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29 Best & Fun Things to do in West Palm Beach Florida

29 Best & Fun Things to do in West Palm Beach Florida

Looking for the Best Things to do in West Palm Beach Florida?

As a New Englander turned West Palm Beacher, I am always looking for fun and exciting things to do around the city year round to fully explore every part I can of the city! There are tons of things to do around the West Palm for everyone, including your four legged friends and every member of the family.

Here are some tried and true of my local favorites in and around West Palm Beach. This list is not in any particular order, as I think they are all equally worthy of checking out! The best activities and attractions to do in West Palm Beach here:

29 Best Things to do in West Palm Beach Florida

1. Juno Beach- Jupiter, FL

Although this beach is not technically in West Palm, its definitely worth mentioning, especially for dog lovers! Juno Beach has a special section of the beach that offers an off leash dog park.

So as well as enjoying the amazing beach, complete with turquoise waters, your pup can make new friends while playing in the waves as well.

The majority of beach goers who frequent this beach do so with their canine counterparts, although there are some who are pet free but still pet friendly! This beach is super clean, and pet owners are generally responsible about cleaning up pet messes with the doggy bag stations that are at beach entrances.

One of the best free things to do in West Palm Beach for sure!

Juno Beach- Jupiter, FL

Juno Beach- Jupiter, FL/ Flickr

2. Green Market

As someone who loves farmer’s markets and has been to several, this is one of my all time favorites. There are a variety of vendors selling everything from apple cider donuts to orchids.

It is a great place to pick up plants, produce, or other handmade goods. This farmer’s market is also pet friendly and a few vendors are geared wholly towards their four legged customers.

My favorite way to start my Saturdays is by grabbing breakfast (usually an apple cider donut!) and strolling around the farmers market to do my weekly shopping.

Green Market

Green Market/ Facebook

3. Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a favorite local hangout, and is accessible even if you don’t own your own boat! They offer a ferry service that runs from the Riviera Beach Marina to Peanut Island and it’s a great way to spend the day on the beach.

The island features a WWII bunker, which unfortunately is closed to the public, but allows you to walk around outside the bunker. There are also walking trails around the island if you are looking to take a little break away from the water.

Personally, I like to pack a beach bag and plenty of snacks and spend the day enjoying the beach. It is more of an upbeat atmosphere, and there are always boats anchored on the sandbar playing music and having a great time.

Peanut Island

Peanut Island/ Flickr

4. Little Munyon Island

Little Munyon Island is a privately owned island that is a hidden gem. The only downside to this island is that it is only accessible by boat, with no ferry service.

It is a small island, but is open to campers and those who are looking for a quieter scene than Peanut Island. It is a great place for a low-key beach camping trip!

Little Munyon Island

Little Munyon Island/ Facebook

5. Clematis Street

If you’re looking for nightlife in West Palm, then Clematis is the place to go! Several bars in walking distance give you tons of options to choose from.

There are multiple late night options for food after a night out. Each bar offers a different scene, including those with a rooftop option, giving a great view of the city.

Some of my favorite bars to visit include Lost Weekend, Rocco’s Tacos, Roxy’s Rooftop, and O’Shea’s. All of the bars offer a different atmosphere so there is something for every one and every mood.

Clematis Street

Clematis Street/ Flickr

6. Northwood

Historic Old Northwood is an up and coming neighborhood, with several small businesses and restaurants. The cuisine in this neighborhood offers everything from gourmet macaroni and cheese to Peruvian, and everything in between.

This is a great spot to grab dinner before heading downtown to Clematis for a night on the town. There are also several small businesses, including a fabric store and adorable boutique.

One of my favorite places in Northwood is Harold’s which a cozy coffee and wine bar, This makes it a great place for a morning meet up or evening hangout, no matter the time of day they have something to offer every one.

7. South Florida Aquarium

The South Florida Aquarium is a smaller aquarium, however the added science center makes it a great place to bring the kids for an afternoon.

They often host various exhibits as well, so there is always something different and educational to enjoy. The tropical and local fish give an amazing visual aesthetic and allow the opportunity to learn about the local ecosystems and the native flora and fauna. 

Toddlers love this spot so if you have some little ones it is a great place to take them.

South Florida Aquarium

South Florida Aquarium/ Flickr

8. Palm Beach Zoo

Even as an adult, the Palm Beach Zoo is one of my favorite local spots. It is the perfect size to cover in a half day, with just enough to keep the kids busy without exhausting them to the point of crankiness.

They also offer different events through the year, which makes it a perfect place to visit at any time of the year. I have found the best times to see the most animals are going when the park first opens, as they are most active before the Florida heat sets in!

Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo/ Flickr

9. MacArthur State Park

If you’re a snorkeling enthusiast, then MacArthur State Park is sure to be a favorite spot! This beach offers everything from shore fishing to snorkeling and has a gift shop to for any last minute beach essentials.

Once you enter the park, there is a fairly long boardwalk to get to the beach, but the golf cart shuttle makes it accessible to those who are not up for the walk.

The park has a small reef that is perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy and even offers the chance to see a sea turtle! The park also has paddleboard and kayak rentals as well. There is a $5 entry fee to the park, but it is well worth it!

MacArthur State Park

MacArthur State Park/ Flickr

10. Manatee Lagoon

As an animal lover, and bargain hunter, Manatee Lagoon offers two of my favorite things- animals and free admission! There is a large education center, which hosts conferences and events as well.

The building is build close to a Florida Power & Light building which offers warm water that the manatees love. Their website also offers a livestream camera, so you can see if there are manatees present before you head over.

The volunteers at the center have an amazing passion for these manatees and are happy to educate all ages on all things manatee. The gift shop is also wonderful, and a great place to find some unique gifts for occasions and souvenirs.

Manatee Lagoon things to do in west palm beach

Manatee Lagoon/ Flickr

11. Loggerhead- Jupiter, FL

Quite similar to Manatee Lagoon, Loggerhead is also a free facility that rescues and rehabilitates sea  turtles! Jupiter, FL has the second largest world  population of nesting sea turtles.

They offer a viewing area into their treatment room so you can see their staff performing veterinary care on some of the rescues.

You’re also able to walk through and see the rehabilitating turtles in their tanks. Loggerhead volunteers comb the beach during nesting season and assist with reviving the endangered sea turtle populations. They even offer a drop off service for Good Samaritans to drop off baby turtles and turtle eggs, as well as assisting with stranded turtles or any other kinds of turtle rescue.

Loggerhead- Jupiter, FL

Loggerhead- Jupiter, FL/ Flickr

12. Worth Ave

If you are wanting to shop like the rich and famous, then Worth Ave is for you! Tons of upscale shops, including stores like Cartier, allow shoppers to spend to their heart’s desire.

Even if you aren’t looking to shop like a millionaire, Worth Ave is still a fun walk and window shopping adventure. Aside from the gorgeous goods in the shops, the buildings on Worth Ave are simply stunning with incredible Florida architecture. It is absolutely a must-stop on your West Palm Beach adventure.

Worth Ave

Worth Ave/ Flickr

13. South Florida Fairgrounds

The South Florida Fairgrounds is home to tons of events throughout the year, including the Florida State Fair. They offer everything from concerts, to car shows, to various types of expos.

Personally, I love checking out their monthly calendar to see what’s going on and deciding which events I want to attend. There is plenty of parking and always a clean environment. The fairgrounds offers such a wide variety of events, that there is sure to be something the whole family can agree on.

South Florida Fairgrounds

South Florida Fairgrounds/ Flickr

14. Yesteryear

Yesteryear Village is part of the South Florida Fairgrounds and is like walking into the past. It offers a trip back in time, with historic buildings, a blacksmith shop, and an old post office.

Walking through Yesteryear is a great way to spend the afternoon and learn some fun facts about Florida’s history.

The village is set up exactly like a small town colonial farm, including some farm animals that would have been seen in a typical colonial village like goats and pigs!

15. Uptown Art

Who doesn’t love DIY projects and wine? If you’re looking for a fun night out, and want something a little more “out of the box”, then Uptown Art should definitely be on your list of places to check out.

They offer different types of craft projects, although my favorite is the sip and paint. The artists teaching the classes allow participants to use their own creativity as they guide you step by step through creating your own masterpiece.

This is one of my favorite places for a fun girl’s night out, especially if you’re tired of all of the conventional places!

Uptown Art

Uptown Art/ Facebook

16. Drive Shack

Although Drive Shack is not exclusive to West Palm, it is absolutely a fun place to check out! It is a great place to have a group outing, and it ensures plenty of laughter with “golfers” of all abilities.

They offer a great menu and full bar, and is also family friendly. This is a great place to hang out with friends and hopefully improve your golf game!

Drive Shack

Drive Shack/ Facebook

17. City Place

City Place offers shopping, dining, and a casual atmosphere. It is a must visit in West Palm, and a fun way to spend the day. There is a movie theatre, comedy bar and several various stores so there is sure to be something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

City Place

City Place/ Flickr

18. Right Hook Charters

West Palm Beach is a great spot for fishing, and Right Hook Charters never disappoints. The crew is always fantastic, and strives to give their guests the best experience possible.

I have gone out with them several times and every time is memorable. One of my first trips with them even involved getting to see a 14 foot hammerhead shark swimming right next to the boat!

Right Hook Charters

Right Hook Charters/ Facebook

19. Shoot Straight

From the beginner to the advanced shooter, Shoot Straight has something for everyone. They offer a shooting range with excellent instructors, as well as a well stocked store.

Their employees are always happy to educate and assist customers however they can and are truly passionate about what they do.

Shoot Straight

Shoot Straight/ Facebook

20. Grandview Market

Can’t decide what to do for lunch or dinner? Grandview offers a cafeteria style dining experience in the warehouse district.

They have a great patio and outdoor bar as well that offers live music and trivia, and is also pet friendly. Grandview is also has an indoor lounge with WiFi if you need to squeeze in some work on vacation time.

Grandview Market

Grandview Market/ Facebook

21. Renegades

If dancing is the way to your heart, then you’ll definitely want to stop into Renegades. A country bar that offers free line dancing lessons and a mechanical bull is a sure fire way to have some fun!

Renegades has a full menu, so you can have dinner and then dance the night away with your significant other or your girlfriends.


Renegades/ Facebook

22. PB Catch

Seafood lover? PB Catch is your go to spot! Although it is on the pricier side, they offer Happy Hour specials every day of the week.

My favorite is their oysters, as they have a fresh daily selection from all over the world! So far everything I have ever ordered there (like the Key West pasta) has been beyond amazing and totally worth the splurge for dinner.

PB Catch

PB Catch/ Facebook

23. Riviera Beach Marina

As well as being the launch spot for the Peanut Island Ferry, the Rivera Beach also offers a weekly farmer’s market.

Their farmer’s market offers more of an island vibe, with reggae music playing and more Caribbean style products. The marina also has a small park and small beach, which gives you the option to kayak or paddleboard over to Peanut Island.

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach/ Flickr

24. Phil Foster State Park

Located right under the Blue Heron Bridge, Phil Foster is a popular boat ramp launch, as well as scuba/snorkeling spot.

The park offers plenty of parking and a small beach which is supervised by a lifeguard. It is a common place for scuba divers and snorkelers to meet up and explore under the waves.

Phil Foster State Park

Phil Foster State Park/ Facebook

25. Palm Beach Outlets

If Worth Ave is too rich for your blood, you can head to my favorite shopping spot- the Palm Beach Outlets! The outlets here are brimming with deals and have too many stores to count! My favorites are Nordstrom Rack, and Off 5th. I never leave the outlets without snagging some great deals that my wallet doesn’t suffer from!

Palm Beach Outlets

Palm Beach Outlets/ Facebook

26. Lake Trail

West Palm is filled with jaw dropping architecture and unbelievable homes, and Lake Trail is one of the best ways to take in the housing scenery. The best way to explore this is by renting a bike, and stopping frequently to admire the sights.

27. Antique Row

If vintage finds are your thing, then you’ll definitely want to make Antique Row part of your West Palm adventure.

There are always tons of cool things to see, and if you’re patient enough to look with a careful eye, there are some great finds! I love to spend a day stopping from store to store, and finding unusual pieces that I just have to have!

Antique Row

Antique Row/ Facebook

28. The Breakers

The Breakers is one of the most upscale and iconic hotels in West Palm. If staying there for your trip is out of your budget, then consider enjoying their amenities for a day trip!

You can bask in the sunshine and enjoy lifestyles of the rich and famous for a day. From the hotel bar, to renting a private spot on the beach, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Breakers without having to break the bank.

The Breakers things to do in west palm beach

The Breakers/ Flickr

29. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse- Jupiter

If you’re up for the climb, then the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is the best spot for the most ideal beach view of West Palm Beach. Featuring a guest shop, and access to the lighthouse keeper’s cottage there is plenty to see even if you don’t want to climb the lighthouse steps to the top.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse- Jupiter

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse/ Flickr



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