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14 Best Delray Beach Restaurants to Visit This Year

14 Best Delray Beach Restaurants to Visit This Year

Looking for the best Delray Beach Florida restaurants to visit?

Delray Beach is a city in Palm County Florida, with spectacular views and a lively nightlife.  Delray Beach, known as a “fun small town”, located 52 miles north of Miami, has a very rich local culture, as well as centuries old artifacts, and beautiful art to admire.

Delray Beach is family-friendly with wonderful places to visit during your stay in the area, as well as hidden gems for unique experiences, without the family.  When visiting Delray, one can escape to the beach sides, waterfronts, as well as do some shopping and amazing activities.  Some activities to be enjoyed at Delray are the year-round Saturday Green Market, open-air pavilion with live music, and places to stroll through downtown for art appreciation walks.

This quaint beach town is a wonderful escape, not just in the winter, but any time of year.  Another great feature of this beach town are the restaurants, with such tasty, special bites and treats, there is sure to be a restaurant for everyone in your party, even the picky eaters will find something they love.

There are restaurants that cater to families, as well as restaurants that entertain for a more intimate, and exciting time out.  There is something for everyone and we will explore the tastes for every palette.

14 Best Delray Beach Restaurants to Visit This Year


Located at 52 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Dada, an American café, with a lovely outdoor patio, filled with trees and plants, as well as live music to match the outdoor feels of an island getaway.  Dada is an old fixture to the area, located in one of the oldest homes in the area, the historic Torrimore house, which was erected in 1924.

The outdoors has a vibrant feel of calm, with string lanterns, as well as the giant Banyan trees; setting the mood for the evening are also the huge tiki torches.  Indoors one will enjoy the simple décor, and eclectic menu, along with the comforts of the bar, as well as the sounds of live music from the locals, playing here most nights.  The smells of flavourful foods and drinks are sure to draw one in.

This café is handicap accessible, with the entrance leading to the outdoor dining.  With generous portions it is a perfect place to share different items from the menu; don’t forget to try their mojitos, which are their special signature drinks.  This eatery is located in the heart of the downtown area and showcases independent artwork from local artists that can be enjoyed while you dine.


Dada/ Flickr

El Camino

Located at 15 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is El Camino, a modernized Mexican fare restaurant.  In this busy Mexican restaurant, you will be served one of the best tacos ever eaten, and the tacos are made by hand, in-house for a fresher, and more authentic taste with every bite.  This eatery is often buzzing with people, so it is a great way to mingle and make new acquaintances, while enjoying a mouth-watering taco, along with cocktails or brews.

This a rustic feeling place, yet chic, that has an open air feel indoors, with exposed metal pipes, that add to its beauty; the restaurant has large windows to allow for lots of light into the establishment, and a long bar, for yummy ligations and conversation.With an extensive menu of Mexican eats, one cannot go wrong with anything selected on any given day; this restaurant also has a large bar that serves many trendy and specialty drinks, from margaritas, tequilas, pina coladas and much, much more.

This restaurant is affordable with friendly and helpful staff, and a large space, which creates an outdoor feel indoors, and with so many taco options, you will be impressed with the selections, including a vegetarian taco, for those with special diets.  The helpful and friendly staff will be willing to help you find something tempting to devour or sip!

Papa’s Tapas

Located at 259 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Papa’s Tapas, Spanish delicacies.  This space is decorated with vibrant coulours, and even more vibrant smells and tastes.

This restaurant has some lovely finger foods, as well as large entrees, such as their well-received paella, which is always a crowd favourite.

The well-known typical Spanish foods we have all known to recognize, such as croquetas, empanadas, arroz con pollo and other specialties, are here for the picking, and these dishes will tansport you to a small villa in Spain with every delicious bite. The restaurant is in a quiet shopping center that allows for an intimate meal with friends and family.

Once can soak up the atmosphere, as well as a pitcher of their famous sangria, and enjoy the good times and great eats.

The dishes range from small plates, or tapas, to large entrees that can be shared with your friends and family here; one such dish is the chicharrones de pollo.  This Spanish restaurant is a treat for anyone who visits the area and is a beautiful experience for shared memories. One of the Best Delray Beach Restaurants for sure.

Papa’s Tapas

Papa’s Tapas/ Facebook

Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar

Located at 110 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar, a Mexican cuisine eatery, with a chill and laid-back atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.  The restaurant offers authentic Mexican foods, all made fresh and in-house, that will not disappoint any palette.

Rocco’s extensive menu will certainly have well crafted foods, such as the fish tacos and mushroom tacos.  The restaurant, with its high ceilings and unique lighting allow for a fun, and unique experience; the restaurant even offers live music and dancing, for a romantic night out for couples.

Not only are the foods tasty but the drinks at Rocco’s should also be on your list of must-have experiences.

Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar

Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar/ Flickr

Park Tavern Delray Beach

Located at 32 SE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, Florida, Park Tavern Delray Beach is one place that offers an exceptional dining experience even early in the day.  With their carefully selected seasonal ingredients for their hand-mixed drinks, giving each one an enticing and individual flavour of goodness.

The restaurant offers a brunch menu, as well as a lunch and dinner menu and fun “between brunch and lunch” menu and a happy hour and spirits menu, with endless, bottomless drink options.  This place offers good eats, such as chicken and waffles, and pork sandwiches, along with chips and fish dips.

Park Tavern makes all its meats, breads, and condiments on-site, for that very fresh and exquisite taste that cannot be beat.

The flavours from Park Tavern, will leave you wanting more, and licking your fingers and plates clean.  This restaurant has many selections, and no matter what you choose, you will never be disappointed; even their simple house salad is a treat that will put a smile on your face.

Park Tavern Delray Beach

Park Tavern Delray Beach/ Facebook

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

Located at 420 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is the lovely Lemongrass Asian Bistro.  When speaking of innovative recipes, and memorable dishes, Lemongrass is the place everyone is talking about.

This restaurant delivers delicious, delectable sushi plates, that will have your mouth surprised by the rich and exotic flavours, that blend so well together, to give the guest an experience to write home about. This restaurant not only mesmerizes one with the flavours and freshness, but it also brings Asian foods in the Western world to the next level, as far as cuisine, and elegance.

The ambiance and presentation of the restaurant, as well as the foods is difficult to match in this genre of foods and tastes.

There is outdoor seating, so one can relax outside and take in the view of this stylish restaurant.  The chefs take much pride in their foods, and it is seen in the detail of every dish presented, with added touches even in the garnish, that elevates the flavour of the food.

Not only are the foods here amazing, but the drinks served are also well crafted and must be ordered, such as their signature and very fragrant, mouth-watering, mango mojito, it is sure to become everyone’s favourite.

Lemongrass Asian Bistro

Lemongrass Asian Bistro/ Flickr

Burt & Max’s

Located at 9089 W Atlantic Ave, Suite 100, Delray Beach, Florida is Burt & Max’s, an American bar and grill marketplace. This casual dining place is a lovely time for any occasion, including date nights, girls night out, or boys night out on the town.

Burt & Max’s serves grilled foods that we all know and love.  Serving up pub dishes, such as burgers, steaks and sandwiches, and of course drinks galore, this place will be a favourite for a sweet hang-out place to unwind and hype up.

What is most surprising abou this place, is that they serve great grilled foods that we love, but they also have vegetarian friendly eats too, such as their filling roasted beet salad, and their beautiful baja fish tacos, and they even serve up a delicious roasted tomato soup.

After a day of shopping, or strolling, this is a great place to end the day at and just eat and drink.

Burt & Max’s

Burt & Max’s/ Facebook


Located at 640 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Hawkers, another exceptional Asian restaurant that will surprise you.  This Asian restaurant not only serves sone traditional Asian street foods, but they have also found a modern twist to some of those traditional dishes, such as the noodle sups and small dishes.

This space has ample room with both indoor and outdoor dining, and chic, stylish furnishings.  The owners of Hawkers have thought of all things, including your dining experience outdoors; while dining alfresco in the outdoor areas, they have considerate placements of umbrellas to allow for plenty of shade, without worrying their patrons with discomforts such as the suns rays in their eyes.

This place has it all, from their Korean fried chicken biscuit to their pork belly bao buns, and basil fried rice, they truly have spiced up our favourite Asian dishes to express the meeting of modern and traditional culture, with beautiful blends of greatness on the tongue.

They not only have unique spins on their dishes, but they have extended the courtesy to their wonderfully blended drinks and cocktails for their guests to enjoy. One of the best places to eat in Delray Beach.

Deck 84

Located at 840 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Deck 84. This is an opentable dining experience with spectacular views of the intercoastal waters, so as you dine you can watch the boats go by, and enjoy the alfresco dining.  This restaurant serves up hearty portions of burgers, meatloafs, fries, and bar-b-que, with other yummy, tummy filling foods.

This restaurant can get very busy, and caters to people all year round, so parking can be difficult, but the walk there is fabulous and worth it.  Deck 84 is family friendly and has a menu that children can select foods from, that they WILL eat, so everyone can relax and enjoy the dishes.

During certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving, they will serve a la carte holiday dishes, which is a very special and welcomed treat for any traveler.  The wait staff is friendly and fantastic, and will assist with making your visit a great one.  The dishes are hearty, filling and shareable, and the drinks are also something to talk about as well.  The bartenders are fantastic and will talk you through their drinks and you can order off menu drinks if it pleases you, so do not be shy to ask.

Deck 84 does serve many fish dishes, and all of them are fresh and caught daily. There are a lot of features that are offered at this restaurant that will attract you to it, but the colours of the place are also exquisite, with playful oranges and blues, which set the tone of the sunsets and waters.

City Oyster & Sushi Bar

Located at 213 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is City Oyster.  As the name reads this is an oyster joint and other luscious seafoods.

However, there is more to this place than just seafood. The restaurant, with its black painted walls and silver, wood and marble trim and decor, are an elegant, yet somehow friendly space.  It does allow for not just beautiful foods like lobster tails, and sushi, but tacos, beans and rice.  The eyes are first tempted by the presentation of the foods, elevating the anticipation of what the tongue will taste.

The dishes are made to order and in such a way that the patrons are left in awe of what they see and eat at City Oyster.  When viewing the delectable dishes on the menu, one can also find that this establishment also serves an array of drinks, cocktails and specialty items.

There is a gem inside this place as well, on the second floor there are bakers that work their magic at the bakery upstairs, making breads, pies, desserts and pastas.  Having the bakery on the second level of the restaurant provides the baked goods to be fresh and give the space an even more inviting aroma.

City Oyster & Sushi Bar

The Sea Asian Kitchen

Located at 16950 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida is The Sea Asian Kitchen. This restaurant is a South Asian cuisine experience.  The restaurant provides an elegant dining, with an elevated atmosphere of fine dining.  The dishes are plated in such a way, as to show the colours of the foods, the ingredients, the freshness, and the aroma, before one takes a bite.

The restaurant serves sushi, pork, ribs, fish, but they are prepared in fruits, and sauces that dress up and make the meal more than the main protein on the plate.

There are herbs, sprouts, roots, vegetables, and seasoning that gives the food distinct and appetizing flavours and colours, with fresh ingredients that are native to the areas in SouthEast Asia, and used with expertise to give the patrons an amazing  experience with every bite. The building of this restaurant is a beautiful white stone with piercing blue curtains that flow with a regal wave, inviting patrons to this majestic place for a meal fit for royalty.

The Sea Asian Kitchen

The Sea Asian Kitchen/ Facebook


Located at 119 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is Tramonti.  This restaurant is an authentic Tuscan and Central-Italian cuisine.  This gem of an eatery serves vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, for those looking for a unique dining experience.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, as they treat their patrons like family and want you to feel like family, in the traditional Italian welcome.  This space is cozy and does get busy, however, the food is worth the tight fit. The restaurant is one of those gems that has an authentic feel and taste.  The ambience is of fine dining with experiences and professional chefs that surpass the ordinary and give their patrons a triumph in Italian cuisine and gastronomical art.

The lighting in the restaurant is dim, and sexy, with more than a touch of elegance, with its marble bar top, and leather and wood trim, showing the richness in the owner’s taste in the finer things.  This restaurant serves up delicious foods and sophistication.

The menu, with its simple yet perfectly prepared selections, serves up a three course meal to its patrons.  Some items you will find on the menu are their lobster ravioli, served with baby shrimp and an oyster and mushroom, creamy tomato sauce.

The restaurant serves a veal that is topped with prosciutto, and eggplant, with a buttery melted mozzarella that will send your taste buds into an absolute frenzy.  This restaurant owner knows his stuff, when it comes to food and atmosphere and there is no lack of savory and sweet eats here.


Tramonti/ Facebook

Caffe Luna Rosa

Located at 34 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, Florida is Caffe Luna Rosa.  This is an Italian experience that is like no other.  The professional staff at Caffe Luna Rosa will filet an entire fish tableside, and provide you a selection of decadent wines from their full bar. This restaurant starts serving food early with breakfast, and provides brunch, lunch, dinner and many beautifully prepared desserts.

One can start their day with breakfast or brunch and find eggs, pancakes, waffles, and bacon, potatoes, sausages.  Then for lunch and dinner one can select from a varied menu which includes smoked salmon, calamari, blackened chicken cobb salad, lobster and shrimp.

There are different sandwiches, and fresh fruits and veggie bowls that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family, including small children who may be picky eaters.

As the day goes by the dinner menu is more sophisticated for a palette that is looking for something savory and delectable to eat and enjoy.  With the dinner menu, this restaurant offers a varied wine collection to pair with any meal, and one can find beers, sparkling wine, and different water selections.

The menu also explains the freshness of the seafood, in-house made pastas, ingredients of sauces, and authenticity of the tomatoes used in the sauces.  The space is a beautiful space, all wood and mirrors, with blue lighting facing up to the ceiling, giving an effect of clouds in the sky, in the indoor sitting area.  There is also an outdoor area that is right across the street from the ocean, with a lovely alfresco dining.

Caffe Luna Rosa

Caffe Luna Rosa/ Facebook

3 G’s Gourmet Deli & Restaurant

Located at 5869 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida is 3 G’s Gourmet Deli & Restaurant. This retro- trendy deli/restaurant serves some Jewish-American cuisines, such as matzah-ball soup, rugalach, and chocolate babka.

The deli offers indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a deli counter seating, where patrons are able to enjoy lunch and dinner Jewish eats.  The deli offers fresh rye bread, hot pastrami and more delightfully wonderful comfort foods.  The restaurant/deli also serves drinks and desserts, and large hearty portions of food for any appetite, or to share.

There are many scrumptious, and pleasing places to eat and enjoy oneself in Delray Beach, Florida..  Many places offer not just toothsome foods, but also a tasty and memorable experience.  From family to friends, and intimate, cozy restaurants, there is something for every palette and for every mood and occasion.

3 G’s Gourmet Deli & Restaurant


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