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Best Sushi in Orlando – 19 Japanese Restaurants You Must Try!

Best Sushi in Orlando – 19 Japanese Restaurants You Must Try!

Looking for the best sushi in Orlando? Great you have come to the right place!

Orlando is one of the most traveled cities in the U.S. It is a hub for theme parks, businesses and entertainment conventions and yet most tourists visit the same restaurants.

Over the years, Orlando’s culinary world has been thriving and boasts a well curated Sushi scene. Here is a list of the best sushi restaurants in Orlando you’ll want to save for your next trip to the magical town of Orlando.

Best Sushi in Orlando – 19 Japanese Restaurants You Must Try!

1. Maguro Sushi

Looking to spice up your Sushi life? Here is an excellent mash-up for you and as a bonus, is in close range to the theme parks. Maguro Sushi is a Latin Asian fusion restaurant run by Puerto Rican Chef Joubert. With Puerto Rican themed rolls such as the popular “Jibaro Soy” made with skirt steak, cream cheese, avocado, sweet plantains and chimichurri aioli, is a full dish wrapped in a roll.

Or for a lighter fare, try the “La Presion” which is their ginger soy marinated tuna, avocado, yuzu garlic, and roasted sesame seeds. Maguro also caters to the plant based life and features rolls like the “El Vegano” made with sautéed veggies, marinated soy, garlic, and avocado.

The menu is filled with creative dishes that include fried rice bowls, bao buns, and tapas that really showcase this incredible Latin Asian concept. Due to the popular theming of this restaurant, reservations are highly recommended.

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Maguro Sushi

Maguro Sushi/ Facebook

2. Japango

This isn’t your typical Sushi joint but this fun take- out style restaurant is located in the Mills50 district close to downtown Orlando. One of the best restaurants in downtown Orlando to eat sushi for sure. Japango features beautifully packaged sushi boxes, a wide assortment of flavored teas including boba and even fan favorites, the Mochi ice cream, and Macaroons.

The bento concept is quite simple, you choose your order by first selecting your sushi box which comes in two options, the “Bitch Box” $19 or “Boss Box” $29 with Nigiri rolls (or without), choose your style of Nigiri, a side item that includes seaweed salad or watermelon ceviche and delicious sauces like their eel, siracha or spicy vegan mayo.

They neatly package the sushi and sauces in containers for ultimate on the go enjoyment. Japango’s menu offers 20+ sushi rolls and an impressive selection for the Vegan friendly. This is a great option for a take-out back to the hotel, home, or even a party.

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3. Seito Sushi

Established in 2000, Seito Sushi has consistently been recognized and awarded as “Best Sushi” in Orlando by Orlando Magazine’s Reader Choice Awards. This contemporary Japanese restaurant boasts an incredible menu by Chef Huy Tin, a native of Orlando, and ranges from ramen to wagyu beef tartare.

The sushi menu is one of elegance and creativity like the “Distinguished Gentlemen” that includes ingredients of wagyu beef, lobster and shrimp salad and truffle oil. While still moderately priced, these sushi chefs turn out incredible creations. In addition, they have a sweet list of Japanese whiskeys and sake’s as well as signature cocktails.

In addition to their elegant menu, the sleek and modern décor shows off why this is such a popular choice for happy hour, date nights and special celebrations. Seito will impress the snobbiest of sushi eaters. They have two locations in the Orlando area with the Sand Lake being the closest for most on vacation.

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Seito Sushi

Seito Sushi/ Seitosushibp

4. Kabooki Sushi

Serving up sushi in Orlando on the sexier side is the infamous Kabooki Sushi. Known to have a celebrity VIP guest list that has included Diplo, Steve Aoki and Jack Harlow, the ambiance at Kabooki is plush and inviting.

Chef Henry Moso, creator of Kabooki and nominated in 2020 for the James Beard Award as Rising Star of the Year, boasts a menu of intention that highlights the best cuts of Omakase dining, Izakaya late night eats, exquisitely plated sushi and sashimi and a decadent selection of ‘hot tastings’ for those guests with selective taste.

To make your visit extra vibrant, Kabooki offers a flavor tour of Japan properly titled “Full Omakase Tasting experience”. So exclusive, they suggest one week notice to properly prepare for your dining experience. Kabooki has two locations one in Sand Lake and the newly renovated Colonial Drive which on the weekends turns into a late night party.

Kabooki Sushi

Kabooki Sushi/ Madeline Manzano

5. Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Tucked away inside of the Venetian designed Dellagio plaza on Sand Lake Road, is the modern Izakaya and sushi restaurant Dragonfly. With fish flown in from Japan, they strive for freshness and creativity on their menu. The Makisushi roll menu includes decadent items that include “Mango Tango” with smoked salmon, mango, sweet potato curls and an apricot peach reduction.

Or for a bolder flavored sushi, ask for the “Smoky Dragon” with the torched tuna and salmon. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask for the 21 pc Sashimi Passion that is served with the Chef’s fish selection. Dragonfly also shines in their selection of Vegan dishes such as the “Truffle salted Mushroom fritters”, “Crispy Miso Glazed Tofu bites” and the “Miso Yummy” asparagus and avocado sushi roll.

The dark red yet elegant décor really gives this place a hip Japanese pub vibe and has a menu that will satisfy all parties involved.

Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi

Dragonfly Robata Grill and Sushi/ Facebook

6. Kadence

Kadence is a Sushi & Sake bar that is unlike any restaurant on this list. The owners and chef trio, Jennifer Bañagale, Mark Berdin, and Lordfer Lalicon bring their highly qualified talents to Winter Park with a truly unforgettable tasting experience.

Starting out with their original concept ‘Kappo’ as a sushi stand in the East End Market in 2014, they quickly won rave reviews and two years later opened up this private and intimate dining experience that is now known as Kadence. With only 8 seats and reservation only dining, they will prepare before you a multi course tasting menu that will take your senses and taste buds to new heights.

With specialty training in Japanese, French, Italian and pastry cuisines, each creation is destined to be decadent. In addition, Jennifer and Mark are certified advanced Sake professionals by the Sake Education Council that will create a more exclusive experience. At $250 per person, let these highly skilled Chef’s take you on a journey that you will not forget.

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Orlando.

7. Morimoto Asia

Situated in the ever popular Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, locals and tourists from around the world have hit those reservation buttons making it difficult for even some locals to dine at Morimoto Asia. The food network celebrity and Iron Chef himself Masaharu Morimoto made it their mission to stand out amongst the other 20+ restaurants.

Known for his peking duck carvings, dim sum and Sushi and Sashimi towers, his menu is truly mouthwatering. As you enter Morimoto Asia, you are instantly captivated by the grand 36 foot tall two story restaurant with glamorous chandeliers hanging from the heavens.

With private dining booths, 2nd level 14 seat sushi bar and lounge, 2nd level outdoor patio dining and street food kitchen on the first floor, Morimoto has a full service restaurant that caters to almost any type of dining experience. And if you’re looking for a more exclusive tasting tour of Japan, Morimoto offers the 5-7 course Omakase Experience w/ optional beer and sake pairing starting at $250 per person. Not a bad way to spend an evening in Disney Springs.

Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia/ Facebook

8. Takumi- Tei

Located in the infamous Japan pavilion at Disney World’s Epcot, Takumi-Tei adds luxury to your theme park dinner only experience. The Japanese term ‘Takumi-Tei’ means “House of the Artisan” showing off their skilled and handcrafted dishes that will bring Japan to life in your dining.

Takumi Tei has 5 dining rooms and in inspired by one of the natural elements- water, stone, wood, earth and washi paper. They offer a la carte or multi course dishes and extra luxe sushi such as the “Aburi Wagyu” rolled with Japanese A-5 wagyu beef, cured duck egg yolk, mushrooms and asparagus or the “Ebi” made with tempura tiger prawn and curry emulsion. This is certainly not your typical park food.

If you want to go that extra rich mile, Takumi- Tei also offers a 3 hour “Chef’s Table” experience in the tranquil water dining room. Known in Japan as “Kaiseki” dining, this is a traditional and artful culinary journey over a multi course meal to fill your senses. At $180 per person, let Disney’s magic through the Japan pavilion transport you into a beautiful curated moment. Due to the pandemic, they did temporarily close and plan to reopen very soon.

9. The Cowfish Sushi Burger bar

Have you heard the food term “Burgushi”? Cowfish Sushi & Burger bar in Universal’s Citywalk is popping out some of the best in gourmet burger and sushi fusion. With a colorful aquatic ambiance, their 2nd floor cocktail bar boasts an interactive aquarium setting the stage for a fun and eclectic meal.

Skimming thru the menu, you will find items like the “Taste Explosion roll” rolled with Angus beef, jalapeños, pepper jack and tempura flakes drizzled with a spicy mayo cashew pesto. You can also splurge on the “Prime Time Filet and Lobster roll” packed with lobster, seared filet mignon, portabello mushrooms and served with a side of ginger sauce.

If you want your meal to feature burgers and sushi, Cowfish also offers a Bento box that comes with a mini burger, sweet potato fries, thai cucumbers and your choice of sushi rolls. With lines out the door of fan’s craving “Burgushi”, Cowfish has become one of Citywalk’s most popular restaurants.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger bar

The Cowfish Sushi Burger bar/ The Cowfish

10. Ootoya Sushi Lounge

The posh and ultra-classy Ootoya Sushi is located in Thornton Park close to Downtown Orlando. Their menu is a sushi lover’s dream and heavily based on sashimi and specialty rolls. The sushi and sashimi platters consist of blue fin tuna, freshwater eel, conch and sea urchin.

The appetizer menu is just as interesting with creations like “Clam Chowder Croquette” labeled as a breaded potato pocket with creamy clam chowder. The “Truffle Fries” with mango sauce also catches one’s eye for a side item.

With so many options to choose from, the only right way to eat is to share and enjoy amongst friends while you sip on of their specialty cocktails or Japanese whiskeys. The happy hour menu is generous than most restaurant boasting a full page of specialty rolls, appetizers and premium liquors. Pick between the Lychee mule, Matchatini or one of their many sake offerings.

11. Sushi Pop

As the name references, Sushi Pop is heavily inspired by Japanese pop culture. Established in 2009, Chef Chau takes pride in creating specialty rolls with the cleanest and freshest ingredients from local farms and Tokyo fish markets. With two locations in Winter Park and Oveido, the vibe is modern and ultra-cool.

The inside lighting pops of color with pink lighting and beautifully placed ceiling and table décor making this is a sweet space. The menu ranges from hot and cold small plates and “reinterpreted” rolls. A popular roll with the locals is the “Ceviche” rolled with Hamachi, avocado, fried shallots and cobia fish topped with chipotle lime sauce and Mama’s hot sauce.

For an extra kick, there are sauces that can be added with the rolls such as the above mentioned Mama’s hot sauce, Pickled Sunchoke or Wasabi root. With a full bar and modern sushi bar seating, this is another restaurant that is a hit with the happy hour crowd due to the consistent flavors and authentic menu.

Sushi Pop

Sushi Pop/ Facebook

12. SusHi Eatstation

With several locations sprawled across the Orlando area, SusHi Eatstation is a new type of sushi experience thanks to husband and wife team, Robert and Teresa Ly. The lovely team set out to open a masterful way to devour their favorite food and had a common love of ninjas. So naturally, they came up with what they like to call “the ninja art of sushi making”. Who doesn’t like ninjas? They created a ninja community and have 9 quick service locations or “Dojos”.

Each Dojo has colorful mural art that really brings their ninja passion to life. One of their specialties is tempura frying your mini nori or sushi burritos and by popular demand a “Cheetos Flamin Hot Burrito”.

They also cater to the veggie friendly community and have rice bowls and salads. The ninja team here as SusHi Eatstation went all out when they were creating their own classic experience that is this sushi dojo.

SusHi Eatstation

SusHi Eatstation/ Facebook

13. Mikado Sushi

Mikado offers premium sashimi, sushi, and omakase with fresh ingredients from New Zealand and Tokyo markets. The menu shows off some beautifully plated cuts and unique rolls like the “Dragonfly roll” made with honey maple smoked salmon, Fiji apple shavings and a slice of blow torched eel with a spicy ginger eel sauce.

Listed as a customer favorite, is the “Tnt Lover roll” that showcases a Bluefin toro tartar, caviar, and tempura asparagus than drizzled with a truffle soy glaze. The menu also offers nigiri and sashimi sets served with miso soup and ginger salad or venture into the a la carte section and create your own plate.

In addition, Mikado offers plates such as soba noodles, Thai curry dishes, and several fried rice options to go with your sushi rolls. Mikado opened their doors in 2006 by Chef Tim Lu and the restaurant offers a nice selection of specialty sake, beer, and wine.

Mikado Sushi

Mikado Sushi/ Facebook

14. Sushi Katana

Located near the popular Mall of Millenia, is Sushi Katana, an ultra-sassy yet laid back Japanese restaurant with a lounge area for extra comfort seating. The ambiance of Sushi Katana definitely sets the mood for a fancy and delectable sushi experience. What sets this restaurant apart from the others on the list is their “Seaweedless Maki” that showcases a selection of rolls wrapped in rice paper or cucumber.

Guests can enjoy their favorite cuts of tuna, salmon and tempura rolled to a perfectly tight bite with beautiful shaved cucumber. For the non-chopstick savvy folks, they also feature deconstructed style sushi ingredients over rice creating a colorful presentation that is worth a social media post.

They also feature their brilliantly prepared rolls in sushi boats which is the ultimate classic way in featuring this Japanese delicacy. Sushi Katana has an impressive menu filled with stir fry’s and noodles that will cater to the pickiest of eaters.

15. Ma-se Sushi Eatery

New to the Orlando community in the city of Longwood is Ma-se Sushi. Executive Chef Por was born and raised in Thailand and after his travels thru Southeast Asia and dining mecca New York City, decided to open a modern and contemporary Asian eatery right in Orlando.

The vibe is trendy with hints of street style decorated around the walls giving it a fancy pub feel. You will quickly find that presentation is top notch here with lavish dishes of sashimi and omakase served in beautiful iced bowls and perfectly chosen edible flowers and plants taking plating to an exquisite level.

If you want to take your palette thru an artful journey, order one of their salad dishes. The salads are just as creative reminiscent of a ceviche base, that includes lime juice, cilantro, chile and red onions with several options of protein. Ma’se has several unique Thai appetizers and dishes that promises exceptional flavor.

Ma-se Sushi Eatery

Ma-se Sushi Eatery/ Facebook

16. Jade Sushi & New Asian

Adding some swanky Asian fare to the College Park community is Jade Sushi & New Asian. Their menu is inventive with stylish plating serving fresh cuts like the “Himachi Truffle” and “Tuna Kobachi”. Their Instagram worthy “Jewelry Chirashi box” and “Aburi Nigiri set” are displayed like works of art.

If you want the ultimate experience, and requires 1 day notice, request the “Chef’s Omakase Box” that includes 9 courses customized by their creative team of sushi chefs and nicely packed in a Japanese wooden box. The menu also consists of other flavorful creations such as their signature shoyu duck or pork chashu ramen.

Or have a taste of their “Holy Crab Bao” for a toasty bite. They also feature decadent desserts like tempura cheesecake that will clean out the palette with sweet flavor. With sushi rolls perfectly named after iconic characters such as “Stormtrooper” and “King Kong” rolls, the menu certainly fits with Orlando’s dynamic food scene.

Jade Sushi & New Asian

Jade Sushi & New Asian/ Facebook

17. Wa Sushi

While many may not have heard of the city of Casselberry, Wa Sushi is certainly a gem of a restaurant in the corner of a quaint plaza. Those are usually the best spots so one should never judge by the outside. The reviews alone will prove that Wa Sushi can stand with the best of them.

Their menu is full of quality cuts such as the “King of the Sea Roll” $20 stuffed with tempura lobster, mayo, and avocado and special miso sauce. The “Blue Fin roll” may get your attention with snow crab legs and asparagus topped with blow torched toro and lime ponze sauce.

Choose from one of their massive exotic nirgiri and sashimi sets that houses 10 – 15 pieces of Chef’s choice for a stunning presentation. These sets most definitely show off the Chef’s technique and are filled with eats like conch, eel, Japanese omelet, shrimps or clams.

18. Shin Japanese Cuisine

If you are looking to partake in a unique sushi rendezvous, head over to Shin Japanese in the North Quarter of Downtown Orlando for their minimalist approach to sushi eats. Feeling as though you’ve entered a New York City loft, the Chefs at Shin promise to deliver bold and fresh flavor.

The menu highlights the creative works of this culinary team with specialty rolls like the “Shin Hotate” with tempura asparagus topped with fresh scallops or the “Fried Oyster” which is panko fried and rolled with avocado and tartar sauce. The Nigiri and Sashimi proudly offers sea urchin, octopus, squid and Tobiko (flying fish roe).

The “Sushi Bar Presentations” offers variety for the guest and is hand chosen by the Chefs including a Vegetable Lovers for the veg eaters. Indulge in one of their hot or cold tastings from their dinner menu serving “Crispy Fried Avocado” or “Chicken Katsu” and pair it with many of their flavored sakes, imported beers and wine.


19. Oudom Thai & Sushi

Right in the center of Downtown Orlando and Lake Eola, Oudom Thai & Sushi has exactly what you would expect in a modern day sushi joint. A popular spot for locals, Oudom offers all things land, sea, veggie and noodle. Serving up quality uni and toro, that locals have reviewed as “melts in your mouth” is enough for the popular rating they hold on several platforms.

For the plant based eaters, the popular “Sweet Potato Tempura” seems to hit the soft and crunchy note perfectly. If you prefer your sushi deconstructed (isn’t even sushi?), order the Tuna Kobashi which is served with avocado, onion and spicy sauce and beautifully placed in a martini glass which makes for a perfect happy hour treat.

With over 50+ sushi and sashimi rolls and party boats to choose from, grab a lychee martini or sake at the bar and enjoy this pick when you are visiting downtown.


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