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Florida Vacationers Community Guidelines

We want Florida Vacationers to be a positive and helpful space that fosters productive conversations among all travelers. When participating in our comments section, interacting with our community, or engaging on social media, please follow these simple community guidelines.

Making good comments mostly comes down to two things:

  1. Be kind & respectful – Treat others like you would like to be treated. Be helpful and welcoming. Encourage positive conversations and productive discussions. Be open to hearing other perspectives, even if they are different than yours.
  2. Be helpful – Make comments that will benefit other travelers. Add information or perspectives to the discussion. Share a new recommendation, or a unique perspective on an existing one. Give advice that will be helpful.


If you follow the two principles above, you should be in the clear. But, of course, this is the Internet – so not everyone is going to do that. To that end, here are a few important rules when engaging in community discussion on Florida Vacationers:

  • No Personal Attacks – We do not tolerate personal attacks or insults of any kind.
  • No Discrimination – Do not attack an entire group of people either.
  • No Trolling – Keep the conversation productive and useful to future travelers.
  • No Comments on Personal Appearance – Whether you mean it nicely or not, comments on someone else’s personal appearance are not appropriate.
  • No Spam – Comments are not the place for self-promotion. If you own a business or attraction you would like us to consider for inclusion in a guide, please instead email
  • No NSFW or Illegal Content – All comments must be G-rated.
  • No Doxxing – Do not share someone else’s personal information.
  • No Unoriginal Content – All comments should be unique content written by you and not posted elsewhere to the web. Do not copy and paste content from elsewhere.
  • No Unhelpful Comments – All comments should serve to help someone, even if it is just a question that will prompt a response with helpful information for yourself. We do not publish thin comments that add little to no value.

Please note that we moderate all comments for compliance with our community guidelines, and do not publish all comments. We reserve the right to delete or edit all comments at our sole discretion.

For questions about our content moderation policies, visit our contact page.