularly on sushi rolls.

They provide all of Japan’s finest foods in an eclectic atmosphere. You have your choice from entrees such as beef short rib smothered in Gochulang demi, Chilean seabass with miso, or any of the uniquely curated sushi rolls. Don’t miss out on one of the most upscale Japanese restaurants.

Kuro Japanese

Kuro Japanese/ Facebook

3. Billys stone crab Hollywood

Got seafood in mind? Try Billys Stone Crab, a great seafood restaurant right on the Hollywood intercoastal. This two story restaurant has everything you want, enjoy eating upstairs and looking at the intercoastal drawbridge lit up in the night, or sit downstairs and be calmed by the relaxing lapping of the saltwater.

Billys is seafood the way it is meant to be, fresh fish and crab straight off of one of their 40 boats that deliver to the restaurant daily. They own a fleet of boats just a little way south, in the Florida keys, where they catch their products to be delivered fresh to your plate. This is authentic seafood at its best here in south Florida.  

Billys stone crab Hollywood

Billys stone crab/ Facebook

4. GG’s waterfront

If you like a casual dining experience in an upscale atmosphere then GG’s Waterfront Restaurant is right for you. GG’s has some of the best seafood in the area and is one of Hollywood’s finest dining venues.

Enjoy the view while sitting by the water as you watch sleek yachts pass you by- as they might be getting something from the menu too.

GG’s isn’t just a seafood place, they have some of the finest chops and meats you can get in the area. I really feel like GG’s is one of those classic places that is sure not to disappoint.

GG’s waterfront

GG’s waterfront/ Facebook

5. The tipsy boar

If you like the American Gastro pub scene then your going to love the Tipsy Boar. Get foods such as fatty pork sliders, or an appetizer of fried goat cheese with a marmalade sauce.

The tipsy boar is located right off of young circle in the upbeat park of Hollywood Florida. Not just your average Ale house, it is bar food at its finest. Go for happy hour and have your choice from their selection of craft beers and fine wines.

The tipsy boar

The tipsy boar/ Facebook

6. Diplomat Prime

Take a stroll down to Ocean Drive Hollywood if you aren’t on a budget and enjoy some of the finest dining that Hollywood Florida has to offer.

The Diplomat Prime is one of those finer establishments that is not a cheap date. White clothed tables in an elegant atmosphere is what you may be thinking when you think of upscale steak and seafood, and that is exactly what you get a Diplomat Prime.

Have your choice of entrees such as Twin Lobster tails, Maine Diver Scallops, or a finely cooked filet mignon.

Diplomat Prime

Diplomat Prime/ Facebook

7. Taco Beach Shack

If you’re feeling like good ole chips and salsa in a non-intimidating atmosphere, then take a trip to Taco Beach Shack.   They make their taco shells fresh every day, along with their freshly made guacamole and salsa.

Get a delicious, buttered lobster taco, or a Korean short rib taco to start off your afternoon near the beach. If you’re feeling like a cold beer on a hot day then try from their selection of Mexican beers, they have margaritas too.  Taco Beach Shack is located right off of A1A, the coastal road in Hollywood Florida.

Taco Beach Shack

Taco Beach Shack/ Facebook

8. Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

If you’re visiting South Florida then you are undoubtedly going to eat Cuban food. South Florida has had an influx of Cuban immigrants for quite some time, and there is no shortage of their great authentic cuisine floating around.

A lot of mom and pop Cuban restaurants can be found while in town, but one in particular has stood the test of time. Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine is one of the most well-managed names in the business, and they have multiple locations all around south Florida.

They consistently produce some of the best Cuban staples in an authentic atmosphere. Try their Vaca Frita (fried beef) with a side of rice and beans, or the infamous “Cuban Sandwich” (Pork, ham, mustard, deli pickles) on a fresh Baquet.

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine

Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine/ Facebook

9. Le Tub Saloon

While in Hollywood try out le tub saloon, located on 100 N Ocean Drive. This place is cool and quite a novelty. It was established in 1974 and furnished with all sorts of ocean town collections found across the landscape of the beach at the time.

Many locals think they have the best burgers in town, and was voted so by GQ magazine. It’s a casual place that you can find a filling burger or steak at a reasonable price. They carry seafood too, try their smoked fish dip or crab legs, mahi sandwiches and more

It really is a little piece of heaven located on the intercoastal waterway that not a lot of people know about. One of the best laid back restaurants in Hollywood fl.

Le Tub Saloon

Le Tub Saloon/ Facebook

10. Monkitail

This Japanese Gastro pub is superb. The dark wooden furnishings really add a casual and upscale feel to this restaurant located in the diplomat resort.

Offering delicious sushi, sashimi and robotayaki options, you will really feel like you got an upscale meal at a nice venue.  Fired chicken with Japanese mayo, Japanese mackerel with scallion, ginger and kombu, and endless sushi options await.


Monkitail/ Facebook

11. Don Rodone

Looking for a great Peruvian venue with some of the best ceviche in town? Don Rodone has really got the ceviche game going strong, which is their specialty at this little place right near TY park in Hollywood. The chef used to work at a yellow green farmers market down the street just before opening up at a permanent location.

The restaurant is on the small side, but it’s a nice place to grab some good food at a cheap price. Try some fried fish, lomo saltado, or the ceviche to get your kicks at this reasonably priced restaurant.

Don Rodone

Don Rodone/ Facebook

12. Nordic Bakery and Coffee house

If you just waking up and looking to be enticed by the scent of Danish pastries and fresh brewed coffee you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check this place out. Nordic bakery and coffee house is akin to Starbucks on steroids.

The dough for the Danish pastries are actually flown in from Denmark and made delectable with some premium butter used in its creation.

Flaky and soft on the inside it would make for a perfect breakfast desert while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Its like a little slice of Denmark heaven right near the Hollywood beach.

Nordic Bakery and Coffee house

Nordic Bakery and Coffee house/ Facebook

13. Roccos Pizza Incorporated

Over in Hollywood Florida they are big on pizza. I guess someone must have equated the sea and the sand with pizza as there are numerous pizza joints scattered across the town. Roccos Pizza incorporated are one of the many pizza joints littered around Hollywood.

No fiddling around here, they do their pizza big. Family sized pizza slice portions are the mainstay here so come with plenty of company and fill your cravings to your hearts content. Try the classic cheese or pepperoni or go with a vegan option if your trying to be health conscious.

Roccos Pizza Incorporated

Roccos Pizza Incorporated/ Facebook

14. Sonnies famous steak hogies

Feeling like being a little naughty? Want to get down and greasy and grimy? Sonnies famous steak and hogies can really knock you out.

Try real, juicy, and greasy burgers and hogies at this place and you wont be disappointed, you might just need a pacemaker after your done. They were established in 1958, that’s more than 60 years in business and they are still around for a reason.

They pride themselves on making their steak hogies the old fashioned way and if you’re a meat lover you got to check this place out.

Sonnies famous steak hogies

Sonnies famous steak hogies/ Facebook

15. Sicilianos Frozen Custard

Muy Calor? If you’re visiting Florida and you are not used to the heat, then why not stop at this crafty local ice cream joint right on Hollywood Boulevard. Sicilianos Frozen Custard is a great place to bring your little ones on a steamy day to cool off with a cold frozen treat.

Its an iconic spot in this area of town, and sometimes there can be quite a wait to get your hands on one of these little treats.

They make their ice cream in house, and you can get a great sundae or sorbet to give yourself a break from a long day of roaming around in the sun.

Sicilianos Frozen Custard

Sicilianos Frozen Custard/ Facebook

16. Jacks Hollywood Diner

If you’re looking for a good ole fashion experience why not stop in at a diner. It’s not the 50’s but these classic places still exist- albeit, it is sometimes hard to find a good one.

Jacks in Hollywood beach has everything you might expect from one of the Americana inspired old-time-fares. Have your take at some freshly poured coffee and fluffy pancakes for breakfast, or stop in after the sun sets and get a nice Rueben sandwich. It can be nice to sit and reminisce in Americas glory.

Jacks Hollywood Diner

Jacks Hollywood Diner/ Facebook

17. U Know Korean Bistro

New Korean joints are coming into the forefront everyday; some are good, some are not. U Know Korean Bistro is one of the lesser-known Korean restaurants, but you should not take it for being lesser in quality.

Family owned and operated, this under the radar bistro has some finely cooked meals in an un-ostentatious manner.

They pride themselves on fresh food from “old-granny’s recipes”. Priding themselves on serving a variety of traditional dishes, from fried dumplings to army stew, one can really get a taste of tradition at this Korean-classic restaurant.

U Know Korean Bistro

U Know Korean Bistro/ Facebook

18. Viva Brazil Hollywood

Some people may wonder what the lesser-known craze of Brazilian food is all about. We are sure people know currently about the wonderful Brazilian steakhouses, but a less ventured avenue is some of the great authentic Brazilian cuisine that can be found in and around south Florida.

Viva Brazil in Hollywood is an authentic brazilian restaurant if you’re looking to eat some hearty meats like Picanha or Brazilian sausage.

Grab a taste of Brazil’s famous Feijoada-a sort of stew or mix of meats, rice, black beans, peppers, and yucca. Grab a crisp light Brazilian beer and chow down on some hearty Brazilian classics in a friendly atmosphere.

Viva Brazil

Viva Brazil/ Facebook

19. Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub

Everywhere has their fair share of Irish Pubs in town, and in Hollywood it is no different. If you’re in the mood for wings, burgers, or sandwiches (classic bar food) then come by this merry establishment.

Mickeys is a wonderful place to meet friends and throw down some brewskis. They have a cult like following by people who are not afraid to let a little loose.  They are located on 1921 Hollywood Boulevard, right in downtown Hollywood before Young Circle if you are heading east.

Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub

Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub/ Facebook


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