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15 Best Things to Do in Tampa at Night For Night-owls!

15 Best Things to Do in Tampa at Night For Night-owls!

Looking for the best things to do in Tampa at night?

Full of rich history and flanked by the beautiful warm water of the bay area, Tampa is truly one of the best cities to visit in Florida. A day at the beach isn’t the only way to enjoy Tampa.

The city has so much more to offer and that is why I want to share the top 15 things to enjoy in Tampa at night.

15 Best Things to Do in Tampa at Night!

1. Tampa Riverwalk

The Tampa Riverwalk is a beautiful 2.6-mile-long trail along the Hillsborough River extending along most of the downtown Tampa waterfront area. Along the way there are hotels, restaurants, and tons of important Tampa buildings to explore. Some of these include the Tampa Convention Center, Amalie Arena, and the Tampa Museum of Art.

During the evening time, you can stop to watch street performances as you take in the cool evening breeze. You can also take in the beautiful view of the city across the river as you sip on a drink purchased from one of the many restaurants and bars lining the Riverwalk. Not to mention, the many color-changing LED lights installed along the trail make for a cool vibe as you stroll along the river.

I highly recommend starting your exploration of the trail during golden hour. During this time, you will be able to take breathtaking photos as the sun’s final rays make the river glisten as if it were glass. Also, the many beautiful buildings along the Riverwalk make stunning backdrops for both professional and amateur photography.

Tampa Riverwalk

Tampa Riverwalk/ Flickr

2. Columbia Restaurant

Named one of America’s Most Historic Restaurants by USA Today, an evening visit to the original Columbia Restaurant can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like it to be. Established in 1905, this restaurant features enough beautiful old world feeling architecture to entertain your senses for hours. As you walk in through the front doors of the restaurant, you will feel as if you are being transported a hundred years into the past.

Columbia Restaurant features classic Spanish food with dishes such as Croquetas de Pollo, Steak Salteado, and Ropa Vieja. The prices are reasonable, however the presentation is matchless. From the crisp linen covered tables to the beautifully prepared food, the experience is unforgettable. After a full day of jet-skiing, sunbathing at the beach, or visiting the Florida Aquarium, Columbia Restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere is must.

According to the Columbia Restaurant website, casual attire is fine, but they don’t allow sleeveless shirts on men.

Columbia Restaurant

Columbia Restaurant/ Flickr

3. Cru Cellars

With 4.6 starts almost three hundred reviews on google, Cru Cellars is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Open until 12pm on Saturday, Cru Cellars is a great chill place to enjoy an evening.

There are 45 selections of drinks to choose from and an array of cheeses and meat platters to enjoy. At Cru Cellars you can also enjoy the outdoor Wine Garden for a secluded dining experience if that’s more your style.

Enjoy flat breads, small plates, and all kinds of curated flavors for a date night with that special someone or a night out with friends. The dimmed lights and elevated ambiance will be sure to impress.

Parking at this location can be tricky so make sure to factor that into your schedule.

Cru Cellars

Cru Cellars/ Facebook

4. The Ritz Ybor

The Ritz Ybor is an events venue built in 1917 where some of your favorite artists such as Lady Gaga have performed. Ybor is a historic area within Tampa, and the Ritz fits right in with its chandeliers, sprawling stages and theater vibe.

The Ritz Ybor has three great rooms and multiple full-service bars. The sound and lighting are state of the art, but the atmosphere is intimate enough to be able to get the best views of the show. The great thing about The Ritz Ybor is that they only have general admission, so make sure to get there early to snag a great spot to enjoy the show.

I suggest you wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for long periods of time. There isn’t a particular dress code, but they do suggest that you dress to impress as you enjoy a concert or a night out dancing!

The Ritz Ybor

The Ritz Ybor/ Flickr

5. Game Time Tampa

With classic Sports Bar foods, arcade games, and affordable pricing, Game Time Tampa is a great option for a family night out. With the wide arrange of classic games to enjoy and full restaurant inside, you will find more than enough entertainment for hours.

With the TIMED PLAY pass, you can choose the number of hours you would like to play rather than pay with purchased credits. With this pass however, you are unable to play multiple games at once, accrue E-tickets, and will be locked out during game play. With the ALL ACCESS pass, you are able to play all games simultaneously, win tickets, and win prices.

Whether for date night or if you are looking for a family friendly atmosphere, this a great place to have fun.

Game Time Tampa

Game Time Tampa/ Flickr

6. Centro Ybor

This 2-floor shopping outlet is sure to have something for everyone in your group to enjoy. From boutiques and restaurants to hotels and trolly rides, you’re sure to find something to do.

Located in the historic Ybor City, you can hope on the trolly from Downtown Tampa and enter the historic district of the city. Centro Ybor also features an AMC Classic 10 Cinemas where you can catch a fun movie with the family. You can also catch a great show at the Tampa Improv. At the turn of the 20th century Ybor city was famous for its cigars, so walk into one of the many cigar shops for a unique experience.

The area features an old world feel and has a truly stunning aesthetic making for some real enjoyable sight-seeing. Shop, take a stroll, enjoy the nighttime entertainment. Centro Ybor is a must for anyone visiting the Tampa area.

Centro Ybor

Centro Ybor/ Flickr

7. The Sail Tampa

The Sail Tampa is one must have experience if you are looking to spend a few hours by the water. This open-air bar is dog friendly and offers a decent amount of seating for your convenience. Open until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays, you are sure to have plenty of time to take in the stunning view of the city reflecting on the bay.

Large buildings surround the bar area making for breathtaking reflections of the city lights on the calm waters of the nearby docking area. Many boat tours and yachts take off from this area, so be sure to stop by and grab a drink as you wait to board your nighttime boat ride.

Enjoy a serene view of the bay as you eat a grouper sandwich and enjoy your favorite cocktail. There is not much parking available, so be sure to snatch a parking spot before the nighttime rush, or park within the city and take a short walk down the bay.

The Sail Tampa

The Sail Tampa/ Flickr

8. Tampa Sunset Cruise

A nighttime cruise in Tampa is another spectacular way to take in the city views as well as enjoy a nice meal taking in the ocean breeze. I think these a great way to enjoy those beautiful Florida waters, while also getting a more intimate and romantic night out. These cruises are a must if you are on your honeymoon, anniversary trip, or just trying to impress that special someone.

There is an array of companies such as StarLite Cruises with very reasonable prices, where you can enjoy a short cruise excursion experience. For around $25 a person you will be able to embark on a two- and half-hour journey on a beautiful yacht.

You will be able to watch the sun set on one of the many decks or enjoy some fine dining with a fantastic ocean view. There are great menu selections to choose from and you will have your own waiter for a full-service experience.

Many of these cruises feature a full bar and sometimes live music for your enjoyment as well!

Tampa Sunset Cruise

Tampa Sunset Cruise/ Flickr

9. La Teresita Cuban Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the area is the La Teresita Cuban Restaurant.  Tampa has some really great Cuban cuisine and this is definitely one of the top picks!

La Teresita Cuban Restaurant

La Teresita Cuban Restaurant/ Facebook

10. Straz Center for the Performing Arts

The Straz Center has features your favorite Broadway shows such as Wicked and Hamilton. Seating over 4,000 people, catching a show at the Straz Center is quite the experience if you are in town.

Some of the upcoming shows include Chicago, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Wicked. Prices for tickets depend on the show you want to watch and the time slot, but some free events are available to attend throughout the year. The Straz has quite the theater feeling atmosphere with its beautiful red drapes and large stages. If you are in town, check out some of the tickets selling on their website and plan to catch a show.

The great thing about the Straz Center, is that you have the ability to prepay for your parking spot so that you know you will have one once you arrive. Make sure to pay for parking spot close to where you will be watching your show.

Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Straz Center for the Performing Arts/ Flickr

11. Tampa Improv

Tampa Improv is a great comedy club to enjoy a show on a night out. Some of the upcoming shows coming up feature the LadyGang, Jamie Lissow, and TK Kirkland. Be sure to conveniently purchase a ticket on their website to ensure you have a seat for the show.

The dining experience at the Tampa Improv is casual featuring some of your favorite dishes such as flautas, chicken tenders, fried calamari, nachos, taquitos, and so much more. The club has great reviews and truly a great selection of drinks and foods to choose from. A great feature of the club is that you will be able to order food even throughout the show .

You have the option to purchase VIP tickets or regular seating, but odds are, you will have a great view not matter where you sit. Be sure to print your ticket for convenience when getting in to see your show. If you don’t have a printed ticket, they will have to print one out for you at the window.

Tampa Improv

Tampa Improv/ Flickr

12. CW’s Gin Joint

Enjoy a retro vibe at CW’s Gin joint as you drink gin-based cocktails, jazz music, and delicious small plates. CW’s Gin Joint is an award-winning restaurant sure to impress your taste buds.

Located in Downtown Tampa, CW’s Gin Joint is a hip restaurant with dim lighting and beautiful chandeliers. The scene really transports you back in time, but in the best way possible. Listen to live performances on the piano as you enjoy your dinner or enjoy cocktails at the bar. From the glassware to the furniture, it is truly quite the experience.

Some of the amazing must try menu items include the House Made Seafood Pasta, Eggplant Fries, Sherry Lemon Chicken, and much more. Drinks such as the Jack Rose, Barrel Aged Vieux Carre, and Goody Goody are sure to please.

CW's Gin Joint

CW’s Gin Joint/ Facebook

13. Top Golf

There are over 50+ Top Golf locations around the world, but I had to add this super fun activity to the list!

Top Golf is a cool concept where you can pay per person and rent a bay of the golf driving range. The concept resembles that of renting a bowling lane at a bowling alley.

Fitted with a table and lounge chairs, your rental is perfect for buying drinks and classic foods ranging from onion rings to fried calamari. Enjoy hitting electronically tracked golf balls into the range as you try to beat your team mates’ scores.

Top Golf makes a great group activity for people of all ages and even for a fun date night. The prices are quite reasonable and the atmosphere is electric with music playing on speakers all around, and multiple HD TVs playing all kinds of sports games. One of the best things to do in Tampa at night for sure.

14. Lowry Parcade and Tavern

If you are a fan of classic arcade games, Lowry Parcade is the place for you to visit. Featuring your favorite retro games such as air hockey, Tetris, Ninja Turtles, and Mortal Kombat, enjoy a drink and play for hours on end.

Enjoy the impressive murals as you sip on one of their craft beers. Their menu also features tacos, a smoke pulled pork sandwich, chekcen pita, and their dunkel burger. The atmosphere is very chill and with over 1300 reviews on google, this arcade has rightfully earned 4.6 stars.

 If you are needing a venue to host a celebration or even business event, don’t fret. Lowry Parcade offers the option to reserve their restaurant for events. Just hope on over to their website at and fill out a form to get a quote for your event.

Lowry Parcade is truly the best place to enjoy an evening and relive some of your childhood memories!

Lowry Parcade and Tavern

Lowry Parcade and Tavern/ Facebook

15. Hard Rock Tampa

The Hard Rock hotels are infamous with their locations all over the world.  If you are in town, you must stop by the Hard Rock in Tampa. This hotel features a casino, restaurants, bars, lounges, and so much more. Even if you are a local, or just spending a night out in Tampa, you can still enjoy the many activities the Hard Rock Tampa has to offer.

The Hard Rock Tampa offers many choices for dinner. Choose from fine dining, casual dining, and quick bite styles of dining. You can enjoy seafood, steaks, Italian, Sushi and so much more. After your dinner, enjoy some time in the casino as you try your luck at the myriad of slot machines and table games. Poker games are also ongoing, and the Hard Rock is making it easier that ever to play at their slot machines.

When it comes to a night out, Hard Rock Tampa truly has something anyone can enjoy.

Hard Rock Tampa

Hard Rock Tampa/ Flickr


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