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15 Best Places for Breakfast in West Palm Beach (and nearby!)

15 Best Places for Breakfast in West Palm Beach (and nearby!)

Looking for the best places for breakfast in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach boasts a vibrant breakfast scene that caters to food enthusiasts with its impressive selection of exceptional dining establishments. From charming cafes to cozy eateries and reminiscent diners, the city offers a mix of options to satisfy every taste and preference.

One of the highlights is the beachfront dining experience, where breathtaking views of the ocean and a serene ambiance enhance your morning meal. Nostalgic diners take you back in time with their retro decor and classic breakfast favorites, while international flavors add a touch of culinary adventure.

No matter where you dine, fresh ingredients and attentive service ensure a breakfast adventure that leaves an impression. Whether you’re a local seeking a new favorite spot or a visitor wanting to immerse yourself in the city’s gourmet options, West Palm Beach provides a breakfast haven that will satisfy your cravings and create cherished memories.

15 Best Places for Breakfast in West Palm Beach (and nearby)

Howley’s in West Palm Beach

Take part in the charm of Howley’s in West Palm Beach for a remarkable breakfast. Established in 1950, this historic diner offers a wide array of mouthwatering options that can satisfy any appetite.

Their menu provides classic favorites and inventive twists, from fluffy pancakes to perfectly cooked eggs and crispy bacon. Step inside and be transported to a bygone era with its retro decor and cozy booths. The approachable staff adds to the atmosphere, ensuring a pleasurable time.

Howley’s is more than just a restaurant; it is a cultural landmark that locals and visitors have cherished for over 70 years. By eating here, you become part of its rich heritage, contributing to preserving its legacy. Don’t miss the chance to savor delicious food, soak in the melancholy feel, and be a part of history at Howley’s.

Howley's Restaurant

Howley’s Restaurant/ Facebook

Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Cafe

Still looking for great breakfast spots in West Palm Beach? Delight in the flavors of Sweden at Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Cafe in West Palm Beach, where an enticing breakfast awaits. This charming café brings a touch of Sweden to Florida, offering assorted options that will tantalize your taste buds. Johan’s Joe serves traditional Swedish dishes such as plättar, thin and light Swedish pancakes, and open-faced sandwiches with smoked salmon and creamy cheeses.

Each dish is prepared with care, showcasing the authentic notes of Sweden. The cafe’s inviting atmosphere adds to the appeal. With its rustic Swedish decor and welcoming setting, Johan’s Joe provides a relaxed environment to enjoy breakfast.

The staff makes your mealtime better, guaranteeing diligent and welcoming service. By visiting Johan’s Joe, you journey to Sweden without leaving West Palm Beach. It’s an opportunity to explore a new culture and expand your horizons. Treat yourself to authentic flavors, soak in the open atmosphere, and discover the wonders of Swedish cuisine right at your fingertips.

Johan's Joe Swedish Coffee House & Cafe

Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Cafe/ Facebook

Southern Kitchen

Southern Kitchen in West Palm Beach is a must-visit spot for those seeking an authentic Southern culinary experience. With their dedication to capturing the true flavors of the South, this restaurant provides a meal that will transport you to the heart of Southern hospitality.

From classic dishes like biscuits and gravy to innovative twists on favorites like shrimp and grits, their menu offers something for everyone. The comforting atmosphere and generous portion sizes create a space that leaves you both fulfilled and at home. It does not matter where you come from; Southern Kitchen provides a space that embraces everyone who walks through its doors.

The staff goes above and beyond to enhance the overall dining experience, creating a lasting impression and making it an unforgettable place to begin your day. So, stop by if you’re in the city and looking for a breakfast that combines the best flavors, ingredients, and a taste of Southern hospitality.

Southern Kitchen

Southern Kitchen/ Facebook

Hive Bakery & Cafe

Delve into a breakfast like no other at Hive Bakery & Cafe in West Palm Beach. This establishment combines unique tastes, an inviting ambiance, and a commitment to quality to make your morning special.

Hive Bakery & Cafe offers an eclectic menu with enticing options, from freshly baked pastries to innovative breakfast sandwiches and healthy bowls. Each dish uses high-quality herbs and spices, guaranteeing a burst of flavors that awaken your taste buds.

The eye-catching interior of Hive Bakery & Cafe, adorned with modern decor and unique seating, creates a space to relax and savor your meal. The staff provides pleasant service, adding to your overall experience.

Hive Bakery & Cafe is dedicated to sourcing local and sustainable fixings, supporting the community, and delivering an extraordinary breakfast. Treat yourself to the unmatched savors, intimate setting, and commitment to quality at Hive Bakery & Cafe, and get the ball rolling.

Hive Bakery & Cafe

Hive Bakery & Cafe/ Facebook

Bees Knees Diner in West Palm Beach

Discover the sheer joy of breakfast at Bees Knees Diner in West Palm Beach, where you can take pleasure in a morning feast that will leave you craving more.

This establishment presents an irresistible menu brimming with different savory options, from soft pancakes to delectable omelets and crackling bacon. Every dish is meticulously prepared with utmost care and a symphony of flavors to tickle your taste buds with sheer satisfaction.

The mood of Bees Knees Diner, decorated with retro-inspired furniture and comfortable seating arrangements, envelops you in a warm and reflective embrace, setting the perfect stage for a trip down memory lane. The staff members go above and beyond, promoting a personalized service that makes you feel like an honored guest.

What sets Bees Knees Diner apart is its strong sense of community. By eating here, you actively support a cherished local gem, becoming integral to its narrative. So, give in to the temptation of a tasty breakfast, enjoy the lively atmosphere, and delight in the energetic ambiance of Bees Knees Diner.

Salento Coffee

Salento Coffee in West Palm Beach is a culinary haven that satiates your cravings within its charming walls. As you enter this establishment, prepare for a fascinating journey.

Salento Coffee has a menu that includes a fusion of bold aromas and artisanal craftsmanship. From their meticulously brewed coffee creations, displaying the rich aromas and distinct profiles of carefully selected beans, to their tempting array of pastries and sandwiches, each bite is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Salento Coffee’s impressive food and beverages and inviting vibe set it apart. The comfy feel, decorated with rustic decor and seating, invites you to unwind and savor every moment.

The knowledgeable staff further enhances your time there, providing attentive service that makes you feel like a cherished guest. By choosing Salento Coffee, you support their dedication to sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients, contributing to a more responsible and conscious fine-dining event. Indulge in the flavors, immerse yourself in the inviting mood, and let Salento Coffee captivate your senses.

Salento Coffee Shop best breakfast in west palm beach

Salento Coffee Shop/ Facebook


Aioli in West Palm Beach is a destination that provides countless reasons to savor a meal at this restaurant. As you come to this gem, prepare for an adventure.

Aioli captivates with its delectable menu, featuring a mix of tastes highlighting creativity and a commitment to quality. Every bite celebrates excellence. From their tasty sandwiches with unique combinations of premium ingredients to their crisp salads and savory sides. The emphasis on locally sourced and organic fruits and vegetables adds freshness and taste.

The accepting energy of Aioli further elevates the overall foodie affair. The stylish decor, comfortable seating, and exceptional staff create a relaxed and vibrant mood. Whether grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a leisurely dinner, their top-notch service ensures a satisfying visit.

Furthermore, Aioli’s dedication to sustainability resonates with those seeking socially responsible options. By eating here, you support their mission and contribute to their efforts in creating a positive impact. Take pleasure in the tantalizing flavors, embrace the space, and revel in the culinary excellence that awaits at Aioli.


Aioli/ Facebook

Nick’s 50’s Diner

Bask in a breakfast experience full of nostalgia at Nick’s 50’s Diner in West Palm Beach. This iconic establishment captures the essence of the 1950s with its retro decor and vibrant surroundings, providing an immersive dining journey that transports you back in time.

Nick’s 50’s Diner offers many reasons to begin your day here—from their breakfast classics to the sociable staff embodying the era’s spirit. Enjoy pancakes drizzled with syrup, savor crispy bacon and perfectly cooked eggs, and relish the satisfying goodness of their breakfast sandwiches.

Every bite is a celebration made with care and expertise. Immerse yourself as you sip on a creamy milkshake reminiscent of simpler times. The staff’s retro attire and welcoming smiles add extra authenticity to the event, making you feel like a cherished guest. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Nick’s 50’s Diner promises a breakfast that satisfies your appetite and longing for a reflective journey through time.

Nick's 50's Diner

Nick’s 50’s Diner/ Facebook

Gun Club Cafe

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable breakfast event in West Palm Beach, the Gun Club Cafe should be at the top of your list. This hidden gem offers an unparalleled culinary escapade and heavenly food that will leave you craving more.

As you step into the cafe, you’ll be captivated by its rustic charm and kind vibes, adorned with vintage gun club memorabilia and antique firearms. The personable staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, making you feel like a cherished member of their community.

However, it’s not just the energy that sets this place apart; their breakfast menu is a true treat. Every dish is cooked with love and mindfulness, from hearty omelets bursting with fresh flavors to fluffy pancakes drenched in maple syrup. The Gun Club Cafe provides a breakfast encounter that is both comforting and extraordinary, making it the perfect spot to start your day with a meal that will leave you satisfied and eager to return for more.

Gun Club Cafe

Gun Club Cafe/ Facebook

Best Breakfast Spots in a Short Drive from West Palm Beach

We have also included some great breakfast spots near West Palm Beach (within a short drive) that you might like to check out).

Benny’s on the Beach

Benny’s on the Beach is a must-visit breakfast spot near West Palm Beach, offering an unforgettable experience. Its prime beachfront location provides stunning ocean views that enhance the dining atmosphere. The menu has various delicious breakfast dishes made with fresh, high-quality fixings, ensuring a satisfying meal.

The kind staff creates a welcoming environment, making sure guests feel valued. Benny’s on the Beach also caters to various dietary restrictions, offering options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten or dairy sensitivities.

Customers rave about their time there, leaving positive reviews highlighting outstanding food, breathtaking views, and friendly service. While prices may be slightly higher than average, the overall value is well worth it, given the exceptional quality and beachfront location.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, Benny’s on the Beach promises a memorable time that combines varied tastes, mesmerizing views, and a heartwarming vibe. 

Benny's on the Beach

Benny’s on the Beach/ Facebook

Dune Deck Cafe

Treat yourself to a meal at the Dune Deck Cafe near West Palm Beach. This beachfront gem offers many reasons to start your day with an impressive meal. First, the location is unparalleled. Situated on the beach, Dune Deck Cafe provides breathtaking ocean views while you eat breakfast.

The soothing sound of waves and the gentle sea breeze create a serene spirit that enhances your dining experience. Regarding the food, Dune Deck Cafe delivers phenomenal quality and taste. Their breakfast menu features a lot of options, from airy pancakes and filling omelets to fresh fruits and flavorful pastries.

Each dish is carefully prepared and highlights the finest ingredients, ensuring a time worthwhile. Additionally, the cafe’s considerate staff adds to the charm. They provide excellent service, making you feel welcome and attended to throughout your meal.

Whether you’re a local looking for a special breakfast treat or a visitor seeking a lasting beachside memory, Dune Deck Cafe offers it all. Kickstart your morning with a delicious meal, breathtaking views, and inviting hospitality at this treasure.

Dune Deck Cafe

Dune Deck Cafe/ Facebook

The Breakfast Shack

The Breakfast Shack is a must-visit destination for a remarkable meal in West Palm Beach. This eatery offers meals that will excite you. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be greeted with a warm atmosphere that sets the perfect tone for a memorable breakfast.

The Breakfast Shack takes pride in their carefully crafted menu, featuring a wide selection of breakfast treats. They have it all if you’re craving featherlike pancakes, crisp bacon, perfectly cooked eggs, or substantial breakfast sandwiches. Each dish is prepared with love and attention to detail, fostering flavor in every bite. The 5-star staff adds to the overall experience, providing service that makes you feel like a valued guest.

Moreover, The Breakfast Shack’s commitment to using locally sourced goods elevates the quality of its dishes, displaying its dedication to delivering the best breakfast possible. With its snug environment, noteworthy menu, and outstanding hospitality, The Breakfast Shack promises a time to satisfy your appetite and soul.

the-breakfast-shack- best places for breakfast in west palm beach

Green Owl Restaurant

Wallow in a delightful breakfast experience at the Green Owl Restaurant near West Palm Beach, where a compelling fusion of flavors, a charming ambiance, and excellent service await. As you step into this haven, you’ll be greeted by a space that exudes tranquility.

The Green Owl Restaurant takes pride in its carefully curated breakfast menu, offering endless options to suit all preferences. Every dish is crafted with expertise and quality ingredients, from their airy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup to their omelets bursting with savory fillings.

The Green Owl Restaurant goes the extra mile by accommodating various dietary needs, providing vegetarian and vegan choices that are equally gratifying. Beyond the food, the exceptional staff adds a touch of charm, ensuring outstanding service with a friendly smile.

Whether seeking a leisurely breakfast with loved ones or a peaceful way to get your morning underway, the Green Owl Restaurant will leave you satiated and eager to return for more.

John G’s

For a noteworthy breakfast in West Palm Beach, John G’s is the go-to destination to jumpstart your morning. This beloved establishment has carved a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, delivering a breakfast like no other.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be enveloped by a warm feeling that sets the stage for an unforgettable meal. John G’s prides itself on its extensive breakfast menu, featuring many tasty options. Whether you’re in the mood for pancakes, perfectly cooked eggs, or their famous “Benny” breakfast sandwiches, every dish is prepared with care and bursts with flavor.

The generous portions will leave you fully satisfied and ready to tackle the day ahead. Beyond the appetizing food, the sweet staff adds charm, providing a service that makes you feel part of the family. John G’s picturesque beachfront location lets you have a meal with stunning ocean views.

This unique combination of delicious food, an engaging environment, and breathtaking scenery makes John G’s an unparalleled breakfast destination that is not to be missed.

John G's

John G’s/ Facebook


Relish a unique breakfast experience at Christina’s in Delray Beach nearby, where you will begin your day on the right foot at this beloved eatery. From the moment you step into Christina’s, you are welcomed by an unforgettable atmosphere that sets the stage for a notable meal.

Their breakfast menu offers a plethora of options, catering to every palate. Whether you are in the mood for light pancakes, savory omelets, or decadent French toast, Christina’s has it all. Each dish is prepared with care, utilizing quality seasonings to deliver a burst of flavor with every bite. The easygoing staff adds to the charm, providing service that makes you feel part of the family.

The quaint interior creates a relaxed feel, perfect for a leisurely breakfast. Christina’s commitment to excellence shines through its commitment to using local and sustainable ingredients, offering a delicious and environmentally conscious event. By eating at Christina’s, you support a local establishment that values community and quality. Treat yourself to a memorable breakfast at Christina’s and savor the unique flavors of this eatery.



In conclusion, West Palm Beach’s breakfast scene offers diverse dining options that cater to every taste. From beachfront treats to nostalgic diners and international flavors, each establishment provides a unique experience.

So, indulge in the flavors, ambiance, and warm hospitality that make these breakfast restaurants truly special. Start your day off right and savor the culinary treats that this vibrant city has to offer.


More Information about West Palm Beach’s dining scene

West Palm Beach’s dining scene is not only known for its vibrant breakfast options but also offers a range of exciting culinary experiences. There are some amazing restaurants in West Palm Beach to enjoy.

The city embraces a farm-to-table culture, where many local restaurants source ingredients from nearby farms, ensuring fresh and high-quality produce.

Food festivals throughout the year celebrate different cuisines, providing a chance to indulge in delicious food and discover new flavors. Being located on the coast, West Palm Beach is renowned for its exceptional seafood, offering an array of fresh catches.

The city’s multicultural dining scene showcases international cuisines, allowing visitors to explore flavors worldwide, from Italian and Mexican to Asian and Middle Eastern. With a growing craft beer and wine scene, visitors can enjoy locally crafted beverages at breweries, wineries, and cozy pubs. Food trucks are a popular attraction, serving up gourmet delights at local events and gatherings.

For dessert lovers, artisanal ice cream, pastries, and creative treats can be found at specialty dessert shops and bakeries. West Palm Beach’s dining scene also attracts celebrity chefs who have opened their own restaurants, offering unique culinary visions. With its diverse range of dining options, West Palm Beach is sure to satisfy every palate and provide memorable culinary experiences.


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