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19 Best Restaurants in Kissimmee You Can’t Miss

19 Best Restaurants in Kissimmee You Can’t Miss

Looking for the best restaurants in Kissimmee? You have come to the right place.

If you are visiting Orlando on a Disney trip, an excursion to Adventure Island, or maybe even just a business trip and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while, Kissimmee, Orlando’s neighbor, is the perfect place to go.

It is most popularly known for its “off-the-beaten-path” escapades. Although Kissimmee is family friendly, one can also enjoy the town solo or on a couple’s vacation, and just like Orlando, Kissimmee has plenty of attractions to explore in wonder.

This includes many exciting water parks, theme parks, and unique dining experiences. When it comes to restaurants, you can enjoy eateries that range from Mexican, Mediterranean, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Italian, or whatever tickles your tastebuds. Kissimmee has plenty of options to choose from. You can find cheap eats, fine dining, brew pubs, and more! Below are 19 of the best restaurants and places to eat in Kissimmee, Florida.

19 Best Restaurants in Kissimmee You Can’t Miss

Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe

Woodsby’s Countryside Cafe is known to serve some of the best southern style breakfast dishes you will find in Kissimmee. Open seven days a week, you can enjoy Woodsby’s deliciousness for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (except on weekends when the restaurant closes at 2pm).

Good news, if you are an early riser – especially if you are attempting to grab a quick meal before an early business meeting – Woodsby’s opens at 6am every day of the week. One good thing about Woodsby’s is that it is family owned and operated, so you are going to receive tasty and authentic Kissimme only specials. Their portion sizes outweigh other breakfast options in town, and Woodsby’s is known to be a lively and fun place to take the kids or even a group of friends.

The locals say that everything at Woodsby’s tastes fresh and even though it can be crowded, it is definitely worth the wait not just for the food but also the amazing service you’ll receive from the exceptional almost all female wait staff.


Pienezza has unanimously been rated the best New York Style Pizzarea in the Kissimmee and surrounding area. Pienezza is a quaint business with only three tables, two outdoor tables, and two larger bar areas, but the pizza is to die for, so it is worth the wait and worth a try if you happen to be in the Kissimmee area.

Pienezza has also been charted as one of the best restaurants to travel to if you are searching for something different outside of your regular hometown cuisine. Pienezza offers a casual dining experience, a military discount, and has vegan options.

There is a private parking lot and places to park your bike. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your wallet, because the restaurant also offers Apple pay and other mobile pay options, and if you’re wanting a cool space to take your date, Pienezza is the place to go.


Pienezza/ Facebook


Maracas offers authentic Dominican cuisine. The motto at Maracas is “real food, real good.” Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can enjoy this unique dining option any time of the day. The food is made from fresh seasonal ingredients which means the menu always has something new and exciting to try, but if you have never tried mofongo, Maracas is the place to do it.

To start off with, though, the house made soups are the way to go. They have regular menu options like the seafood soup, or you can try the daily house special.

When you order your entree, no matter what you choose, you can expect the dish to be served with rice or plantains, but you can also choose your own side located on the menu. Maracas is a great place to try something new.


Maracas/ Facebook

Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ

Every southern state in the U.S. has a different style of barbeque. Florida is definitely one of them. If you have never had Florida style barbeque then Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ is definitely the place to do so. Besides their incredible pork ribs and brisket sandwich, Big John’s is well known for its house recipe sweet potato waffle fries. Everyone loves a good fry, so you must check these out. You will be pleasantly satisfied.

At Big John’s you will be instantly greeted and seated by the friendly, knowledgeable, and well trained staff. The restaurant is kept neat and clean, and you can expect some lively music as Big John’s has plenty of local and well-known bands playing on a regular basis. Big John’s is family-friendly but also a great place to take your friends out for some great food and good beer.

Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ

Big John’s Rockin’ BBQ/ Facebook

Melao Bakery

Melao is another good option for something different and unique. You will find authentic Puerto Rican dishes at Melao. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google and 8.6 out of 10 stars on Foursquare, so you can bet you will find some amazing eats at Maleo. Masks are still required when eating at Melao including the staff.

There are plenty of vegan options at this restaurant, and it offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Maleo is family friendly and great for groups. Customers have called Maleo a trendy place to eat with options including pastries, sandwiches, fried pork, and its famous nutella frappe.

Seems odd, but clearly you won’t run out of options when dining here. One neat fact about Maleo is that it is woman-owned and operated. So, again, if you’re looking for something different than your regular style of food, you must check out Melao.

Melao Bakery

Melao Bakery/ Facebook

King O Falafel

Hands down the best Mediterranean restaurant in Kissimmee and in the surrounding area, King O Falafel will not disappoint.

Like a few of the other restaurants already mentioned, King O Falafel offers plenty of vegan options for our vegan eaters out there. The restaurant only offers lunch and dinner and is rated a 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor. King O Falafel has a great gyro sandwich and some of the best Babaghanouj around.

Of course, you can order a Falafel plate here which is also an amazing option. Customers claim that King O Falafel’s food is fresh, healthy, and delicious, and they also say that the baklava is out of this world. It is kind of off-the-beaten-path, but if you are on vacation, a local, or just passing through, King O Falafel is worth seeking out.

King O Falafel

King O Falafel/ Facebook

Rock & Brews

If you are looking for some greasy fries, a great burger, and an even better beer selection, then Rock & Brews is the place for you. Rock & Brews is great for families and date nights alike and is a great place to watch the game.

They have two bars, so there are plenty of bartenders to go around and lots of space to hang out. There is a large outdoor patio which is a great area in which to host events. Rock & Brews host tons of live music events with local bands and sometimes more well-known acts, too.

Weekends are always super busy at Rock & Brews, so if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night, make sure to call ahead of time to know how long the wait will be or get there early!

Rock & Brews

Rock & Brews/ Facebook

Kabayan Grill

You’ll definitely need to check this gem out while you’re in Kissimmee. The Facebook community has rated this restaurant a 4.8 out of 5 stars, and Google comes in close at a 4.7. It must be pretty tasty to receive reviews like that!

Kabayan Grill serves Filipino style food, and the consensus from some of the reviews is that it is true to its word when it comes to authenticity. One visitor who travels often reported that he and his Filipino girlfriend absolutely loved Kabayan Grill and consider it their favorite Filipino restaurant out of the many they have tried along their journey.

Several customers speak highly of the flavor of the siopao, and the fried lumpia is also a fan favorite. The halo-halo is also a big hit. If you’re looking for an international cuisine and can’t decide what to choose, pick Kabayan Grill! You won’t be sorry.

Kabayan Grill

Kabayan Grill/ Facebook


Sanaa, an African-Indian fusion restaurant, is on the list of the 19 best restaurants in Kissimmee because of its raving reviews. Customers love the vibe of Sanaa along with the amazing service and exquisite cuisine. The menu options are nearly never-ending, and they also serve hand-crafted drinks. Make sure you order dessert!

You’ll be sorry you missed it if you don’t. You can walk in and be seated at Sanaa, but you can also make reservations ahead of time if you are expecting to dine on a busier night. Sanaa is great for date nights and group events.

They have a full bar and serve plenty of vegetarian options as well. You’ll be pleased to know that Sanaa also has free wi-fi if there is any unfinished business you need to attend to while enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

Sanaa (Kissimmee, FL)

Sanaa (Kissimmee, FL)/ Flickr

Mi Casita BBQ

Another international favorite, Mi Casita BBQ serves Cuban cuisine. This is another great multi-cultural option if you’re looking to eat something a little bit different than the norm. It is recommended that you book a table before dining at Mi Casita, because the restaurant stays pretty busy throughout the week. There are private dining options here, but Mi Casita overall has a divey, casual feel to it.

It is a family-friendly place; however, this is a great place to do business meetings or brunch with the ladies. Mi Casitas’ visitors, including native Cubans, claim the food to be fresh and authentic.

The Cuban sandwich is the main fan favorite along with the plantains and of course the BBQ ribs. The restaurant closes at 4 pm daily, so this is the place to go if you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, or lunch options.

Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ/ Facebook

Tasty Lemon

If you are looking for a healthy lunch or midday snack, give Tasty Lemon a try. Here, you will find a great selection of fresh juices, smoothies, and pitaya and acai bowls. They also serve salads and other lite, small bites.

Everything at Tasty Lemon is organic, locally sourced, and made in-house. Smoothie favorites include the red mango pineapple, triple berry, and the dragon fruit smoothie. Everything served at Tasty Lemon is inspired by the owner’s travels, and all ingredients are ordered daily from a local market. You absolutely must try their homemade lemonades!

They are what make Tasty Lemon famous. All their different flavored lemonades are fresh squeezed and tailored to your liking. Tasty Lemon is always putting a new twist on the original lemonade. This is one place you cannot miss when visiting Kissimmee.

Tasty Lemon

Tasty Lemon/ Facebook

J Crab House

J Crab House isn’t just some old seafood place. From its incredible (and humorous) menu to its wait staff and its outstanding seafood options, this restaurant is an absolute must if you’re in the mood for some fresh ocean eats.

J Crab House is awesome for the whole family, and although it is a casual dining restaurant, the prices are a bit high and reservations are necessary. You won’t mind paying what you will, though. The whole experience at J Crab House is definitely worth the price.

The small restaurant is owned by a mother and son who work tirelessly to make sure that each guest gets the attention they deserve. Many reviewers stated that after they ate at J Crab House, they made sure to return at least a second time before traveling home, and the locals of Kissimmee eat here very frequently. Who doesn’t love fresh seafood on a trip to the beach after all?

J Crab House

J Crab House/ Facebook

Oriental Square

Whether on vacation or living local, everyone loves to find a great Chinese place. Oriental Square happens to be the best option in Kissimmee. If dining in, you can make reservations online or over the phone or simply walk in to be seated.

You can also order online or call ahead for take-out. Customers have a raving consensus that Oriental Square serves the best Chinese food you might ever find.

You can’t go wrong with an order of pork or chicken fried rice, and the lobster rolls are cooked to perfection. Their crab rangoon is hard to beat, too.

Oriental Square also serves beer and wine if you are in the mood for a drink with your lunch or dinner. Don’t let their cheap prices fool you. Oriental Square will knock your socks off with their flavor-drenched Chinese favorites with generous portion sizes to match.

Oriental Square

Oriental Square/ Facebook

El Tapatio

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a Mexican option. It’s difficult to find genuinely good and authentic Mexican sometimes, and Kissimmee is full of great Mexican options; however, according to their ratings and reviews, El Tapatio is hands-down the best one.

On top of the quick and friendly service, you can expect the best homemade salsa in Kissimmee. Their margaritas are unbeatable, and you can bet that they have plenty of vegan options. Seeing as how the food and drinks are so tasty and original, it’s hard to believe that their prices are so affordable!

They take reservations, too, if you’re planning a group event or date night. El Tapatio offers a full bar, outdoor and indoor seating, bike parking, and a private parking lot. They do offer catering as well if you are looking for a delicious surprise for your party or meeting guests.

El Tapatio

El Tapatio/ Facebook

The Venetian Chophouse

The Venetian Chophouse offers the best steaks in town. This is a fantastic option for couples, girls’ night out, or an important business meeting. The wait staff at The Venetian Chophouse is superb. They make every guest’s experience lovely and memorable. Their attention to detail coupled with their professionalism create a beautiful experience for all.

The Venetian Chophouse makes signature drinks including mocktails for those who choose not to drink alcohol. Everything served is full of flavor and satisfying to the tastebuds. You must not miss ordering the vanilla creme brulee.

Fan favorites include the crab-fried rice, the 16 oz ribeye cooked exactly as instructed, and the shrimp with polenta. There are plenty of options to choose from, and when you are finished and satisfied with your meal, make sure to send a thank you to the chef.

The Venetian Chophouse Best Restaurants in Kissimmee

The Venetian Chophouse/ Facebook

Sabor Brasil

Here is another international food option for you. Sabor Brasil serves (you guessed it!) Brazilian cuisine. Sabor Brasil offers a cool, relaxed atmosphere and serves fresh and purely authentic dishes.

Some of the best dishes to try are the Picanha, the feijoada, the parmigiana, and the empanadas. Also, try the pudim for dessert. They offer takeout, so Sabor Brasil is a good option to grab for lunch on-the-go. The staff are all native to Brazil and speak fluent Portuguese.

They also know their stuff, are professional, and create a great experience for the guests. The owners are usually in the restaurant to make sure every customer is satisfied. The prices are reasonable, and this is a great place to go whether flying solo, with the kids, or in a group.

Sabor Brasil

Sabor Brasil/ Facebook

Sakeba Sushi & Grill

Sakeba Sushi & Grill made it onto the list of the 19 best restaurants in Kissimmee because of its reputation for the best sushi and japanese hibachi in town. Sakeba’s creativity comes out in their unique sushi roll inventions.

Come during happy hour to try some of them out for a lower price and order a beer or glass of wine to pair. The seafood hibachi seems to be the favorite of the clientele. Sakeba has an enjoyable atmosphere and is family-friendly.

The sushi is always fresh with high-quality ingredients, and the grill is always hot. The dining area is small, and even though there may be a short wait, the food is definitely worth the time it takes to be seated. The servers create a great experience for each guest and make things fun for the kids. This is definitely another great restaurant to try while you are in Kissimmee.

Sakeba Sushi & Grill

Sakeba Sushi & Grill/ Facebook

Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant

Paul’s is rated a solid 4.9 stars on Google and a whole 5 stars on both Facebook and Tripadvisor, but don’t just take the internet’s word for it, go try them out for yourself while you’re in Kissimmee! Whether a regular or just a visitor, every customer who steps into Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant leaves happy.

The quality of the food supercedes any Italian joint you will find in Kissimmee. They are known well for their creative subs. The pizza sub is a favorite along with the infamous meatball sub (move over Subway, royalty coming through!).

The Italian Hero has also been suggested as a fan favorite. This family owned establishment also offers plenty of other authentic Italian dishes such as their delicious Chicken Parmesian and home made Italian potato salad, and if you are up for dessert, try the tiramisu. You will not be disappointed.

Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant

Paul’s Italian Deli & Restaurant/ Facebook

Express Cafe

Express Cafe serves a number of Latin cuisines including Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and other South American dishes. This is a vegetarian and vegan friendly choice, and they cater to every meal of the day. All of their meals, no matter which meal you choose, are exceptional.

The sandwich choices are creative and unique with the freshest of ingredients. Order the Cuban sandwich and you’ll see what all the rave is about. They have an awesome breakfast bagel and serve fresh squeezed fruit juices to boot. Try the chicken avocado arepa and the empanadas while you’re there.

They’re famous for their cilantro sauce and their coffee creations as well as their signature desserts. The service is fantastic, and the atmosphere is quaint and charming on the inside. The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife who make sure that everyone who enters receives a pleasant and personalized experience.

One of the best restaurants near Kissimmee Florida.

Express Cafe Best Restaurants in Kissimmee

Express Cafe/ Facebook

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