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30 Things to do in Lake Worth FL This Weekend!

30 Things to do in Lake Worth FL This Weekend!

Looking for things to do in Lake Worth? Awesome you have come to the right place!

Situated in Florida’s beautiful Palm Beach County, it is a great place to visit, especially if you are someone who has been almost everywhere in Florida! With a small population of around 35,000 residents, this town in Florida has a small town vibe like Marco Island, which we love, but also has tonnes of fun activities to enjoy year round. If you are a festival fanatic, this is a good place to go.

Some of the many awesome attractions in Lake Worth include the beaches, haunted houses, fishing trips and amazing parks it has to offer. Here are 30 best things to do in and around Lake Worth, Florida that are ‘must dos’ in the area.

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30 Things to do in Lake Worth Florida

1. The Lake Worth Playhouse

The Lake Worth Playhouse is by far one of the most haunted places in South Florida. This old building was originally the Oakley theater. It was built in 1924 by Clarence and Lucien Oakley. They had always dreamed of owning a movie palace, but they lost the building when the great depression brought the end of their ownership of the beautiful theater.

These two brothers are said to have never left the theater, even after death. Lucien has been said to show himself in mirrors and to move objects as well. Guests have reported hearing footsteps coming from the catwalk that was empty at the time.

If these stories don’t scare you and you love the theater, then this is the place for you. There are many great performances there as well such as Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap that will be debuting in just a few weeks. This spot is great for any thrill seeker looking for an entertaining night out.

The Lake Worth Playhouse

Source: The Lake Worth Playhouse/ Facebook

2. Bryant Park

Byrant Park is located ten minutes from downtown lake worth at the bridge to lake worth and palm beach. This quaint park’s walkways run along the water. If you have a boat that you would like to take out for a ride, this park has water access.

Bryant Park is located by the intercoastal, which allows for inspiring views. There are many trees offering shade to visitors that would like to take a break from a long day in the sun.  This park would be a great stop on any trip through the Lake Worth area.


Source: Byrant Park/ Tripadvisor

3. Peacock Bass Fishing Tour

South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, but we also have great freshwater lakes, perfect for fishing. The trip takes place near the Lake Osbourne Chain of Lakes.

These waters are home to fish such as the largemouth bass, the peacock bass, and the clown knife fish. The plentiful wildlife populating this area makes for a beautiful and plentiful environment to enjoy a day of fishing!

Book your trip here.

peacock bass fishing tour

4. Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach is another beautiful location to explore. The beach has lifeguards on duty to help with peace of mind if you are traveling with kids. This beach is also well-maintained which is always nice.

There are many small restaurants to eat at along these sandy shores. Benny’s on the beach is a restaurant worth noting as the restaurant overlooks the expansive public beach.

If you enjoy socializing and listening to music with friends, then this spot is perfect for you. It has parking kiosks that take cash and credit cards. The best times to enjoy the beach are earlier in the week as the weekends bring heavy traffic to the area.

Lake Worth Beach

Source: Lake Worth Beach/ Linkedin

5. The Cultural Council

The Cultural Council is an organization that focuses on the arts and the preservation of the palm beach’s cultural sector. This organization supports creative professionals and provides funding such as grant programs and cultural funding. The organization’s cultural funding promotes tourism that allows tourists to enjoy local cultural activities.

There are many packages that are offered as ways to promote the community’s organizations as well. Some of the packages that are offered are the E-Blast, Spotify, Mosaic 2022, and the Clear Channel PBIA Packages. Their belief in the value of everyone’s cultural traditions has helped preserve the areas’ beauty. The cultural council promotes the publics’ events which allows for a more tight-knit community.

6. Lake Avenue

Lake Avenue is the most artistic street in Lake Worth. There are many enchanting murals on the buildings of this street. Artists and art lovers alike flock here once a year for a very popular art festival. The festival allows for local artists and travelers to draw with chalk on the street.

The street does not allow for cars to pass through during this time. The Annual Street Painting Festival occurs on February 26 and 27. The festival starts at 10 A.M. When this street is open, visitors can enjoy local shops such as Paws on the Ave, Studio 205, the Pelican Restaurant, Dave’s Last Resort, and the Rustico Italiano Ristorante. The art culture of Lake Worth is amazing to see.


7. Snook Islands Natural Area

Located at 100 N Golfview Road is the Snook Islands Natural Area. This Lake Worth Lagoon is home to oyster beds. These beds filter water through their system so they help clean up the lagoon. These oysters also like to put on a water show as visitors pass them.

The waters of this lagoon are filtered through these oyster systems and can be seen under certain conditions while kayaking. Migratory and native species inhabit these shallow waters and sand bars.

Palm Beach has a restoration area that helps showcase its amazing efforts to restore this lagoon. If you would like to see the Snook Islands, then you can enjoy kayak rentals or any of the tours that are offered as well.

Snook Islands Natural Area

Source: Snook Island Natural Area/ Facebook

8. John Prince Memorial Park

The lands of south Florida have given us a few beautiful parks including John Prince Memorial Park. This park is equipped with staging docks and boat ramps for your convenience. If you are looking for the entrance to this park, there are three as it is a large park.

There is a campground that is located at 4759 South Congress. There are lighted court facilities that are open until ten P.M. This hidden gem also has a learning center and a therapeutic recreation complex. If you would like to come and see these beautiful trails, then make sure to come between sunrise and sunset.

9. William O Lockhart Municipal Pier

Located on the beach, at 10 Ocean Boulevard, is a quaint pier that allows for fishing or just sightseeing during the day. This great spot is right next to Lake Worth Beach Park, which allows for further sightseeing all in one location. It is one dollar to enter this lengthy pier.

It is encouraged to bring your family as the sights are wonderful and only get better as you move out further over the waves. If you plan to eat while sightseeing in this area, there are a few notable restaurants such as the Atlantic Bar and grill and Charley’s crab.

William O Lockhart Municipal Pier

Source: William O Lockhart Municipal Pier/ Pinterest

10. Lake Osbourne

This amazing lake is nestled in between several pleasant neighborhoods. This large body of water is in the center of John Prince Park and has many enjoyable activities. It is said to be the “center of the community”.

Visitors can go boating, walk the beautiful trails, play volleyball, or eat at any of the numerous picnic tables available. There are also a few restaurants that are close by including Hungry Howie’s Pizza and La Michoacan. John Prince Memorial Park, Okeeheelee Park, and Downtown Lake Worth are all close to this peaceful lake.

11. Lake Worth Farmer’s Market

The Lake Worth Beach Farmers Market sits right by the ocean. This spot is known as one of the best farmers’ markets in the state. They have fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, meats, and other products for sale. They offer many varieties of local fresh fruits and vegetables.

This charming market is about to open for its’ 15th season this year. You can always rely on them being open because they declare to be open rain or shine. They feature over 80 vendors. There are a few hotels nearby such as the Fairfield Inn and Suites as well as the Four Seasons Resort of Palm Beach. It is a market to hit if you are looking for fresh produce.

Lake Worth Farmer’s Market

Source: Lake Worth Farmer’s Market/ Facebook

12. South Florida’s 21st Garlic Festival

For the 23rd year in a row, Garlic Fest will be coming back to the Lake Worth area. This is “The” event to attend in South Florida. They will be located, as they have been, at the Village Park Athletics Complex. If you are wondering what it is, it is a great celebration featuring music, art, and delicious food.

Some of the bands that are featured are Buddy Guy, Stephen Marley, The Wailers, and Collective Soul. This celebration started in a parking lot in Delray Beach as a tiny festival, but it has grown immensely over the years. Presently The Garlic Festival is nicknamed “The Best Stinking Party in South Florida.

13. Paddleboard Connection

Paddleboard connection allows for amazing fun on the water. This location is a great mobile stand-up, paddleboard outfitter. Do you love getting out on the water? Have you always wanted to go paddleboarding, but don’t know how? Paddleboard connection offers lessons for those in need.

They also offer rentals if you don’t own your own equipment. They will bring the paddleboards to you, and they have many great locations throughout the Palm Beaches. If there are any visitors looking for a ride in a solely natural location, the paddleboard connection offers eco-tours as well.

14. Kayak Lake Worth

Are you looking for a place to get on the water in a kayak? Kayak Lake Worth is a family-owned business. This location offers rentals for those that do not have their own. If you would like to tour the Snook Islands, Kayak Lake Worth offers ecological tours of the area.

These waters can be a great experience for those that are new to kayaking or for those that have kayaked for years. The Lake Worth Lagoon has a very laid-back atmosphere that allows for a calming trip across the lake. Book your rental as soon as you can as they only accept reservations, but they do try to accommodate rentals that are last minute.

Source: Kayak Lake Worth/ Trip Advisor

15. Countdown Escape Games

Are you great at solving problems? Count Down Escape Games has an array of the most loved escape games around. This popular location offers escape games that require the visitors to solve puzzles and to ultimately find their key to escape the locked room. They offer eleven games in total.

Each room has a team of two to six players. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then don’t forget to book your appointment. Visitors can book a slot by calling the office or by booking online on their website.

16. Adventure Mini Golf

If you have a family and you would like to take them somewhere family-friendly, then this spot is right up your alley. Adventure Mini Golf is located at 6585 South Military Trail. This location has two courses available. There are 18 holes at each course as well.

The land has been renovated and so the turf allows for ease when playing a game with friends or family. The courses are adorned with many beautiful statues and figurines that enhance the calming waterfalls that line the pathways. If you are coming to this amazing spot during the holidays, then you will be able to catch their holiday specials.

17. Room Raiders-Escape Games

Room Raiders is a very popular location that offers many escape rooms ready to be explored. Escape rooms are rooms that have a key hidden inside. Each room has a group of two to three players that will be working together to solve various puzzles and hunt for clues. The groups will have a total of one hour to solve the puzzles and find the key to escape.

There are also many themes to choose from when selecting a room. This location only accepts customers with previously booked appointments. These rooms have become a great way to spend time with friends and exercise your brain at the same time.

Room Raiders-Escape Games

Source: Room Raiders-Escape Games/ Trip Advisor

18. Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club

Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club is a formerly private club that offers 93 holes to golf alone or to enjoy with friends. The courses are challenging with watery obstacles and bunkers at every turn. Their courses are adorned with live oaks and laurels. This location has a sociable clubhouse that allows for a great resting spot.

The beautiful course is located at 7500 Saint Andrews Road. The average cost of golf is 80 dollars. They offer internet specials as well, such as a lower cost of seventy-two dollars if it is before twelve when paying for tickets on any given Wednesday.

Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club

Source: Palm Beach National Golf and Country Club/ Golf Pass

19. Bamboo Room

Are you looking to host an event? South Florida’s best event venue gives guests the chance to bring their dream parties to life. Whether you are hosting a wedding or a birthday party this location is a great one to consider. The bamboo room has a modern feel that adds a great layer of style to any festivity.

If prospective customers would like to make an appointment, then they can reach the company at their email, which is info@ This location’s number is (561) 585-2583 if sending an email is not the best avenue of communication. As a bonus, they offer to set up for free for up to one hour.

19. Park Ridge Golf Course

The Park Ridge Golf Course is located at 9191 Lantana Road in Lake Worth Florida. This spacious attraction was formerly the Lantana Landfill. This Cooperative Sanctuary was created in 2004. Audubon International certified this location as such. It has courses that have heights that climb as high as 85 feet.

These landscapes are not a common occurrence in Florida and therefore they offer great views as well. Each hole is accented with thick rough. There are many challenging holes as well. The varying ground levels create a few blind shots. There are not any water hazards anywhere in the park.

20. Atlantic National Golf Course

There are many great golfing locations in Florida including the Atlantic National Golf Club. This Golf Club is located at 6400 Grand Lacuna Boulevard. The architect that designed this beautiful golf course is none other than Joe Lee. There are 18 holes available. This amazing course runs 6428 yards in length. It was rated one of the top 50 courses in Florida by Golf Digest.

The course is made with TifEagle Bermuda greens and Celebration Bermuda Fairways. This location has pitching and chipping areas, and a driving range with access to rental carts. This course is a great way to experience the landscapes of Florida.

21. Atlantis Country Club

Are you looking for a great place to get outside and enjoy a game of golf? The Atlantis Country Club is located at 190 Atlantis Boulevard, and it is a great location to do just that. This location has many opportunities for fun such as a chance to participate in a championship golf competition that is offered to both members and the public.

If you have friends that would like to make a day of it for a special event, then there are options to make that happen and a great staff to help you along the way. If you would like to book a tee time, then you can reach the Atlantis Country Club at (561) 968-1300. Reservations can also be made online.

22. Southern Helicopters

There are many people that just want to get in the air. If this is something that you are interested in, then Southern Helicopters is a great place to come for an amazing experience in the air. They offer professional helicopter services and help train those that want to learn how to fly.

Visitors that would like to take an inspiring tour will find themselves in great hands at Southern Helicopters. There are always pilots that can take you for a ride and teach you about the area along the way. This location is open from nine A.M. until seven P.M.

23. John Prince Golf Learning Center

If any visitors to southern Florida are looking to learn how to golf then John Prince Golf Learning Center is a great place to go. This handicapped-accessible facility offers private and group lessons for any age. There are over 50 mat and grass-hitting stations available. The courses are on lighted a lighted driving range. There are multiple target greens as well.

There are over 16,000 feet of chipping and putting greens to practice on. The courses also have three regulation practice holes. This location is open from eight A.M. until nine P.M. Visitors can golf any day of the week.

24. Rustico Italiano Ristorante

The great cuisine in lake worth starts with their amazing selection of small Italian restaurants. One of the best Italian restaurants is the Rustico Italiano Ristorante. This adorable location offers many tasty family recipes. These dishes originate from Capri, Italy which is the hometown of the owner.

The owner of Rustico Italiano is Chef Nino Annunziata. Some of the delicious dishes that are offered at this location are risotto with wild quail, Veal Caprese, and Elk Tenderloin to name a few. This restaurant is in the center of downtown Lake Worth. It is a great place to start any trip to the area.

Rustico Italiano Ristorante

Source: Rustic Italiano Ristorante/ Bring Fido

25. Brogues Downunder Irish Pub

Another great restaurant nestled in downtown Lake Worth is Brogues Downunder. They offer a great selection of assorted dishes such as Beer Battered Dolphin Fingers and Sausage Rolls from Down Under. Brogues Downunder also has a wide selection of beers such as the Yuengling on draft for those looking to sit back and relax with a drink.

Customers have said that there are many traditional Irish meals to choose from and the prices are reasonable as well. Brogues Downunder is conveniently located in downtown Lake Worth. This restaurant is also close to the pier located in Lake Worth.

Source: Brogues Downunder Irish Pub/ Trip Advisor

26. Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts

Visitors to Lake Worth that enjoy the arts would find themselves at home in the Lake Worth Arts District. In the Historic FEC Train Depot lies the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts. This facility helps visitors experience the creative process of creating various beautiful works of art.

There are many artists that offer classes to emerging creators. Some of the shops and studios that are available are the glassblowing hot shop, the flameworking studio, The Welding Center, The Fusion Studio, The Fine Art Metal Foundry, and the ‘working’ sculpture garden. This location also has a quaint gift shop and gallery.

Source: Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts/ Trip Advisor

27. Dave’s Last Resort

One of the most popular food spots on the Ave is Dave’s Last Resort. This restaurant is located at 632 Lake Ave in downtown Lake Worth. There are many different styles of cuisine available such as American, Cajun, and Creole dishes. There are also vegetarian-friendly dishes available. Customers have said that this restaurant makes your burgers the way you ask for them.

This location has great seafood as well as an impressive assortment of drinks for those looking to relax. Some of the meals that they offer are the Oysters Rockefeller and the Captain Morgan New York Strip. The raw bar that they offer has clams, oysters, crawdads, and snow crab. Come and enjoy the great service and delicious food.

28. Jaistar Festival

There will be a beautiful festival that will be occurring from February 26th to the 27th in lake worth called the Jaistar Festival. It is called an intersection of Dance, Music, Breath, and Art. Some of the activities that will be featured are guided breathwork, sound healing, and ecstatic dance.

These amazing aspects of this event will be displayed in the visual art and performances that will be placed strategically along the way to create an uplifting soulful experience.

These experiences are meant to help connect the visitor with their higher self. This beautiful event will be occurring on Lucerne Ave. This experience seems perfect to awaken anyone’s soul.

29. The Midnight Sun Festival

In the heart of Bryant Park is a great festival that takes place in March every year. It has many great performances and shows that would light up any person’s heart. Some of the events that are held there are shows such as the Car and Bike Show, Taste of Finland, and a Wife Carrying Contest.

The cost of admission is seven dollars on Friday and ten dollars on Saturday and Sunday. The festival will be held from March 4th until March 6th. There is also a wristband that is available for purchase that allows for 3-day admission that is sold for twenty dollars. More information about this event can be found on their website.

The Midnight Sun Festival

Source: The Midnight Sun Festival/ Facebook

30. The Palm Beach Pride Parade

There is a parade that has a long-standing history in palm beach and that is the palm beach pride festival. This event celebrates the LGBTQ community and allows for the city to come together. The Palm Beach Pride Parade lasts for two days and is made to be great for the whole family.

It will be held this year on March 26th and the 27th from 12 to 6 P.M. The location of this beautiful festival will be 30 S Golfview Road in Bryant Park. If you would like to find out more about this event, then you can find it here.


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