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30 Best & Fun Things To Do in Tallahassee FL

30 Best & Fun Things To Do in Tallahassee FL

Looking for fun things to do in Tallahassee? Great we have you covered.

Just south of the sleepy Georgia border, Tallahassee, Florida is bursting with life and activity. Though most who visit Florida plan their stays around the coast to enjoy its beaches, this landlocked panhandle city should not be overlooked.

As the state’s capital and home to two prestigious universities, this city is never short on entertainment, arts, or good food. Here’s the 30 best activities and attractions to do in Tallahassee FL

30 Fun Things To Do in Tallahassee

Arts & Culture

1. Visit Mission San Luis

Part of Tallahassee’s rich cultural heritage, Mission San Luis is a historic site tucked away in the heart of the city. You can tour the living museum which features a council house, original fort excavation site, and historic catholic church. The Mission hosts workshops on gardening, blacksmithing, and indigenous crafting.

The Mission is a perfect educational jaunt for a sunny day, and also functions as a wedding and event venue. It is a surprisingly peaceful and secluded space, hidden in plain sight, just a few miles from downtown.

Mission San Luis things to do in Tallahassee

Mission San Luis/ Flickr

2. Attend a Florida State Football Game

Nothing quite captures the energy of a college town like Tallahassee more than catching a college football game. The Florida State Seminoles are a well-loved team in the NCAA.  Enjoy a lively tailgate around town or join the crowds as they “chop” the opposing team in Doak Campbell stadium.

Doak is a stunning arena to catch an FSU football game in and enjoy their acclaimed band, The Marching Chiefs. The brick stadium was built in 1950, has over 75,000 seats, and houses one of the largest stained glass windows in the US of former football coach, Bobby Bowden.

Florida State Football Game

Florida State Football Game/ Flickr

3. Visit the Museum of Florida History

Located in an unassuming building downtown, the Museum of Florida history hides a stunning collection of historical artifacts that takes viewers from the age of the Mastodon to modern collections from Florida’s more recent cultural heritage.

Their permanent exhibits cover Florida’s role in the Civil War and World War II, and their most recent temporary exhibits are an extensive exploration of the transatlantic slave trade. The museum is great for all ages and has a variety of interactive exhibits to keep visitors engaged for hours.

One of the best activities in Tallahassee when it rains.

Museum of Florida History

Museum of Florida History/ Flickr

4. Explore the Railroad Square Art District

The Railroad Square Art District features stunning creative community projects and is known for its welcoming artistic atmosphere.

This vibrant area hosts many local musicians and creators. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon exploring different shops and galleries before grabbing a delicious lunch at one of the many eateries near the House of Plywood.

The area has become so popular that it has recently expanded to form Railroad Village and  Railroad Crossings as well, so the joys of the Art District can be experienced in three different locations.

One of the most unique attractions in Tallahassee.

Railroad Square Art District - things to do in Tallahassee

Railroad Square Art District/ Flickr

5. Take a Campus Tour of FAMU and FSU

Tallahassee is shaped by two major centers of learning, Florida State University and the HBCU, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

These campuses capture a dignified southern charm with their brick buildings, bustling student bodies, and large oak trees wrapped in Spanish moss.

Enjoy the legacy and explore the architecture of both campuses via the tours offered by their Student Ambassadors. Schedule your tour at least two days in advance to ensure you get a spot.

Campus Tour of FAMU and FSU

Campus Tour of FAMU and FSU/ Flickr

6. Visit the Florida State Capitol Building

Tallahassee isn’t just a busy college town, it’s also the sunshine state’s capital, which means it’s home to the Florida State Capitol building and Supreme Court.

Both of these government structures can be viewed downtown, but most visitors prefer to tour the old capitol building, which is now the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. The 1902 building has a large glass dome best viewed driving west on the Apalachee Parkway at sunset.

There are tours available of the interior as well, which highlight the importance of early Florida politics.

Florida State Capitol Building

Florida State Capitol Building/ Flickr

7. View the Lewis Spring House

Fans of architecture will want to stop by the Lewis Spring House, by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  This odd home was built for the Lewis family in 1954 and is on the National Register of historic homes.

Though Lloyd Wright-designed over a thousand buildings in his life, only five hundred or so remain accessible in their original state and the Lewis Spring House was constructed only five short years before the artist’s death. Private and public tours are both available.


8. Hear a Symphony at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

The large performance venue, located just beyond the famous Westcott Fountain, hosts a large variety of symphonies, operas, and prestigious guest speakers.

The Ruby Diamond Concert Hall showcases the very talented student performers in the Florida State University College of Music, as well as popular touring orchestras to provide the most elegant extension of the Tallahssee art scene. Indulge in an evening of formal attire and opera at the Ruby Diamond.

9. See a Show at the FSU School of Theatre

Support the thriving theatre community and see a show offered by the FSU School of Theatre, which boasts one of the best theatre programs in the country.

Catch a large, colorful musical  at the Richard Fallon Theatre or an intimate contemporary piece at the BlackBox Lab Theatre. Tickets are reasonably priced for both the single shows and season passes. Every production is top quality, displaying their expertise in costumes, lighting, set design, and choreography.

Not to mention, it is a great opportunity to see the young performers before many of them begin their Broadway careers.

FSU School of Theatre

FSU School of Theatre/ Flickr

10. Go to the Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center was established in the wake of the 1986 Challenger launch tragedy. Since that time it has been working to further science and math education in young students, however, folks of all ages are encouraged to visit and enjoy the planetarium shows in their IMAX  and Digital Dome theaters.

The planetary display is a thrilling way to learn about the universe and the movement of space. The outreach center partners with local schools to bring hands-on science to future astronauts and engineers.

Challenger Learning Center

Challenger Learning Center/ Flickr

11. Attend a First Friday Event

Aptly named, First Friday is a community gathering held on the first Friday of every month in Railroad Square. These events have live music, local artisans, and more food than you can eat. It is a free event with unique entertainment for the whole family.

No two Fridays are the same, and there is always something new to explore. You can spend hours sampling local restaurants and breweries, enjoying new bands, shopping the expert craftsmanship of small Tallahassee businesses. Get there early for easy parking and maximum enjoyment.

One of the best free things to do in Tallahassee.

Railroad Square

Railroad Square/ Wikipedia

12. Stop by the Frenchtown Farmers Market

Every Saturday afternoon the Frenchtown Farmers Market gathers vendors and shoppers alike in a community revival effort to bring healthy local foods to a former food desert. You can purchase local honey, local soaps, and, of course, a wide variety of seasonal produce.

The kind and the cheerful market are small, but the perfect size for a peaceful afternoon stop to pick up groceries or a city-sourced floral arrangement. This market is a joy to visit and has had an incredibly positive impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

Frenchtown Farmers Market

Frenchtown Farmers Market/ Facebook

13. Watch The Marching 100 Perform

While most schools take pride in their sports teams or academics, Florida A&M possibly best known for The Marching 100. This world-class marching band, lovingly called, the “100” has been thrilling crowds for over a century.

No trip to Tallahassee is complete without enjoying a performance from these students who have performed at both the Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl, and have been entertaining crowds at FAMU games for decades. Their style captures a unique sound that truly can’t be replicated, though others often try.

The Marching 100 Perform

The Marching 100 Perform/ Flickr

14. Visit Pyramid Studios

Pyramid Studios is a performing arts center dedicated to serving disabled adults in the Tallahassee area. The classes they offer include art, dance, and music training. They produce plays, hold dance recitals, and show exhibits of art all created by the disabled artists.

The organization prides itself on showcasing the talent of every artist and is an important piece of the cultural heart of the city. All of their classes and programming are supported by ticket and art sales.

One of the best things to do in Tallahassee at night.

Pyramid Studios

Credit: Pyramid Studios

15. Attend One of Many Seasonal Festivals

Every season in Tallahassee offers a series of different exciting festivals. There is an event for every interest, from the Short Film Festival in February to the mouthwatering Greek Food Festival in October, there is always something to entertain.

The most spectacular may be the Balloon Festival in June at the North Florida fairgrounds, complete with music, vendors, and a magical Hot Air Balloon show. Other notable events include a dessert fest, a Jewish food festival, and the North Florida veg fest which has a vegan mac and cheese bake-off.


Greek Food Festival / Facebook

Food, Drinks, and Nightlife

16. Get a Sweet Treat at Lofty Pursuits Ice Cream Shop

For a touch of nostalgic flair visit Lofty Pursuits, a toy store turned ice cream shop. This shop, opened in 1993 by Gregory Cohen, is well-loved for its old-school diner feel.

Try one of their many flavors of ice cream from their twelve-page ice cream menu that changes daily. If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, you can also enjoy a float from their soda fountain or sample some traditional victorian candy. Lofty Pursuits is the perfect place for families, first dates, or anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of games.

Lofty Pursuits Ice Cream Shop

Lofty Pursuits Ice Cream Shop/ Facebook

17. Sample the Local Breweries

Tallahassee also has an unsurprising number of spectacular local breweries. Try a flight at Proof, an award-winning brewing company with a relaxing beer garden. Their Florida-themed flavors like Key Lime Pie and best-selling Mango Wit, are crowd favorites.

DEEP and Ology Brewing Co are two more must-hit locations on the Tally brewing scene. At the DEEP tasting room, you can try a draft of the brilliant Coffee Blonde Ale collaboration made in partnership with Lucky Goat coffee.

Ology Brewing Co

Ology Brewing Co/ Facebook

18. Try Tallahassee’s Best Casual Restaurants

It’s no secret that the best burgers in Tallahassee are found at Midtown Caboose, formerly Wells Brothers, but there’s much more to eat than burgers in the city. Locals will be quick to recommend Cuban cuisine staple, Gordo’s, a budget-friendly restaurant with a special Gordo’s sauce and a signature rum cocktail served in a bucket.

Other food spots include Momo’s, which famously serves pizza with “slices as big as your head” and pies the size of the table. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the beloved  Sweet Pea Cafe, a charming restaurant with a locally sourced fully vegan menu.


19. Relax at the Local Coffee Shops

There is a well established coffee scene in Tallahassee, necessitated by the caffeine demands of a large student population. The best spot is arguably Black Dog, an indie community staple at both Lake Ella and the Railroad Square Arts District.

The drinks, pastries, and environment are all top quality. Other popular shops include RedEye in midtown and Lucky Goat off of Pensacola street. Those planning a late night study session may want to check out the equally good All Saints Cafe which serves coffee and wifi 24/7.

RedEye in midtown

RedEye in midtown/ Flickr

20. Compete with Friends at Madison Social Trivia Night

Some of the most fun to be had in Tallahassee is guaranteed at Madison Social on Trivia Tuesdays. Small teams compete to test their knowledge of favorite TV shows, movies, and pop culture every week for small cash prizes.

The competition can be fierce, but the real fun comes from the lively atmosphere, spectacular food, and strong drinks. While trivia night is a Tally tradition, Madison Social’s mimosa pitchers are also a standard Sunday brunch hangover cure. This favorite game day spot has been frequently voted best Happy Hour as well.

Madison Social Trivia Night

Madison Social Trivia Night

21. Watch Karaoke at Birds

For a true taste of local fun, one has to try Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. Known for everything but its oysters (as a landlocked city should be), this eclectic dive bar is never a dull time. Every Thursday, the place is crowded with the worst voices and best personalities on this side of Georgia.

It’s the best karaoke experience in town, but if you can’t make it on a Thursday night, Birds also hosts a Saturday night comedy show that promises to make you spit out your beer laughing. Regardless of when you come, Birds is sure to be a good time.

22. Grab a Drink at the College Bars

The nightlife scene in Tallahassee is largely supported by just a few college bars. Many folks begin and end their nights at The Strip, a collection of bars just off Tennessee Street.

But if you get bored at Ken’s Tavern or the Public House, a short walk will take you across campus to another favorite crawl spot, Potbelly’s. Pot’s is your classic college bar with long lines, loud music, and cheap drinks. For a bit more thrill, you can also go to Recess, a rooftop club with great views and a swimming pool.

Ken’s Tavern

Nature Walks & City Parks

23. Visit Leon Sinks

Some of Florida’s overlooked natural wonders are the natural springs and sinkholes created by the massive amounts of limestone in the Florida peninsula. Leon Sinks is tucked away behind a three mile hike, but is highly recommended due to the amazing view.

The crystal clear blue water and beautifully forested surroundings have sadly been closed for renovation for quite a while but keep an eye out as they should reopen again soon. Though it’s recommended you keep any eye out for wildlife, this is the perfect place to enjoy a hot summer day.

Leon Sinks

Leon Sinks/ Flickr

24. Stroll Around Lake Ella

For a quiet stroll in the city, visit Lake Ella. A small, but beloved city park with an abundance of wildlife, picturesque benches and swings, and a beautiful gazebo.

Lake Ella is also boarded by a selection of small cottage shops full of treats to help you cool down on a warm summer day. In warmer months, Big Easy Snowballs, a Louisiana style snow cone shop, serves up snowballs in any number of flavors.

Barb’s Brittle, a candy store recently featured on Food Network, is open year round and serves it’s famous brittle and ice cream that was named the best in Florida. The real draw of Barb’s Brittle is, of course, Barb herself, who is sure to keep you for a nice, long chat if you stop in. For even more fun, make sure to stop by on Thursday night when the park fills up with food trucks from all over town!

Lake Ella

Lake Ella/ Flickr

25. See a Concert at Cascades Park

The pride and joy of the city’s parks program, Cascades Park is not only the perfect place to picnic or jog, it also doubles as a community gathering space and concert venue.

Catch a show at the Capitol City Amphitheater, or cool off in Imagination fountain.

Before you leave, visit the commemoration of the historic Black neighborhood, Smokey Hollow, and the Korean War Memorial. Plan your visit around the holidays and you might be treated to a fireworks show as well! There is always something new and exciting happening at Cascades.

Cascades Park

Cascades Park/ Flickr

26. Smell the Flowers at Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park

Of the many state parks in the Tallahassee area, the Alfred B Maclay Gardens are the most picturesque. Often overlooked, these stunning gardens transport its visitors to an impressive botanical paradise. It is one of the best things to do in Tallahassee for couples.

The overwhelming floral landscapes and long walking trails are modeled after the Scottish highlands, but there are also areas for designated native plant habitats, most notably, the azaleas which bloom January through April.

This former winery and plantation is a must-see in spring, but the beautiful trails are open all year long. Plan ahead to attend their special events like Moon of Maclay, where you can walk among the gardens all evening while listening to smooth jazz.

Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park

Alfred B Maclay Gardens State Park/ Flickr

27. Have a Picnic at Lichgate Park

This small park was established by a former Florida State University professor and features a small cottage and community gardens. One of the best places to do in Tallahassee for sure.

The true centerpiece of the park though, is the stunning live oak. The gigantic tree’s branches spread out over a large portion of the property and make it a lovely photo spot and outdoor adventure.

Pack a picnic lunch and spread a blanket out under the oak to relax in the sunny solitude, or join one of their weekly yoga classes or seasonal garden workshops.

Picnic at Lichgate Park

Picnic at Lichgate Park/ Flickr

28. Tour the Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological Site

This state park is the site of some incredible historic burial mounds from the indigenous Mississippian tribes. Two of the mounds are open for the public to explore.

There is also a collection of artifacts from a partially excavated mound, and a pavilion with educational material about the site. While there, enjoy the three-mile hiking trail with a small stream and secret waterfall. This is a great hike for the family and is pet-friendly.

Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological Site

Lake Jackson Mounds Archeological Site/ Wikipedia

29. Take a Jungle Cruise at Wakulla Springs

Wakulla Springs is a fantastic space to take in the beauty of Tallahassee’s wildlife. The Florida Springs are open for swimming, but be cautious as Wakulla is also a great area to view alligators and manatees in their natural habitat.

One particular alligator named Old Joe is memorialized there. After years of entertaining and frightening crowds, this eleven-foot gator is now stuffed and displayed near the Wakulla Springs gift shop.

Spend a peaceful Saturday watching the exotic aquatic animals from a river tour on a glass bottom boat, or stay for a few days at the Lodge, a historic home on site.

Wakulla Springs

Wakulla Springs/ Flickr

30 Spend the Day Outdoors at The Rez

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a day trip to The Rez, a 73-acre park maintained by FSU. Visitors can spend the day canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding around Lake Bradford.

The large lake is boarded with mangrove trees and the dark, reflective waterfront can also be enjoyed while sunning or birdwatching on the beach. Aside from the waterfront, there is also a high ropes climbing wall, volleyball court, and disc golf course.


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