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Welcome to Florida Vacationers!

Florida Vacationers is the #1 place to find everything exciting to do in the Sunshine State. Bookmark this blog as your go to place for all things Florida related.

Florida is a State we never get tired of. We have a passion for hunting out the best things to do in Florida from the incredible natural springs in Florida to the world class beaches to fabulous road trips like the Florida Keys Miami to Key West route – we are yet to find a person who has visited the Sunshine State and not had a blast.

There is so many fun activities in Florida that you could keep coming back year after year for vacations and never get bored. That’s why so many people choose to retire and Florida and let’s not forget the snowbirds who come down year after year from the Northern States.

We constantly keep our site up to date and let you know about any hidden gems in the State we find.

Thanks for joining us – we are thrilled to have you as part of Florida Vacationers community.

About us

Florida Vacationers is run by a collection of travelers who love Florida and have been vacationing in Florida for years. Many of our authors are locals who are from Florida.

Bett and Mike – Site Managers

Bett and Mike are a couple who love to vacation in Florida!

It is something they have done for years since Bett’s uncle lives in Florida. They particularly enjoying discovering Florida’s hidden gems like Ginnie Springs and soaking up the best beaches in the State.

Areas of interest & some blogs written by Bett & Mike:

Reilly – Contributing Author

Reilly is a sailing enthusiast from Florida who has spent her life sailing and exploring the Sunshine State.

A native Floridian born who raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, Reilly has spent her whole life going on interesting, off-the-beaten-path trips around the state of Florida and has a plethora of information and experiences to share!

While she is not sailing her boat around the Sunshine State she is sharing her experience traveling around the State with the readers of Florida Vacationers!

Areas of interest & some blogs written by Reilly:

Rohan MContributing Author and Hotel expert

Rohan is from New York but loves traveling in Florida and writing about his travel experiences especially great accommodation he finds in the State.

Rohan is an established traveler writer whose work has appeared in major outlets, including the BBC and The Nation, and has collectively gained more than one million views.

Areas of interest & some blogs written by Rohan:

Contact us

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions (or would like to report a mistake/correction) don’t hesitate to contact us through or on our contact page.

You can also send us mail to

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St. Petersburg, FL 33702