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15 Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

15 Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

Looking for the cheapest places to live in Florida?

You’re in luck! Throughout Florida, you can find a location suited for you no matter where you’re at in life.

From affordable housing near a hopping nightlife to lazy beaches ready for the retirees, you’d be hard-pressed to find a community you don’t love. There is something for everyone in the sunshine state.

Here are the most affordable places to live in Florida:

15 Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

1. Milton

In Santa Rosa County you will find the city of Milton. With a population of just over ten thousand and a median housing cost of $135,000, Milton is known as the ‘Canoe Capital’ of Florida. Milton is just north of Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle.

This charming city offers many waterways to explore. Just a few are; Coldwater, Sweetwater, and Blackwater. Some of the waterways even flow directly through the town itself.

Milton is a very diverse town with a rich history and culture. Thanks to its abundance of interesting attractions, there are always employment opportunities and plenty of things to keep the family busy.

If you love to relax and enjoy art or history, this town offers a variety of museums for you. From the National Naval Aviation Museum to the Pensacola Museum of Art, there are works that appeal to every history buff.

Milton is a low-crime area and has a great educational system, earning ranks against the national average. This town has a lower cost of living than the national average in addition to being lower than most of the cities in the state. Thanks to its hopping nightlight, there are always bars, grills, and taverns open on weekends to keep you busy.

Milton cheapest places to live in Florid

Milton/ Flickr

2. Coconut Creek

You won’t find a more eclectic and quant location than that of Coconut Creek. With a population of just over sixty-thousand people, this ideally located community offers something for everyone no matter their price range, or goals in life.

Restaurants within walking distance of one another, provide a plethora of options, even for the finickiest of eaters. Known as the butterfly capital of the world, it boasts the world’s largest butterfly aviary. With over twenty thousand specimens, you are sure to see a beautiful sight each and every time you visit the aviary. Fun fact; the community of Coconut Creek seceded from Pompano Beach in the late 1960s!

The perfect location for retirees, Coconut Creek, goes as far as restricting buyers under the age of 55 in certain locations. This beautiful community found near beaches along the east coast has condos priced under $100,000 for folks looking to relocate, making it one of the most affordable places to live in Florida.

Coconut Creek’s diverse population; hails from across the globe; making it a mini melting pot of its very own. Its low crime rate, and a high number of employment opportunities, make Coconut Creek ideal for early retirees looking to stay active in the community and workforce part-time.

During the first part of the year, nature enthusiasts will be blown away by the yearly Butterfly Festival that captures the community.

Seminole-Casino-Coconut-Creek cheapest places to live in Florid

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3. Tampa

A suburb of Tampa, Timber Pines boasts a low crime rate and a small community setting ideal for the quiet nomad. Considered one of Florida’s top 20 places to retire, the country club vibe gives this private community a true sense of home.

With golf courses, a private clubhouse, pool, and modern amenities, this debt-free gated community is perfect for a retiree looking to relax. While the median house price in Timber Pines is $215,000, this grants you access to a location that is sought after by many.

Neighboring the acclaimed Weekiwachee preserve, it is within walking distance of local eateries and beautiful scenery alike. Located within 30 minutes of Pine Island, there is an abundance of sites to see, and things to do, along the coast for romantic day trips and fun family outings.

With the bustling city of Tampa just an hour away, you have your choice of things to do. There is no shortage of activities, and events, to fill your busy schedule. Yet, on those leisurely days where you want nothing more than to sit on the beach and gaze out over the ocean, living in Timber Pines, offers you that luxury just the same.


Tampa/ Flickr

4. St. Petersburg

If you are looking for great weather and lots of sunshine, then St. Petersburg should be your destination. While it has a great nightlife, St. Petersburg holds the record for the most consecutive days of sunshine at 768 days.

Home to several growing Fortune 500 companies, the employment opportunities are abundant. An average annual salary of around $110,000 brings in new faces all year. St. Petersburg has the second-highest average salary in the state. The city has long been on the radar for individuals of all age ranges.

With the shockingly affordable median house price of $154,000, St. Petersburg is a rare find. A sanctuary for conservationists, this city has programs for recycling, water conservation, and tree planting. There is an abundance of local organizations that you can volunteer for, to conserve not only the community but the globe itself. The green city is known not only for its clear waters but for its fuel-efficient technologies as well.

From coast to coast, St. Petersburg has white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. There are several local parks and affordable restaurants for the financially savvy sightseer as well.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg/ Flickr

5. Live Oak

Located in the beautiful area of northern Florida, Live Oak holds a high level of employment opportunities in agriculture, timber, and technology. Though the median household income might seem low at $40,000, the median home price of around $89,000 will more than pique your interest in this cozy town of under eight-thousand people. Due to the low house prices, Live Oak is considered one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.

Many families that live in Live Oak own their homes and are treated to a suburban feel. The public schools in Live Oak are also above average for the state of Florida. This low-crime area is great for raising a family, or a retiree ready for a quiet life with all the perks of living in a more populated city.

Live Oak offers a spirited downtown with several different restaurants and specialty shops. On the eastern side of this charming town, lies the 90-acre Heritage Park and Gardens. Heritage Park holds special events including Christmas at Heritage Park and the Civil War Reenactment, which is held annually in November.

Also held downtown in early December is Christmas on the Square, a perfect holiday festival for all ages. If music is more your wheelhouse, The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park is eight miles from downtown. It hosts multiple music festivals throughout the year, offering a selection for everyone’s tastes.

6. Cape Coral

Claiming the title of most canals in the world, this unexpecting community has bragging rights to nearly 400 miles of canals. Boaters and fishers have access to many saltwater and freshwater locations.

The city of Cape Coral is located in Lee County off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With a median home price of $180,000, this city has a ton to offer. Though it only has one beach of its own, Cape Coral is within 15 miles of a variety of beaches on the Gulf.

The city also offers over thirty recreational parks and seven golf courses. If you are looking for a more nature-friendly lifestyle, this beautiful city has a multitude of nature parks, state parks, and nature preserves to explore.

These gorgeous parks have plenty for the environmentally-minded people who enjoy hiking, camping, native plant gardens, and nature seminars that focus on the local wildlife.

The city also is known by bird enthusiasts for a variety of wildlife and the largest population of burrowing owls in the state. Visiting Sirenia Vista Park will give you an opportunity to watch manatees and ospreys in their natural habitat as well.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral/ Flickr

7. Gainesville

When you think of a traditional, upbeat, and interesting college community, Gainesville, Florida should come to mind.

The University of Florida is the epitome of a college community. Despite its youthful and outgoing crowd, Gainesville also offers many wonderful amenities for those seeking a more peaceful approach to their new Floridian lifestyles. Not only does it offer affordable housing, but you are also within walking distance to the acclaimed butterfly rainforest.

If you find yourself not wanting to enjoy the flutter of wings, the Florida museum of natural history is found on the campus as well. With a bustling nightlife akin to what you’d expect in a college community, there is never a shortage of adventures to be had in Gainesville.

Hopping nightclubs, acclaimed food, and a football team worthy of your Sunday afternoons are just a few of Gainesville’s attractions. The Harn Museum of Art proudly offers a plethora of Asian and African American art while postcard enthusiasts can find a vintage collection at the neighboring Matheson Museum.

With liberal leanings and a near suburb vibe, Gainesville can be called ‘home’ by all age ranges. If you’re looking to relocate to the sunshine state, this community offers homes starting at $190,000, making Gainesville one of the best cities with lowest cost of living in Florida.


Gainesville/ Flickr

8. Edgewater

If you are looking to retire and want a location that has a small-town vibe, then look no further, Edgewater can give you that hometown feeling. With a population of around twenty-thousand, Edgewater is known as one of the safest places on the East Coast and is located within an hour of Orlando and Daytona Beach.

From smalltown-style cafés to 5-star restaurants, there will be something for everyone’s tastes. This delightful community has homes that vary in price based on location and size. A smaller home can be found between $50,000 and $100,000 on average.

Every year manufacturers and businesses bring their companies to this community. You can rest assured that finding employment opportunities will never be a problem.

For the adventurer, there are plenty of parks and a beautiful river walk, perfect for biking, walking or jogging. The Merritt Island National Reserve offers hiking trails, or you can gain access through the waterways by kayak, canoe, or boat.

There are a few hundred different species of birds for the birdwatchers. It’s also possible to see turtles, alligators, and even some manatees playfully romping on the coast. No matter what you find yourself wanting to do, Edgewater will have you covered.


Edgewater/ Flickr

9. Brevard

Located in Central Florida in the county of Brevard, is the city of Palm Bay, also known as the bass fishing capital of the world. With a population of roughly one-hundred and twenty-thousand people, Palm Bay is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida.

Job opportunities in the area include work in the technology and communications sectors. Palm city is highly rated within the school system and offers a variety of activities for children and adults alike. The median home price of $153,000 is a steal in this booming locale.

Palm Bay offers a bit of a suburban feel, and the majority of residents own their homes. The city offers a low cost of living and property taxes. Home of the Turkey Creek Sanctuary, you will find a wide variety of attractions including a butterfly garden, fitness trail, and an abundance of areas to rest and picnic along the trails.

Boasting 130 acres of wildlife, Turkey Creek supplies the possibility of watching manatees, alligators, otters, or even a gar fish. The Park is open daily and has free admission. Turkey Creek allows access to service animals as well.


Brevard/ Flickr

10. High Springs

In Alachua County, High Springs is one of the best places to live in Florida. With its population of under six-thousand people, High Springs offers a quiet small-town atmosphere and is located within traveling distance to larger cities that have all the pleasantries one could ask for.

High Springs boasts a high median income and home prices under $152,000. This location is ideal for the family wanting the great Florida weather at a hometown cost. It is a diverse town with great public schools and a low crime rate, so safety will not be something you need to worry about.

High Springs is popular for its invigorating springs that bubble to the top and hold a temperature of 72 degrees year-round.

Outdoor lovers will have an abundance of natural environments to visit including Gilchrist Blue Springs Park, which presents its visitors with 250 acres to explore. Gilchrist Blue Springs Park is known for its crystal clear water which you can see perfectly from its quarter-mile boardwalk. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can go tubing or canoeing along the beautiful water. Just relax and take in a picnic or enjoy a serene hike along the trails.


11. Delray Beach

Delray Beach, also found in Palm Beach County, is a gorgeous coastal community with a population of about seventy-thousand people. The median home price in this area is $145,000. Delray Beach offers two miles of public beach access, making it ideal for anyone who wants to breathe in the great salty air.

This diverse location is known for its spirited neighborhoods, perfect for all lifestyles. ‘The Avenue,’ located in downtown Delray Beach, is known for its brick-paved sidewalks lined with palm and oak trees, making it a great place for a day of shopping or an evening stroll.

They have plenty of shopping and dining locations, along with fashion boutiques and art galleries. Delray Beach offers the one-of-a-kind Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

This Museum provides six authentic gardens which are inspired by different periods and styles of Japanese Gardening. If nature is one of your hobbies, the fifty acres that Wakodahatchee Wetlands possesses will give you an abundance of wildlife.

This includes almost two-hundred bird species as well as turtles, alligators, iguanas, and many others. The well-maintained boardwalk offers benches and rest areas, making it a great visit for senior citizens as well.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach/ Flickr

12. Kissimmee

Along the northwest shore of Lake Tohopekaliga, you will find the city of Kissimmee. Known for its close proximity to the area’s many amusement parks, including Walt Disney World.

With an abundance of walking trails, fishing locations, and play areas, Kissimmee Waterfront Park has something for everyone at an affordable price. If you are looking for plenty of things to do to keep the family busy, or just ready to retire and explore, Kissimmee should definitely go on your shortlist. With a population of around seventy five-thousand, Kissimmee is continuing to grow and offers a multitude of employment opportunities. The city offers a higher than average grade in its education system and is a great city to raise a family.

The city has twenty-two golf courses to keep the golfing enthusiast busy as well as many attractions for every age. Kissimmee is named after the Kissimmee River and means long water. Shingle Creek runs through the town and provides a relaxing trip by canoe, kayak, or paddleboard excursion through the city’s historic waterways.

With a median home price of about $275,000, Kissimmee is among the highest in appreciation rates; making them a promising investment for anyone looking for a long-term home.


Kissimmee/ Flickr

13. Pensacola

With the appeal of a close-knit community, you’d never guess that Pensacola’s population is sixty-thousand strong. Its vibrantly colored waters help Pensacola climb to the rank of top 5 cities to live in Florida. The average price of a home starts in the low $200,000 range.

Pensacola offers an affordable home plan for anyone looking to relocate to the Sunshine State. If you are looking for an ideal place to retire but are concerned about health issues, Pensacola is home to the West Florida Hospital, a location that has received a plethora of awards for its outstanding care.

The city is saturated with historical locations and museums. The Historic Crystal Icehouse was built in 1932 and was given the title of one of Pensacola’s “7 wonders” in 2007 by the community. The Arcadia homestead is a historic homestead that immerses visitors in what life was like for Floridians during The Great Depression.

You don’t have to look far for amazing shopping when you relocate to this idyllic town. From freshly caught cuisine to authentic culinary eats, Pensacola is home to dozens of locally owned eateries. A thriving sense of community and camaraderie make living in Pensacola a dream.


Pensacola/ Flickr

14. Vero Beach

With median home prices starting at $210,000, Vero Beach, situated across from the Indian River lagoon, has the second strongest real estate environment in the country.

Off the edge of Vero, you can find the McKee Botanical Gardens, lush with tropical trees, wildlife, and water-lily-filled enclaves. Known for its pristine beaches and amazing shopping, Vero Beach is home to several well-known celebrities.

Touted as a haven for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle, this location has been dubbed the working-mans Hamptons. bird and nature lovers, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge offers a unique insight into the dozens of varieties of birds that can be found in Florida.

Located on a 60-acre site, the Environmental Learning Center includes something for all age ranges. From interactive exhibits to a lazy lagoon, you could easily find yourself spending hours appreciating Vero’s unique ecosystem. Not only does Vero have an abundance of conservation efforts in practice, but they’re also known for the Seagrape Trail.

As a protected area of beach, each year sea turtles migrate to lay their eggs in this coastal community. Vero’s nightlife is nothing to knock either. The Riverside Theater is just one of many local art troops offering weekly shows. You’ll never run out of things to do if you choose to call Vero Beach home.

Vero Beach

Vero Beach/ Flickr

15. Pompano Beach

Found along the beautiful eastern coast, Pompano Beach is the perfect spot for the younger crowd. With a median home price of $165,000, housing is a steal, making Pompano Beach one of the least expensive places to live in Florida.

Over three miles of public beach offer a pristine way to spend weekends and holidays. The bustling nightlife attracts people from all walks of life. You won’t find a shortage of things to do in Pompano Beach. From surfing and fishing to live outdoor festivals, there is always something to keep you hopping.

If you’re adventurous and feel like trying something new, the Pineapple Jamboree that takes place in the spring of every year is the place for you!

Pairing together locally made brews and tropical bites, this unique festival brings the community together every year for an experience you will never forget. With a rich history and active political scene, Pompano Beach has made a name for itself as an up-and-coming hot spot for new homeowners looking for an affordable choice.

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach/ Flickr



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