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17 Best and Fun Things to do in Titusville Florida

17 Best and Fun Things to do in Titusville Florida

Looking for the best Things to do in Titusville Florida?

Located on the eastern coast of Central Florida, Titusville is a small town with many hidden gems to discover. Titusville is a prime Florida vacation destination as residents/visitors can access a variety of Florida’s major cities, while also having major roads such as I-95 in town.

The City of Orlando is just a 40-minute drive west and is well known for its Theme parks and other attractions. Daytona is just 40 minutes north of Titusville and is known for its Daytona 500 NASCAR Cup Series. With just under 50,000 residents in the area, Titusville is also a common snowbird destination during the winter months and a known retirement city.

Founded in 1867, Titusville was historically the birthplace of many commercial ships, and during World War II, many enemy ships were sunk off this coastline. During that time, one of Titusville’s major attractions, the Valiant Air Command, Inc. and Warbird Museum, served as a Navy fighter field base.

Now, Titusville is Commonly referred to as the Space Coast, and offers a variety of activities, including science/space and history education, various forms of entertainment, and a plethora of opportunities to appreciate wildlife and nature.

Looking to visit Titusville sometime soon, or make the move? The following are some of the sights and activities that you can take advantage of living on the Space Coast. Some of the best attractions in Titusville fl here:

17 Things to do in Titusville Florida

Science and History

1. Visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

NASA’s KSC Visitors Complex is an amazing destination to learn how science drives space innovation on the Space Coast. The Visitors Complex has various scientific and historic activities, such as walking through a Rocket Garden and learning about the journey to space exploration.

IMAX theater films give visitors an educational insight to the work that space center has done over recent years, and innovations to come. There are also simulations at the complex, such as the Shuttle Launch Experience, that is great for a jolt of excitement and a bit of a taste of what it’s like traveling to space. If visiting on the right day, there can be an opportunity to interact with a previous astronaut!

The Visitors Complex also offers bus tours to the spaceport; this tour allow allows guest to see launchpads and building sites on the premises. With the new ‘Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex’ opening soon, there is nothing short of entertainment at the Visitors Complex!

kennedy space center Things to do in Titusville Florida

2. Enjoy a Rocket Launch

With newer companies like SpaceX taking the world by storm, catching a Rocket Launch is not a rare sight. Rocket launches are typically an orbital space missions, where the goal of the mission could be testing devices or delivering payloads to currently orbiting stations. Launches have a launch window, and it is common during the rainy season (summertime, early fall) for launches to be delayed or scrubbed due to inclement weather.

If you are visiting for the purpose of a launch, be sure to add additional days in case a launch must be moved! During a launch, residents view the launch on the Indian River Lagoon.

However, if you are in Titusville, most launches can be seen by just stepping outside your home; this is a great option if you are looking to avoid the post-launch traffic!

Enjoy a Rocket Launch

Enjoy a Rocket Launch/ Flickr

3. Visit the American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

KSC Visitor Complex wasn’t enough space history for you? Even more history can be explored at the American Space Museum. Exhibits at this museum include viewing space parts, astronaut suits, and even interacting with working launch equipment and counsels used in the past.

If you want to learn more about the trailblazers and innovators for the space program we have today, the Space View Park Monuments is a great place to start. This monument features recognition to the dedicated workers and astronauts during the Gemini, Apollo, Mercury and Shuttle Space missions.

Have a family interested in STEM? The American Space Museum offers a variety of ‘MAD Science Workshops’, which are especially fun and educational for kids.

Additionally, if your family is interested in a summer camp for the kids, this Museum features an educational ‘Hero’s of S.T.E.A.M.’ summer camp on space exploration, firefighting and law enforcement.

American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

American Space Museum and Walk of Fame/ Wikipedia

4. Visit the American Police Hall of Fame

The American Police Hall of Fame was constructed to honor those law enforcement officers that may have been killed in the line of duty.

Founded in 1960, this Museum was one of the first of its kind dedicated to law enforcement officers, offering tours, seminars and education on law enforcement and gun safety. The Museum itself has over 1,000 exhibitions and artifacts, including decommissioned vehicles and firearms.

The Memorial facility features the names of officers killed in the line of duty from 1960 and onward. If you’re looking for more action, this Museum also has a shooting center.

Both civilians and law enforcement officers use this facility, so this is a great opportunity to learn about utilizing a firearm. With an expansion coming soon to this Museum, this outdoor upgrade entitled the ‘Eternal Flame’ will honor our hero’s and serve as more than just a memorial for our law enforcement officers.

American Police Hall of Fame

American Police Hall of Fame/ Flickr

5. Visit the Harry and Harriet V. Moore Memorial

Just a bit north of Titusville is Mims Florida, home to the Harry and Harriette V. Moore Memorial. The Moores were civil rights activists in Florida during the 1930-1940s. Harry organized the Brevard County Chapter of the NAACP, and later became the president of the Florida Conference of NAACP branches. Despite the couple’s success, and their push for equality for people of color, the Moores experienced racism and in 1951 a tragedy happened.

On Christmas night, a bomb exploded under the bedroom of the Moores’ home; Mr. Moore was killed by the blast, and Mrs. Moore died just a few days later from her injuries.

At the Harry and Harriet V. Moore Memorial, you can view a replica house of the Moores, and learn about how they influenced black activism in Florida. Additionally, this memorial serves as a community center, and there are a variety of special exhibits and workshops for families to participate in at the center.

Harry and Harriet V. Moore Memorial

Harry and Harriet V. Moore Memorial/ Facebook

6. Attend an Airshow at the Valiant Air Command, Inc. and Warbird Museum

The Valiant Air Command, Inc. was founded by aviation enthusiast, veterans, and pilots from the local area in 1977. The Valiant Air Command is also an educational organization that is focused on the sharing the history of the Warbirds, as well as preservation and commemoration of these vehicles.

This Museum features restoration of aircrafts, as well as a large collection of decommissioned military aircraft. On top of offering ‘Fly-In’ breakfast, where participants can fly-in or drive-in, pay for a chef prepared breakfast, and receive free admission to the museum.

Additionally, the Valiant Air Command is the location of the Space Coast International Air Show, a beautiful air show with many tricks and stunts by the pilots. Finally, if you are interested in the STEM side of flight, the Valiant Air Command offers a STEM program for middle and high school students interested in aviation. 

Valiant Air Command, Inc. and Warbird Museum

Valiant Air Command, Inc. and Warbird Museum/ Flickr


7. Catch a show at the Titusville Playhouse

With almost 60 seasons of plays and shows in the books, the Titusville Playhouse is a great location for appreciation of theater, arts, culture, and live entertainment. The Titusville Playhouse itself has a hefty history: in 1965, two theater groups in the local area combined, and for a while the groups were using various locations around Titusville to set up stage.

After raising $500,000, including a $150,000 donation from J.J. Parrish himself, the groups were able to purchase its current location, the Emma Parrish Theater in the heart of Titusville. After a recent rebirth in 2009, the Titusville Playhouse received a major facelift after a $1.3 Million investment in improving the theater. Interested in getting involved at the Titusville Playhouse?

The Titusville Playhouse offers ‘TPI Rising Starts’, an educational program for students interested in acting/musical theater. Students K-12, and up to 21 years of age, can learn how to create and act with confidence, improve their performance skills, and embrace the teamwork of working on a theater team; this is especially beneficially you are looking for a summer hobby!

Titusville Playhouse

Titusville Playhouse/ Flickr

8. Take a tour and visit the Exploration Tower

The Exploration Tower makes a prime location for launch viewing in Port Canaveral. This tower offers scenic views of Port Canaveral, the cruise ships, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Tours of the Cape are also available through the center, where you can view the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse that has been standing for over 150 years. This Lighthouse has been used by the United States Coast Guard to aid in navigation.

The tour is about 3.5 hours long, and guests learn all about the Air Force Station as well as Spaceflight history. If you are looking for a location to host an event, the Exploration Tower serves as a beautiful location for wedding receptions, corporate meetings, and private parties.

Exploration Tower Things to do in Titusville Florida

Exploration Tower/ Flickr

9. Visit the Brevard Zoo

Just 30 minutes south of the heart of Titusville is the Brevard Zoo. The Brevard Zoo offers a variety of adventures, including animal feeding, a kayak tour and train ride around the zoo grounds.

Go ziplining at the Treetop Trek, where they offer different levels of Arial Adventures from beginner to expert. The Brevard Zoo offers programs for Families, Kids, and even summer and winter camps.

The Zoo also hosts a variety of special events, such as the Youth Environmental Summit during the summer, a group workshop for middle and high school students interested in wildlife and conservation. On top of helping conservation of animals on land, the Brevard Zoo has created the Aquarium Project, with goals to restore the Indian River Lagoon, provide rehabilitation to these animals, and still provide an educational experience for all ages.

Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo/ Flickr

Outdoor Adventures

10. ‘Camp out’ at the Great Outdoors RV Resort

If you are looking for a beautiful getaway, the Great Outdoors is a great nature, RV and Golf Resort. As mentioned before, Titusville is a very popular location for retirees and snowbirds; many of the residents opt for the luxury RV life and community that comes with it.

As the Great Outdoors is America’s highest-rated RV resort, it’s no surprise that some residents go from a one-night stay, to spending a Lifetime at the resort. Four-legged friends are more than welcome at the Great Outdoors, as there is access to a fenced area for dogs to have fun with other pets from the resort.

Additionally, the Great Outdoors has a beautiful 18-hole golf course that is open to the public. Golf not enough for you? Checkout the fishing, nature center, trails and wildlife that makes this Resort a nature enthusiast’s dream.

RV Resort

RV Resort/ Flickr

11. Catch a view at the A. Max Brewer Bridge

The A. Max Brewer Bridge was constructed in 2010 and connects to North Titusville to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, crossing the Indian River Lagoon, and replacing a prior standing bridge due to its poor condition.

During launches from the Kennedy Space Center, the bridge is closed off as it is an ideal viewing location for pedestrians. At 0.6 miles length, the bridge also serves as a recreational location for many Titusville residents. With an over 500 ft. elevation, this is a great way to get in your daily steps and conditioning training for upcoming marathons.

If you are looking for the perfect location to catch a sunrise or sunset, the A. Max Brewer Bridge is the place to be. Additionally, the bridge has boat ramps, fishing and picnic areas, and parks within proximity that can entertain the whole family.

A. Max Brewer Bridge

A. Max Brewer Bridge/ Flickr

12. Go boating at the Titusville Marina

Just a few steps away from the A. Max Brewer Bridge, the Titusville Marina is known as one of Central Florida’s finest marinas.

The Marina features harbor boats of various shapes and sizes, as well as many amenities for resident boaters. Offering both fixed and floating docks, it’s convenient location makes a boating paradise. The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Port Canaveral, and the Kennedy Space Center are a few locations within boating distance of the marina.

Customer Service at the Titusville Marina can meet all your boating rental needs to plan your dream voyage, and they offer free tours of the location if you are just shopping around.

Titusville Marina

Titusville Marina/ Flickr

13. Playalinda Beach and Brewing Company

Inside the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda serves as the closest beach for residents and visitors close to the heart of Titusville.

Just a 20-minute drive from Downtown Titusville, Playalinda is a small quiet beach, but if you’re looking for a premier view for a rocket launch this is the place to be. On your way back from the beach, stop by the Playalinda Brewing Company Hardware Store for a specialty micro-brewed beer. Definitely one of Florida’s best East Coast Beaches.

If you are looking for a cozier pub vibe, head just a few miles south on US1 to the Playalinda Brewing Company Brix Project for specialty cocktails and food in a casual patio setting. Both the Brix Project and Hardware Store have beers on tap, which makes Titusville a great location for beer enthusiasts with an insatiable pallet. Some of the best beaches in Titusville.

Playalinda Beach and Brewing Company

Playalinda Beach and Brewing Company/ Flickr

14. Cocoa and Daytona Beach

Looking for a beach with a bit more activity? Titusville is fortunately located between two of Florida’s popular east coast beaches: Cocoa and Daytona Beach. Cocoa Beach is south of Titusville, is the perfect location for day trips for the family and has great waves to catch for the surfers. This beach is 72 miles long and features the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. This 800 ft long Pier has various restaurants, bars, gifts shops and live music. This Pier also offers beach rentals to truly complete you beach day.

If you’re looking for a beach vibe in between Playalinda and Cocoa Beach, just north of Titusville is Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach offers not only a 23-mile beach, but also hiking and bike trails, parks, and golf courses nearby. Daytona beach has a handful of restaurants that capture local flavors, most dining being at the waterfront.

Cocoa and Daytona Beach

Cocoa and Daytona Beach/ Flickr

15. Go Skydiving at the Skydive Space Center

Skydiving at the Titusville Skydive Space Center is a perfect activity for the thrill-seekers. 18,000 ft jumps at this center make it one of the world’s highest jump locations, but there is also 15,000 and 11,000 ft options for those who are inexperienced and would like a shorter jump, or diving on a budget.

While diving, enjoy the Space Coast’s beautiful views, including the Kennedy Space Center, Indian River Lagoon, and the Atlantic Ocean. Jump masters at the Skydive Space center have over 500,000 cataloged tandem jumps of experience; whether you are interested in a tandem jump or taking the jump on your own, you will receive the appropriate training and equipment to dive safely.

The Skydive Space Center uses a Super King Air Aircraft for divers: the twin turbine engine a design marks this aircraft as one of the safest diving crafts worldwide.


Titusville Skydive Space Center

Titusville Skydive Space Center/ Flickr

16. Go hiking in the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

If you are looking for more opportunities to hike and get some fresh air, then the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary will offer just that.

Located just off US1, and down the road from the Kennedy Space Center, this park makes for beautiful historic sites and geological oddities. Before your hike, check out the Nature Center that has various interactive exhibits and information about the Enchanted Forest. You will first check in at the Nature Center to start your hike by choosing a trail system, be mindful of the heat and the time of day!

Depending on your selected trail, you may see cabbage palms rising far above your head, immediate drops overgrown by vines, or beautiful massive oak trees. Through this hiking trail, you can appreciate the preservation for Central Florida wildlife and the diverse habitats that the area offers such as oak scrub, mesic and hydric hammock, wet prairie, and pine flatwood.

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary/ Flickr

17. Get some fresh air at the Chain of Lakes Park

There is no shortage of outdoor activities in Titusville, so if you are just looking for a family friendly park to enjoy the weather, there is the Chain of Lakes Park located in North Titusville. Many nature photographers take advantage of the scenic views and wildlife here, so be sure to come camera ready.

The Chain of Lakes features wetland habitats and lakes with 3-miles of paved walking paths. There is also a dock on a freshwater lake for fishing. The Chain of lakes also features an observation tower, multi-use grass fields, 2 soccer fields and both adult and youth softball fields.

If you are interested in hosting an event, there are pavilions available for rent as well. Sandpoint Park, Fox Lake Park, and Manatee Hammock Park are a few honorable mentions when it comes to Titusville Parks, and I would encourage you to check out many of our outdoor spaces! One of the best free things to do in Titusville FL.

Chain of Lakes Park

Chain of Lakes Park/ Flickr

With a plethora of activities to choose from, there are various things to learn and discover about Titusville. Its proximity to many other Florida attractions, including Disney, Universal and SeaWorld, can make the fun in the sun never-ending. Whether you are here for a short vacation or to move permanently, you will find many things to love about Titusville, and you will not regret your decision!


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