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19 Best & Fun Things to do in Pompano Beach

19 Best & Fun Things to do in Pompano Beach

Looking for the best Things to do in Pompano Beach?

Located just north of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is not only known for its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent waves, it is also a cultural hub where you’ll find everything from cultural centers and nature reserves to amphitheaters and flea markets. Had enough culture for one day, pull out those clubs and play 18 rounds at the world-famous Greg Norman Signature Pines Course?

Feeling lucky, drop in to the Isle Casino Pompano Park and try your hand at some blackjack or five card stud? There is even the Pompano City Center where you’ll have over 200 shops hocking their wares.

There is even a place for you to spy butterflies or, if you’ve got a green thumb, Pompano Beach has you covered with the Fern Forest National Park where you’ll hike for miles amongst one of the largest concentrations of this intriguing insect. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of the 19 Best Things to do in Pompano Beach!

19 Best Things to do in Pompano Beach Fl

1. Greg Norman Signature Pines Course 

If you are looking to get in 18 holes of golf, look no further than the Greg Norman Signature Pines Course. These magnificent greens underwent a complete redesign and renovation back in 2013 and the results are nothing short of spectacular!

For the mobility impaired, take advantage of the “Solo Rider” adaptive golf car. Once you’ve completed your time on the links, don’t hesitate to wind down at the Galuppi’s Restaurant where you’ll enjoy a wide array of delicacies including Marinated Thai Skirt Steak, Beer Battered Fish & Chips, and Danish Baby Back Ribs.

The Greg Norman Signature Pines Course is located right off the water making this both a scenic and a cool experience. The Summer hours run from 7:00 am till dark and 6:30 am till dark in the winter with the exception of Wednesdays and Fridays when the course closes at 4:30 pm.

If you begin before 1:00 pm, you can get 18 holes in for just $35! If you want to pull a tee time after 4:00pm you can play a complete 18 holes for only $27 and that includes a complimentary golf cart!

Greg Norman Signature Pines Course 

Greg Norman Signature Pines Course / Facebook

2. The Isle Casino Pompano Park 

Feeling like a winner, then get on down to the Isle Casino Pompano Park! This facility offers the best in slots, poker and many other gaming activities. Secure your stay at their hotel with member rates exclusive to you and you only!

Take advantage of the Sportsbook app where you’ll have the ability to make your first wager of up to $1500 at absolutely zero risk to you. If you don’t win on this bet, you lose not a penny of your money; if you do win, you keep whatever you earn, now what is better than that? And of course, there is Cesar’s Rewards which means you will be rewarded for dining, shopping playing and staying.

You can even earn Tier Credits, reward credits, and online rewards credits! If you are a new member, you are automatically qualified to win up to $1,000. The Isle Casino Racing even has dedicated “casino hosts” whose only job is to make your experience both a satisfying and rewarding one.

Once you’re done taking the house money, enjoy a juicy sirloin and a steaming baked potato at Farraddays’ Steak House, or stop by Myron’s Delicatessen & Café for a New York style corned beef sandwich sided with a kosher dill pickle.

3. Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café 

The Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café isn’t your run of the mill shopping establishment, it is a 35,000 square feet conglomerate of 200 individual dealer booths and showcases where you’ll discover unlimited collectable categories from vintage vinyl records and jewelry to collectable toys and postcards, and of course antiques, antiques and more antiques!

Looking for gold bracelets, they’re here? Longing for a vintage watch, no problem? You’ll spend hours perusing the many booths and vendor who are looking to provide you with that antique or collectable you’ve been dreaming of!

And traversing 35,000 square feet of space is bound to build up an apatite so take a load off and re-energize at the Festival Food Court. What really separates this place from your average shopping mall is that the vendors here are as passionate and caring about antiques and collectables as you are and they will spend hours just chatting about the culture making this not only a place to buy, but also a place to learn.

Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café 

Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café/ Facebook

4. Curtain Call Playhouse 

Join the Curtain Call Playhouse for its 25th season! The mission of the Curtain Call Playhouse is one of culture, education and entertainment, all through the lens of live theater. The playhouse is a touring theater company in and around South Florida; it has been home to over 3,500 artists and 3,000 children with over 7000 people a year attending the performances.

The playhouse puts on productions for adult audiences and if you have a growing family, they’ve got something for you as well. In addition to performing for, and educating children, the Curtain Call Playhouse also maintains a strong outreach to marginalized communities.

The Curtain Call Playhouse is led by the veteran theater director and actor, Kris Coffelt. Kris has been the artistic director since 1996, and is a veteran of the Los Angeles acting community studying with the “Groundlings,” Gordon Hunt, the Melrose Workshop and the legendary actor and director, Ron Howard himself!

Curtain Call Playhouse 

Curtain Call Playhouse/ Flickr

5. Pompano Community Park 

The Pompano Community Park offers you an expansive list of options for your entire family. It it’s athletics you’re interested in, check out youth soccer, tackle football or even cheerleading. Looking to relax with your fishing pole, pull up a spot on the Fisher Family Pier?

Are you in between the ages of 7 and 16 years old and interested in saving lives, sign up for the “Junior Lifeguard Camp”? Or if you just want a way to occupy your summer, there are a variety of summer caps at your disposal.

Events include the Wellness Market with vendors providing a wide variety of wellness services and sources of information and don’t miss the fireworks extravaganza this July 4th, and of course, there is always bingo. Looking to get out on the dance floor, mix in some community line dancing? Miss the old days of the drive-in theater, you’ll get another chance with “Drive in Movie Night”? There are even “comedy” events.

Pompano Community Park

Pompano Community Park/ Flickr

6. Pompano Beach Amphitheater (The Amp) 

Enjoy yourself as you sit, drenched in cool shade, under the majestic, sweeping canopies as you take in acts such as Travis Tritt and the Whiskey Myers. Looking for a more-funky groove, relax to the tight beats of Collective Soul? Need to stretch your legs, take a stroll amongst the many exhibitions that line the amphitheater?

In addition to the world class musical acts and local showcases, the amphitheater offers other activities such as creative workshops, “Lunch with Art” and others. And keep in mind, if you’d rather lay out on the grass under the stars, there is room for up to 7000 additional patrons.

They accept everything from Visa and Mastercard all the way to American Express and of course they’ll take cash. Remember, this is an outdoor venue so make sure that you’ve bring a jacket, blankets, sunscreen and, of course, bug spray! There are a few restrictions such as no backpacks, video cameras or outside food or drinks.

Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach Amphitheater/ Flickr

7. Pompano Citi Centre (For all your shopping needs)

Whether you are on the hunt for something specific, or just out for the day to stroll around, the Pompano Citi Center is the place for you. Stop by for some beauty tips at the

Beauty Anatomy Institute of Cosmetology and Wellness. Need some supplies for your latest DIY project, pass through Lowe’s Home Improvement Center? Tired of wearing those pesky eyeglasses, get rid of em with a visit to the Florida Eye & Laser Center?

Hate the Department of Motor Vehicles, no worries; you can get your driver’s license at the Driver’s License Office? Feeling a toothache coming on, don’t hesitate, get over to Eric Mohr, DMD? Puppy or kitten not feeling up to snuff, the Banfield Pet Hospital has you covered?

And of course, as with every major shopping center, you can refuel with a stop at Chili’s or Chuck E. Cheese’s and if you want something a bit more exotic, then the Shishka Lebanese Grill or Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse will hit the spot?

Pompano Citi Centre

Pompano Citi Centre/ Facebook

8. Pompano Beach 

Open 365 days a year, Pompano Beach is a true gem amongst the Florida beaches. Located just north of Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach offers the beautiful sand that the Sunshine state is known for.

You’ll have plenty of space for all your football tossing, volleyball serving, baseball catching and frisbee throwing enjoyment! Whether it is for you and your significant other, or your entire family, you can set up a cabana for privacy, or an umbrella, some beach towels and reclining chairs, and soak up the rich sun and cool breeze.

If you want to take a dip, jump in the water and paddle around to your heart’s content? Want to ride the waves, you can practice those body surfing skills or break out the “Boogie Board”? If you’re really feeling adventurous, grab up the real surfboard and paddle out to the lineup just in time for the swell!

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach/ Flickr

9. Fern Forest Nature Park 

One of the first things that will strike you as you stroll around this magnificent park is the beautiful walkway that runs for over two miles, providing you the opportunity to spy the vast incredible greenery including over 30 species of ferns such as the endangered “whisk fern.”

If the ferns aren’t enough, take advantage of the wide varieties of plants as well? Hiking at the Fern Forest Nature Park means that you will make your way along varying trails; the Prairie Overlook Trail which has a spectacular 20-foot-tall observation platform, the Cypress Creek Boardwalk, the Wetlands Wander, the Sensory Garden Trail (a play to pause and relax), and the Maple Walk, a section of the trail that is often wet and muddy for those looking to rough it a bit.

As you make your stroll, you’ll encounter the likes of sea myrtle, pond apple and even wild tamarind! Sections of the walkway are also shaded in parts by the towering laurel oaks.

Fern Forest Nature Park Things to do in Pompano Beach

Fern Forest Nature Park/ Facebook

10. Festival Flea Market Mall 

With 250 shops, there is something for everyone. For lady’s fashions, check out Bargain House, Flirty Diva, Ritzy Reracks, and Vivian’s place. The men can look forward to great deals on styles from the likes of Crazy Tees, Boardwalk Gifts, and 2BE just to name a few. In addition to the many clothing options, there is everything from home furnishing stores to fragrance outlets.

Are your shoes wearing thing, then stop by Shoe Frenzy, Sassy Soles, or Minnetonka Moccasins? Taking a trip, then Joinus Handbags or Sunshine Handbag have got you covered? Getting hungry perusing the quarter mile stretch of stores and shops, refuel at Nova’s Kitchen, Far East Wok and follow that up with Mr. Fatty’s Ice Cream.

They even hold special events like animal adoptions, pirate parties with arts and crafts activities, and vintage and antique fairs. And don’t forget to grab up some gift certificates for your friends and family and vouchers good for cash off purchases!

Festival Flea Market Mall

Festival Flea Market Mall/ Flickr

11. Pompano Beach Fishing Village

The main attraction of the Pompano Beach Fishing Village is the Fisher Family Pier, made up of splinter free railings and awash with marine themed artwork. The pier is 896 feet in length with wide dimensions providing ample room for both those casually strolling along for the views, and those casting their lines for the catch of the day!

There is also a bait and tackle shop in case you run out of stuff to put on your hook, and you can also feel comfortable knowing that top flight security cameras cover the entirety of the pier. Once you’ve spent some time bumping around this center piece of Pompano Beach, you can take a load off and grab up some grub at the Beach House Pompano, BurgerFi, or Cannoli Kitchen.

Time for some sweet stuff, grab up a dessert at Kilwins and you’ll be good to go. If that wasn’t enough, there is also free Wi-Fi for your convenience

Pompano Beach Fishing Village

Pompano Beach Fishing Village/ Flickr

12. Club Wyndham Santa Barbara

Looking for a resort with private beach access and magnificent ocean views, look no further than the Club Wyndham Santa Barbara Resort? Made up of suits from 500 square feet studios to 1200 square feet two bedrooms with the capacity for up to six guests, this resort will make your stay in Pompano Beach a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In addition to the spacious dimensions, feel free to cook for the whole family courtesy of the fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining area. Feeling a little tension in your muscles from swimming in the Atlantic, fire up the whirlpool tub? Want to enjoy a glass of wine for the sunset, pull up a chair on your very own private balcony?

Looking to unwind with a little late night tv after a long day in the sun and sand, no problem, there are HD televisions throughout the suit, and of you need to wash out the sand from those bathing suits, take advantage of the laundry facilities?

Club Wyndham Santa Barbara

Club Wyndham Santa Barbara/ Facebook

13. Surf Side Resort 

Book a stay at the Surf Side Resort and you’ll enjoy a short, 100-foot stroll along the recently renovated walkway where you’ll arrive on the beautiful sand of Pompano Beach.

After you’ve enjoyed your time paddling around in the waters and soaking up some sun, you’ll be welcomed back to relax in our intimate courtyard centered around the glistening swimming pool ensconced in palm trees and tropical plants.

Want an opportunity to try out your newest “dry rub” recipe, feel free to do so at the barbeque facilities? The family-owned and operated Surf Side Resort comes with all the amenities you and your family require including a kitchenette along with a dining area, air conditioning, a coffee/tea maker, cable/satellite television, and of course a spacious bath/shower (Don’t hesitate to reach out to housekeeping for more towels). You’ll also enjoy high-speed internet access (WiFi) for all your wireless devices and don’t forget the free parking.

Surf Side Resort 

Surf Side Resort/ Facebook

14. Butterfly World

Looking for something completely different, then a visit to Butterfly World will do the trick. Established way back in 1986, Butterfly World is a sanctuary of picturesque creatures fluttering around without a care in the world.

Founded by Ronald Boender, a retired electrical engineer who was raising butterflies in his Florida home, Butterfly World provides visitors with an up-close encounter with these colorful insects. To begin, there are the many fountains and ponds of the Paradise Adventure Aviary.

Follow this up with a stop by the “Hanging Garden & Butterfly Emerging” area where you’ll spy actual hanging pupa and butterflies as they emerge into the world.

Don’t forget the Tropical Rain Forest Aviary where you’ll observe swaths of butterflies and free flying birds as they hover around the waterfall and tropical plants. And for those with a little more nerve, pop in to the Bug Zoo where you’ll be greeted by live water bugs, spiders, wasps, walking sticks and mantids!

Butterfly World

Butterfly World/ Facebook

15. Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Come to the Pompano Beach Cultural Center and enjoy the Murder Mystery Dinner theater and become a part of the act! For two hours, you’ll participate in the process of trying to figure out “who did it” all while enjoying a three-course meal! Drop in for a monthly screening of indie productions from local creators getting their start all the way to prominent names in the entertainment industry.

Take advantage of artists workshops where you’ll get in touch with your artistic side and explore that hidden talent! And of course, there are a variety of art exhibitions from both local and world renown talent covering all types of artistic media.

You also have an opportunity to not only support the arts by attending one of the many performances or workshops, but you can become a sponsor. It is people like you whose sponsorship will help the Pompano Beach Cultural Center continue its longstanding excellence in bringing a venue for people to be both entertained and educated.

Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Pompano Beach Cultural Center/ Facebook

16. Everglades Holiday Park

Tired of the generic vacation to the local amusement park, then you should check out the Everglades Holiday Park! You will start off with an hour-long airboat ride where you’ll glide over the expansive wetlands as you take in all the beauty the Everglades has to offer.

Are you a fan of the hit television show on Animal Planet, the “Gator Boys”? The show is actually filmed right at Everglades Holiday Park and you’ll be treated to an alligator presentation in the “Gator Pit” by the alligator rescue team along with actual cast members from the show!

Ever dreamed of petting an alligator, well now’s your chance? Not only will you pet this predator of the everglades, but you’ll hold him too! You can even hold your next birthday party, school field trip, or corporate event at the park and there is even transportation to and fro!

Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park/ Facebook

17. Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Not only is Pompano Beach famous for all the obvious things; the sand, the surf, the fishing, it has also become quite the center for the arts with the introduction of the new Creative Arts District located right in the middle of everything.

There are a dozen art studios and large galleries with exhibitions galore! There are also education spaces along with open social area where artists may mingle and discuss their work and the art world in general. The studio space includes a wide variety of genres including, but not limited to, painters, ceramicists, photographers and even interdisciplinary artists.

For those looking to learn about the art world or maybe have a desire to come in and get their hands dirty, there are always workshops and classes. You will also be treated to lectures and you’ll have the opportunity to see the artistic process up close and personal and pick their brain on their process and inspiration.

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

Bailey Contemporary Arts Center/ Facebook

18. Sample-McDougald House 

Upon construction, this 17-room Colonial Revival was the first structure to be raised on what was, at the time, barren farmland. The owner, prominent architect and pioneer, Albert Neal Sample, modeled the home after the architecture of the structures in his home state of South Carolina.

The house rested along the newly constructed Dixie highway which was the only road leading into Miami proper so motorists, on their long treks, would stop over.

The home was later purchased by Sarah Sellers and William D. McDougald Sr., but the land surrounding the house was being eaten up by commercial development and so years later, after the passing of the McDougald’s, their children were forced to relocate the home to its current location.

Today, the Sample-McDougald House is home to cultural events and educational opportunities for local youth. It is also available as a backdrop for corporate events and weddings.

Sample-McDougald House 

Sample-McDougald House/ Facebook

19. Inlet Lighthouse

If you’ve been to Pompano Beach before, there’s a good chance you’ve visited the beach proper, bumped around on the pier, and cast your line for some quality fishing.

And of course, you’ve gotten your world-class tanning sessions in, now it’s time for something different, something unique; it’s time for a step back in time with a visit to the Inlet Lighthouse. Oddly enough, this Pompano Beach icon is, like most people in the FLA, from somewhere else.

The Russell Wheel & Foundry Co. designed and constructed the lighthouse in Detroit Michigan way back in 1906, and then sent it on its 4,000-mile journey over the ocean to its final resting place, Pompano Beach.

The Inlet Lighthouse has played a prominent role in guiding ships since it first lit its torch in 1907, and it stands today as both a protector and a symbol of strength and perseverance.

Inlet Lighthouse

Inlet Lighthouse/ Flickr


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