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15 Best Places for Breakfast in Key Largo You Must Try!

15 Best Places for Breakfast in Key Largo You Must Try!

Looking for the best breakfast in Key Largo? Whether you live here or you are a traveling foodie on a mission, Key Largo is a gorgeous place to explore. Key Largo is a popular destination for a reason. It’s easily accessible, just about an hour outside of Miami International Airport. This beautiful island has its own unique style, making it very appealing for locals and tourists alike.

Key Largo is not only known for its gorgeous turquoise waters but also for its top-notch cuisine. We’ve scouted out 15 of the best places for breakfast in Key Largo.

These breakfast spots each offer something unique and fun. Some are very family-friendly and some are perfect for a more upscale breakfast experience. You’ll want to try them all!

15 Best Places for Breakfast in Key Largo You Must Try!

1. Harriette’s Restaurant

If you want a family-friendly breakfast spot, Harriette’s Restaurant is a great choice. It’s continually rated as one of the best breakfast spots on the island. The bright yellow exterior with teal accents will lift your mood and draw you in. At Harriette’s, you’ll feel right at home and enjoy delicious home-cooked food that is comforting for the soul. Be sure to try the huge muffins that are so popular that they’ve become a local legend.

The muffins at Harriette’s come in fun flavors. Here are just a few you’ll get to choose from:

  • key lime
  • apple pie
  • bacon maple
  • lychee pineapple
  • oreo cream
  • pineapple upside down

On the breakfast menu, there are so many great choices that you’ll find yourself wanting to come back more than once. Harriette’s has something tasty for everyone, including the self-proclaimed breakfast lovers and foodies.

They have breakfast classics like pancakes, omelets, chicken-n-waffles, french toast, and oatmeal. Harriette’s Restaurant also offers breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, and breakfast dishes with local seafood like shrimp & grits. Their gravy and biscuits sound amazing and hard to pass up. Next time you’re in Key Largo, be sure to try Harriette’s Restaurant and see what you think!

Harriette's Restaurant breakfast in key largo

Harriette’s Restaurant/ Facebook

2. The Hideout Restaurant

If you want to enjoy your breakfast with a view, The Hideout Restaurant offers a great menu with a quirky diner feel. You can sit inside on their classic red diner chairs or sit on the patio and enjoy the waterfront view. On the menu, you’ll find a variety of options to please everyone.

They have a kid’s menu too so you can bring the whole family. Some of the local favorites on the menu are the biscuits & gravy, avocado toast, and their homemade creamy dried chip beef (served on toast).

If you’re in the mood for a seafood-themed breakfast, be sure to try out their lobster omelet, fish & grits, or nova scotia salmon (served with bagel & cream cheese). For beverages, they offer a variety of options including fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh coffee. Perfect for the whole family, The Hideout Restaurant is a great breakfast spot to try next time you’re in Key Largo.

The Hideout Restaurant

The Hideout Restaurant/Facebook

3. Coco Plum Place – Coffee & Juice Bar

This is a great spot to choose if you’re in the mood for a lighter, healthier breakfast to start your day. For those with special dietary needs, Coco Plum Place offers vegan and gluten-free options on their menu.

Coco Plum Place is all about good vibes and its decor gives off a bohemian feel. You’ll feel a positive uplift in your mood when you see its adorable teal and pink exterior. You can find a cozy spot to sit either inside, on the breezy porch, or in one of the many tranquil spots in the garden around the juice bar.

Their menu options change frequently, but the basics that they offer are:

  • Smoothies
  • Smoothie Bowls
  • Cold Pressed Juices
  • Coffee
  • Teas, Tonics and Elixirs
  • Grab & Go Meals

For the grab & go breakfast, you’ll get to choose between two different toast options (avocado toast and almond better toast). The grab & go breakfast menu also offers a vegan breakfast burrito and a bowl of granola with a side of almond milk.

In addition to what is listed on the menu, they also offer a variety of cookies, pancakes, croissants, and more. Coco Plum offers gluten-free options but they aren’t listed on the menu since their offerings change often.

Whether you want an iced coffee and a muffin, a gluten-free key lime tart, or something heartier like matcha pancakes, you’ll find a lot of tasty options at Coco Plum Place.

Coco Plum Place

Coco Plum Place/ Facebook

4. Doc’s Diner

While you’re in Key Largo, you have to stop in and check out the breakfast menu at Doc’s Diner. Not only has this breakfast spot won numerous awards for best breakfast, but it’s also touted as the local’s place.

The Doc’s Diner motto is “Where the locals go.” You’ll feel good about supporting Doc’s Diner because it’s family-owned and operated. On the website, they state that it’s not unusual to have their whole family serving customers (Doc, his wife Mary Lynn, and their two daughters).

Doc’s Diner is known for quality food and great service. The menu options range from hearty dishes like tropical-style homemade waffles and jumbo omelets to Grandma Mary’s scrambled eggs (served with hash browns and toast).

Some of the other delicious menu options include:

  • Fresh Baked Chocolate Cookies
  • Tutti-Frutti Pancakes
  • Key Largo Benedict
  • Doc’s Breakfast Wrap

At Doc’s Diner, you’ll enjoy a homecooked breakfast alongside great service. You can choose from barstool seating at the counter, tables with chairs, and classic diner-style booth seating. Make sure Doc’s Diner, Key Largo’s “Where the locals go,” is on your must-try list for breakfast.

Doc’s Diner

Doc’s Diner/ Facebook

5. Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

Originally founded in 1976, Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen is another local favorite. The owner, Jeff MacFarland, named it in honor of his mother and her delicious home-cooked recipes. Not only is it a local favorite, but visitors return year after year to enjoy the menu and atmosphere of the longest-running restaurant in Key Largo.

Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen has been continuously voted as Best Hometown Cafe along with “The Best” in the People’s Choice Awards.

Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen is so popular that they have two locations in Key Largo:

  • Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen – 99336 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo 33037; and
  • Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen II – 99020 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo 33037

No matter what location you try, you’ll be eating at one of the best-tasting breakfast spots in Key Largo. Be sure to try their crab cake benedict, Mrs. Mac’s famous mornwich, and Juan’s caramel bacon waffle. Their gourmet fluffy omelets, fresh fish & grits, and crepes will make you want to come back for more.

Outside of breakfast, Mrs. Mac’s serve some of the best key lime pie in Key Largo so you have to check that out too.

Mrs. Mac's Kitchen

Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen/ Facebook

6. Keysbite Restaurant

Keysbite Restaurant is known to some as the gem in the center of the island. Popular with both locals and tourists, Keysbite offers a diverse menu with hibachi grills & Mexican fare.

Keysbite restaurant offers lunch, breakfast, and dinner. They have vegetarian options as well, including the veggie eggs benedicts and fruit pancakes.

For breakfast with a spicy kick, you’ll have to try their chilaquiles (tortilla chips sauteed in their homemade traditional Mexican sauce, served with refried beans and eggs). For those who want a customized breakfast, you should try their create your own omelet option.

Keysbite also offers breakfast wraps, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of pancakes. Kids will love their chocolate chip pancakes with a side of fresh fruit in a bowl.

At Keysbite, you can enjoy breakfast either inside or outside on their veranda. You might have to try their island pancakes (topped with bananas, pecans, shredded coconut, and powdered sugar). They open at 7am for breakfast. Key Largo’s gem, Keysbite Restaurant, should be on your list of breakfast spots to try next!

Keys Bite Restaurant

Keys Bite Restaurant/ Facebook

7. High Tide Restaurant

For a relaxed breakfast with homestyle cooking, try out Hide Tide Restaurant in Key Largo. This must-try breakfast spot is known for its chill atmosphere, friendly staff, and outstanding menu.

High Tide is family-friendly as well as locally owned and operated. They love breakfast so much that they serve it until 3pm. Whether you want an early bird breakfast at 6am or a later brunch, High Tide Restaurant is a great choice for everyone.

High Tide has daily breakfast specials:

  • Monday – Cheddar Grits Bowl (topped with blackened shrimp and homemade salsa)
  • Tuesday – Breakfast Scramble (scrambled eggs topped with cheese, bacon, onions)
  • Wednesday – English Muffin (topped with blue crab meat, eggs, asparagus, and hollandaise sauce)
  • Thursday – Morning Quickie (scrambled eggs with cheese and ham
  • Friday – Steak Philly Skillet (hashbrowns with steak, cheese, onions, peppers, eggs, and a grilled biscuit)

Besides their tasty daily breakfast specials, High Tide Restaurant has a selection of homemade muffins, breakfast platters, omelets, waffles, fresh toast, and more. High Tide’s diverse menu options will make you want to come back to try every option with family and friends.

High Tide Restaurant

High Tide Restaurant/ Facebook

8. Key Largo Conch House

Key Largo Conch House is a family-owned diner known for its delicious breakfast options, homestyle seafood, and resident parrot. Their garden veranda is a great place to sit and enjoy your breakfast.

Key Largo Conch House has been in the family for two generations. They’ve been featured on Emeril’s Florida, The Travel Channel, and Food Network. Their menu options include seasonal and local ingredients. At Key Largo Conch House, they make sure to use fresh local produce and fresh local seafood.

Key Largo Conch House is also listed as a pet-friendly restaurant in Key Largo. You’re welcome to dine on the porch with your four-legged friend. Key Largo Conch House not only serves breakfast, but they also serve lunch, dinner, and vegan options.

For breakfast, you’ll get to choose from a variety of options that will appeal to everyone. Key Largo Conch House offers vegan and gluten-free options for those with dietary needs. Some breakfast favorites include their crab cake benedict, Mediterranean omelet, raisin pecan french toast, and gluten-free pancakes.

Key Largo Conch House breakfast in key largo

Key Largo Conch House/ Facebook

9. Gus’ Grille

Gus’ Grille in Key Largo is a casual breakfast spot with a patio for a relaxed dining experience. You’ll enjoy its Floribbean cuisine and stunning views of the gulf. Located inside Reefhouse Resort & Marina, Gus’ Grille has an extensive breakfast menu with choices to delight everyone.

For a light breakfast, try their granola berry bowl or banana-berry smoothie. They also have a seasonal fruit plate with green vanilla yogurt. They serve breakfast from 7am to 11am, so bring the whole family.

Some of the customer favorites include their ultimate breakfast sandwich, blueberry pancakes, and smoked salmon benedict. Their Belgian waffle with fresh seasonal berries and maple syrup sounds amazing. Like many restaurants in Key Largo, Gus’ Grille sources fresh and local ingredients when possible.

If you need to order something to-go, they have freshly baked muffins, danishes, and cappuccinos to jump-start your morning. Next time you’re in Key Largo, Gus’ Grille should be on your list of breakfast spots to hit up. Not only will you enjoy a delicious breakfast, but eating breakfast while enjoying the stunning ocean views will be a great way to start your day.

Gus' Grille

Gus’ Grille/ Facebook

10. La Marea

If you’re looking for an upscale eatery, try out La Marea and bring your favorite foodie to see what they think.

La Marea serves breakfast with a Mediterranean flare, starting at 7am and ending at 11am. Located at mile marker 97, La Marea is in the Playa Largo Resort. The chefs at La Marea have created a unique experience with their New Wave of Mediterranean cuisine.

La Marea has indoor seating as well as chic bistro tables outside. The decor inside and outside is modern and elegant. For breakfast, they serve local organic cold press juices (beet, pineapple, orange, watermelon, green). If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy their brioche french toast and buttermilk pancakes.

Their breakfast menu will please most foodies, with hearty offerings including two different breakfast buffets with a large assortment of dishes. For a lighter breakfast, they have steel-cut Irish oats and pineapple & coconut granola.

La Marea in Key Largo is a great choice for those with a sophisticated palate and those looking to enjoy a romantic upscale breakfast. La Marea’s fine cuisine and luxurious atmosphere will also be perfect for a breakfast for colleagues and business professionals.

11. Bayside Grille

The next time you are in the market for a Sunday brunch in Key Largo, try out Bayside Grille. They only offer brunch on Sundays, but it’s well worth the wait. This restaurant offers a bright and open atmosphere.

You can dine on the porch overlooking the beautiful beach. There are some great beaches in Key Largo to enjoy.

They also have picnic tables in the sand and their indoor seating has a great view too. For Sunday brunch, they offer fresh juices (orange, pineapple, cranberry, grapefruit), bayside bloody mary’s, and bottomless mimosas. Their brunch menu offers something for everyone.

A few samples from their Sunday brunch menu:

  • Island french toast
  • Benedict oscar
  • Key largo shrimp & grits
  • Chicken & waffles
  • Smoked salmon BLT
  • Crab & potato frittatata
  • Loaded brisket fries
  • Brisket & egg tacos

Bayside Grille’s hearty brunch menu with fun bubbly drinks is a great way to spend a Sunday. If you want a lighter meal, try their fruit and yogurt bowl (in a waffle bowl).

They also have side plates to try including plantains, breakfast potatoes, double-cut apple cider bacon, and tasty banana bread muffins. Bring your friends and enjoy a gorgeous view while enjoying delicious food at Bayside Grille.

Bayside Grille

Bayside Grille/ Facebook

12. Cafe Moka

Cafe Moka is a perfect spot for both a latte and a hearty breakfast. You’ll find cozy indoor seating as well as some bistro tables on the patio with bright yellow umbrellas. If you love homemade French pastries and espresso, Cafe Moka is the perfect spot to try out the next time you’re visiting Key Largo. They have an extensive breakfast beverage menu that includes matcha lattes, chai lattes, caramel macchiatos, cappuccinos, and espressos.

Be sure to try out the bakery items at Cafe Moka. You’ll want to come back multiple times so you can try out all of their pastries.

Some bakery items they offer:

  • Chocolate croissant
  • Ricotta spinach croissant
  • Baguette
  • Ham & cheese croissant

For those wanting a lighter breakfast menu, Cafe Moka also has acai bowls, avocado toast, and yogurt parfaits. If you aren’t a coffee lover, try the Tsamma watermelon juice or the Lorina sparkling sodas. With lots to choose from on its menu, Cafe Moka should definitely be on your list to try.

It’s a family-friendly breakfast spot and it’s also known to be pet-friendly, so you can bring your favorite furry friend to eat with you (only in the outdoor seating area). One of the best key largo breakfast restaurants for sure.

Cafe Moka

Cafe Moka/ Facebook

13. Keys Coffee Co.

Keys Coffee Co., serving what’s known as the best coffee in the Keys, is a must-stop while in Key Largo. It’s a bright and cheery breakfast spot with a great menu. Inside the cafe, you’ll find cheery yellow chairs and teal walls. Their chalkboard menus will remind you of your favorite local coffee shops.

They offer locally roasted coffee which is a hit among locals and tourists. If you prefer eating your breakfast outside, they have some patio seating.

Keys Coffee Co. sources fresh local ingredients. They serve breakfast daily and offer refreshing menu items like their capri (sauteed spinach, tomato, garlic, basil pesto, eggs, and local mozzarella on a toasted croissant). Everyone loves tacos and their sunrise tacos will make your breakfast dreams come true.

The sunrise tacos feature two sunny-side-up eggs, bacon, ham, pepper jack cheese, tomato, red onion, arugula, cilantro, and sriracha for a spicy kick – on a corn tortilla.

They also offer breakfast sandwiches which can be prepared as an omelet and are served with your choice of either an english muffin or multigrain toast. Their menu choices will definitely please just about everyone. Make sure to drop by Keys Coffee Co. on your next trip to the Keys!

Keys Coffee Co.

Keys Coffee Co./ Facebook

14. Dennys Latin Cafe

For a Cuban feast, stop by Dennys Latin Cafe in Key Largo. They are praised for their to-die-for coffee and delicious breakfast. Dennys Latin Cafe has both indoor seating and outdoor patio seating. It’s known as a local gem that serves authentic Cuban food.

When you’re in Key Largo next, Dennys Latin Cafe is definitely a must-stop for breakfast. Inside the cafe, you’ll experience a diner-like setting with red barstools and tables with chairs. They are open from 6am to 8pm so you can come for breakfast and stay for dinner. Try their empanadas and pastries, both highly reviewed by their customers.

If you order an egg breakfast, they’ll serve you to 2 eggs, Cuban toast, and home fries. They also have eggs and ham, pork chop and eggs, and a classic Spanish omelet.

If you’re in the mood for pancakes, try their big stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup. Dennys Latin Cafe will give you a chase to try out Cuban cuisine in a chill and laid-back family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re staying a while, try their fresh fried plantain chips. You won’t be disappointed!

Dennys Latin Cafe

Dennys Latin Cafe/ Facebook

15. One Grind

One Grind is known by some as the best breakfast place in Key Largo. Their delicious breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos are worth trying.

One Grind also offers espresso and baked goods. It’s an adorable breakfast spot that is actually a food truck. They have a fun outdoor seating area with large life-size wooden spools for seating and colorful umbrellas for shade. If you want a caffeine kick, they offer a large variety of drink choices including iced latte, macchiato, americano, and cold brew.

Their drink offerings continue with unique teas like their blue butterfly pea flower tea. They also have handcrafted drinks that will surely quench your thirst. For their breakfast menu, One Grind has biscuit tacos, crunch wraps, and bagels.

Their crunch wrap is a favorite breakfast burrito (eggs, cheese, and sausage folded into a large tortilla). You’ll have to try their toasted bagel with cream cheese butter because make their own delicious homemade cream cheese.

Baked fresh daily, you’ll find a variety of baked goods at the One Grind food truck. If it’s a particularly hot day, try out some of their ice cream. One Grind’s fun outdoor atmosphere and delicious food should definitely be put on your list of places to try for breakfast in Key Largo.


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