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15 Best Indoor Activities in Miami for a Rainy Day

15 Best Indoor Activities in Miami for a Rainy Day

Looking for the best indoor activities in Miami?

Miami, Florida is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. It’s also one of the most popular places to live and a desirable place to retire because it has warm weather all year round and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s possible that Miami’s amazing 35 mile shoreline, which stretches from Sunny Isles to Key Biscayne and countless other gorgeous islands dotting the Atlantic, is its most well known feature.

In addition, Miami has plenty of world class restaurants and shopping districts. Miami’s beautiful weather is wonderful for outdoor fun but what to do on a rainy day?

Miami is a city that has it all. From miles of beaches to outdoor activities, there is always something to do in Miami on a rainy day. Here are 15 of the best indoor activities in Miami on a rainy day.

15 Best Indoor Activities in Miami for a rainy day

1. Cozy up With a Good Book

Miami is home to some amazing and interesting book stores. Books & Books has been providing readers with a comfortable place to escape since 1982. You may fully immerse yourself in your reading at this renowned bookstore’s courtyard and café. In their café, you can find dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. Take your time and browse their boundless assortment of printed books, you might even get to meet a new author entertaining a book signing.

If their books aren’t enough to bring you in check out the Gables location to find a room of antiquities and rarities and another room, especially for kids.

The booksellers are always willing to help you browse. A few other bookstore options include the ever-reliable Barns and Nobles. Also, Dunbar Old Books boasts a great history and a wide selection of books to choose from. TASCHEN Store Miami with a fashionable and sleek store. These and many other stores are available for you to escape the rain.

Books and Books

Books and Books/ Flickr

2. Are You a Gamer?

Head to South Miami where you will find c. Escape the drizzle for a day of both retro and new video games. Including everything from fighting games, Mortal Combat I’m on my way, to shoot’em ups. Retro, rare, and imported video games may be found in the “#1 arcade in Miami.” You will be entertained for hours by the extensive selection of pinball machines, the Lan Center, and the Esports Arena with its wide range of consoles.

Come thirsty since Arcade Odyssey offers a selection of over 60 artisan beers, imported beers as well as ciders, more than 15 different types of sake, bubble tea, and even Tipsy Teas.

Come hungry as the Arcade Odyssey boasts Ramen, yakisoba, a variety of Japanese snacks, dumplings, and ice cream. If you’re lucky enough to run to this arcade to escape the rain you may even make it to one of their special events. Which could be anything from Halloween extravaganzas, to Mario Kart tournaments. I just hope they have Ms. Pac-Man.

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Arcade Odyssey

Arcade Odyssey/ Facebook

3. Enjoy all the Art Miami Has to Offer

If you’re looking for a dose of culture on your as you sprint through the sprinkle, you can check out some of the art museums. From world renowned collections to smaller, more intimate galleries, there’s something for everyone.

And with so many museums to choose from, you’re sure to find one that sparks your interest. Some of the most popular art museums in Miami include the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the Frost Museum of Science, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the Bass Museum of Art (one of the best hidden gems in Miami), and many more. Each one offers a unique experience.

The Artechouse is one of the amazing and interesting art museums Miami has to offer. This unique museum is dedicated to contemporary and digital art, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

One of the best things about the Artechouse is that it’s always changing. The museum features rotating exhibitions, so there’s always something new to see. And even if you’ve seen an exhibition before, it’s worth seeing again because the Artechouse always has new ways to showcase the art. You’ll find two stories of interactive and immersive art. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging art experience, the Artechouse is definitely the place to go.

Pérez Art Museum

Pérez Art Museum/ Flickr

4. Treat Yourself

If you’ve checked the weather app and you are expecting rain it just may be time to schedule a little relaxation in one of Miami’s Spas. There are well over 20 spas relatively near and around downtown Miami. Pecan’s Day Spa comes highly recommended and Spa Bar Miami has 5 stars!

If you are feeling particularly luxurious check out Lapis Spa. It’s located inside the iconic and luxurious Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Take your pick from back massages to facials, pedicures and manicures, and even couples packages.

Not only can you get access to the Lapis Spa but the Fontainebleau also offers daily access options. You can visit their six different dining options, and to close out the rainy day visit you can make your way to one of their many bars and lounges and even catch a live show. What better way to escape a squall than to surround your body with warmth and wellness.

Pecan’s Day Spa

Pecan’s Day Spa/ Facebook

5. Something to do for the Littles

Are you enjoying a beautiful vacation with the littles but now you’re being pelted by precipitation? Miami offers some great options for the kiddos. The Miami Children’s Museum is a great place to take your kids to learn about different aspects of the world around them.

The museum was designed to coincide with the Miami Dade County Public School’s curriculum, so you can be sure that your kids will be learning something while they’re having fun.

The exhibits at the museum have specific goals and objectives, and each activity was developed to present specific learning materials.

The learning in the exhibits has a multi tiered approach meaning that children of our target age groups can explore and learn at their own pace. What an amazing opportunity for your young ones to not only get to play inside but to be learning as well. The benefits of taking your kids to the Miami Children’s Museum are endless!

Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children’s Museum/ Flickr

6. Older Littles (Including Yourself if so Inclined)

Who doesn’t love the sound of Action Park! In Fort Lauderdale Florida, about 33 minutes from Miami, you’ll find Extreme Action Park. And extreme it is, being the largest indoor entertainment venue in Florida.

If you’re ditching the downpour why not head to go-kart racing, bowling lanes, a ropes course, and a trampoline park. The go-kart track offers 50,000 square feet of track to race in gas powered go-karts that can reach up to 45 miles per hour.

There is a standard track and a junior track. The junior tracks allow the younger drivers a safe place with easier handling. While the standard track has all the turns and straightaways your race car driver could ask for.

Extreme Action park also offers escape rooms and VR escape rooms, arcade games, a skate park laser tag, and more! There’s food and drink for the whole family with a restaurant and a bar. This could entertain your family or friend group all day!

Extreme Action Park

Extreme Action Park/ Facebook

7. Brrrrr

One normally wouldn’t associate Miami with ice but the Basement nightclub in Miami is turning that notion on its head. Basement happens to be the home of an indoor neon ice skating rink that is ideal for ice skating all year round. The best part, it’s pink!

The 2,000 square foot ice rink at Basement looks extremely great with its technicolor lighting, neon lights, and loud music, and it seems a little like a vintage roller blading ring. Not to add, it’s a fantastic opportunity for photos! If you never learned and don’t plan on learning how to skate you’re in luck.

The basement also has some fantastic bowling lanes that look amazing! The lanes are always lit up in vibrant colors for a truly unique experience, just like the rink.

Basement is a nightclub as well, they offer different events and can host birthday parties and more. However, at this time the nightclub portion is temporarily closed. But still, ice skating in Miami sounds pretty fun and a great way to escape the rain.

Basement nightclub

Basement nightclub/ Facebook

8. Shop Till you Drop or at Least the Rain Drops Stop

There are a plethora of malls to choose from in the Miami area. If you want to cover from the rain but still want to see the beauty of the outdoors while you shop The Falls Shopping Center is perfect for you.

The Falls is one of the biggest outdoor shopping malls in not only Florida but the whole nation. It has over 100 stores such as Earthbound Trading Co. which just opened and they even a Build-a-Bear. 18 count ’em, 18 restaurants.

There’s Churro Mania, a Shake Shack, Starbucks, Vayla’s Gourmet Shaved Ice, and so many more. Covered pathways will keep you dry as you stroll from store to store.

While casually making your way along the pathways you will have the pleasure of being surrounded by gorgeous tropical gardens and ponds all around. This sounds more like an arboretum or botanical garden which sounds like a win win.

Churro Mania

Churro Mania/ Flickr

9. Cozy Comfy Creamery

For many of us, the 1980s were a simpler time. We didn’t have the internet or smartphones to distract us, and we didn’t have to worry about being constantly connected.

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. In fact, some of the best memories from our childhoods come from that decade. Today, we can relive those memories thanks to LoKal’s new milkshake bar. This ’80s-themed spot is the perfect place to indulge in some of our favorite childhood treats, like milkshakes, floats, and ice cream sandwiches.

What could be more comfortable and nostalgic during a rain storm than sliding up to a milkshake bar? And if you need a break from the sweetness, you can always grab a beer or wine from the fridge. Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or just a delicious dessert, LoKal’s milkshake bar is sure to please. So head on down and check it out!

LoKal's new milkshake bar indoor-activities-miami

LoKal’s New Milkshake Bar/ Facebook

10. Movie Madness

Any time is a good time to catch a movie. Miami offers a handful of luxury movie theaters. Knock out two things at once by having dinner and a movie at IPIC North Miami Beach.

You can either eat before or after your movie in the restaurant or order your meal and have it delivered to your seat in the theater. Downtown Miami offers Silverspot Cinema with 17 theaters and serves lobster rolls and tuna tartare!

No, if luxury isn’t to your liking take a peek at a couple of Miami’s art house cinemas.

You’ll see indie movies, foreign films and family flicks as well. Tower Theater in Little Havana was built in 1926 and has since been renovated. You’ll be able to see live performances, educational programs, and multicultural films. And when the rain recedes you are in a beautiful location for more adventures, such as an archeology walking tour, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, and more.

IPIC North Miami Beach

IPIC North Miami Beach/ Facebook

11. Take a Walk, an Art Walk

About 14 minutes away from Miami Beach you’ll find yourself in Wynwood FL. Wynwood is an entertainment district and its known for colorful street art and galleries. During a shower, you might not be inclined to an outdoor walking tour of the beautiful and colorful murals.

Well, you’d be in luck in Wynwood as it is home to the 5,000 square foot Oliver Cole Gallery. This art gallery features modern and contemporary art. They have every changing and always intriguing exhibits to peruse while it pours.

Other indoor art galleries in the area include the Goldman Global Arts Gallery, Wynwood 28, and the Rubell Family collection. Wynwood also has the Museum of Graffiti which is the first museum of its kind. In order to preserve graffiti’s history and commemorate its emergence in design, fashion, advertising, and galleries fifty years later, the Museum of Graffiti was established.

The Museum experience consists of an interior exhibition area, eleven external murals, a gallery of fine art, and a top notch gift store with limited edition goods and unique things created by some of the world’s best graffiti artists.

Oliver Cole Gallery

Oliver Cole Gallery/ Facebook

12. When the Rain Comes Down You Go Up

When it rains in Miami, one of the most fun things to do is to go rock climbing! Now rock climbing when it’s raining may not sound like the most fun or safe thing to do

However, there are indoor options. The Edge Rock Gym in Miami is perfect for the adventurer who wants to stay out of the wet weather. This gym offers 14,000 square feet of climbing bliss. Also a little more north is Coral Cliffs. This gym is never the same as they change the climbing courses every week They boast 87 Top Roped Routes, 25 Lead Routes, Bouldering, Slabs, Aretes, Overhangs, and Arches & Roofs.

If rock climbing has been something you’ve ever been interested in, this is the perfect excursion for you. You’ll be feeling a full-body workout at the end of the day while having fun at the same time. Both gyms offer lessons, classes, workouts, and just an all-around good time.

The Edge Rock Gym

The Edge Rock Gym/ Facebook

13. Slinging Clay

Rainy days call for the need to be adventurous. They open the door for you to be more creative with your time. Especially when you are on vacation for a very specific reason, say a beach trip.

So during a rainy day in Miami what better way to break out your creative spirit than by making your very own piece of art. There are a few pottery and ceramics studios in Miami. Gumbo Limbo Pottery in Miami offers one day private classes where you get one on one private lessons.

There is also paint your own ceramics option. With Color Me Mine in South Miami, you pick the ceramic that you want to paint and they’ll release you to use your imagination.

The freedom and choices are really in your hands. You get to choose which ceramic item you wish to paint. It could be a bowl, a mug, or even a cheetah! Then you choose the paints, you can be as true to life as you’d like or as whimsical as the rain inspires you to be. What a great way to commemorate your time in Miami.

One of the best things to do indoors in Miami for sure.

Color Me Mine in South Miami indoor-activities-miami

Color Me Mine in South Miami/ Facebook

14. Food

If you are a food connoisseur, a foodie if you will, Miami is the place to be and a rainy day may inspire you to venture into something new. Miami has so many different types of cuisine to offer. While you are feeling an artistic note why not experience art and food.

Miami’s Arty Eateries offer beautiful artistic scenery indoors for your viewing pleasure as you enjoy tasty tapas or a five course meal. Not only can you enjoy food and art but you can enjoy food that is art. Canvas in The Sagamore Hotel South Beach, which showcases culinary art created by Executive Chef Michael Smerda. You will also be graced with the hotel’s contemporary art collection.

Since it’s been raining you may have migrated inside to one of Miami’s many museums. If you happen to find yourself in the Perez Art Museum Miami, you won’t be able to miss the restaurant Verde. Chefs create seasonal locale inspired dishes.

While enjoying the food you will also have an amazing view of lush hanging gardens and Biscayne Bay just outside your window.

The Sagamore Hotel

The Sagamore Hotel/ Flickr

15. Boogie the Rain Away

Instead of getting rained out at the beach for an evening why not make your way to one of Miami’s many nightclubs. With fantastic, extravagant theatrical nightclub performances, stunning dancers in various outfits, and all the driving house music you could possibly want, Story offers an unforgettable, out of this world experience.

The Ball & Chain originally opened in 1935, and it has persisted through many renovations and venue changes. Today The Ball & Chain is open for live music and dancing once more. It has a complete bar, an excellent cocktail menu, and tapas for when the mood hits.

The LGBTQ+ community in Miami is vibrant. All that vibrance has a place to shine and flourish at TWIST. It’s a multi level fantasy filled with drag queens, disco dance floors, fire music, and fireball shots. This location is crowded with locals and visitors every night. So no matter your tastes you will be able to find your people at any dancehall in Miami.

The Ball and Chain

The Ball and Chain/ Flickr

16. Dive Bars and Lost Boys

Why in the not stop at the Deuce when you’re on the beach and it’s pouring? “Eclectic” would be an understatement to explain the variety of South Beach locals who congregate here nightly; it’s a notorious dive that’s deliciously out of character for the region.

The most diverse, hippest, and spookiest audience you’ll find in any Miami bar frequents Mac’s Club Deuce. (The late chef Anthony Bourdain frequently gushed about how much he loved the location.) This dive bar would be the ideal location to apply for a small role in a Charles Bukowski story if you’ve ever wanted one. The number of bars in Miami is vast.

Such as Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply which made it on the World’s 100 Best Bars 2021, or Lost Boy bringing you back to the old time saloon feel. No matter your taste you are bound to find a bar where you’ll feel right at home.

With so many options to choose from you may want every day to be a rainy day when you visit Miami. Don’t forget to look on the bright side. Sometimes those rain storms are fast a furious. They’ll hit while your in the store and by the time to make your way out the sun is shining down on you. The sand would be cool and the ocease would be calling your name. Be safe out there, don’t worry so much about an umbrella and happy traveling!

Mac's Club Deuce indoor-activities-miami

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