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19 Best Sunflower Fields in Florida You Should Visit

19 Best Sunflower Fields in Florida You Should Visit

Looking for the best sunflower fields in Florida?

The sunflower may have you thinking of summer, with its big yellow blossoms reaching for the sunny sky, but their time to shine is actually spring and fall.  These gorgeous floral giants come in many different shapes, sizes and colors

For instance, Moulin Rouge Sunflowers are red as their name suggests, while Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers fade from gold to pink.  On one end of the spectrum you have Teddy Bear Sunflowers standing at a mere two feet and at the other you have American Giants that can grow up to fifteen feet tall.  No matter the size, one thing to be aware of are our friendly neighborhood pollinators.

Bees love sunflowers, and though they generally mind their own business, you definitely want to keep an eye out while you search for the perfect sunflower to take home.  A sting may dampen the day, and so would a sunburn for that matter.  Make sure to pack some sunscreen for your floral adventures.  

19 Best Sunflower Fields in Florida You Should Visit

Sweetfields Farm     

Sweetfields Farm stands out because it is an organic farm that follows the National Organic Production Standards.  This means they grow their crops without synthetic fertilizers and that the crops have not been genetically modified.  This may mean more work for the farmers, but it also means less chemicals for us and a healthier planet for all. 

Located in Brooksville, Florida Sweetfields Farm is a fairly new farm, as it was only established in 2008 by the Kessels. Beginning in May, Sweetfields constructs a sunflower maze open to the public and offers U-pick sunflowers for purchase.

Inside the maze you can enjoy the beautiful walls made up of vibrant green stalks that turn into yellow sunbursts at the top as you make your way through the twists and turns of the labyrinth created by the farmers.  Outside of sunflowers, the farm offers a corn maze in fall, as well as a sprawling pumpkin patch for Halloween fun.  They also are open for school field trips where the kids can get up close and personal with some farm animals.

Sweetfields Farm

Sweetfields Farm/ Flickr

Southern Hills Farms

Welcome to Southern Hills Farms.  Here there are so many U-pick opportunities, including sunflowers, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and zinnias.  Strawberries are available to pick in the winter, while the rest of the farm’s offerings are available in the spring.  The sunflowers and zinnias are available into fall as well.  

If you decide to make the trip to Clermont, make sure to have your card on hand, as the farm no longer accepts cash.  Unless you have been sunflower picking in the past, you may not know how thick and tough their stalks are.  Even using the hardy pair of scissors provided at the fields, it takes some hacking to sever the stem.  This said, the labor is one of love and well worth it when you get to take your sunflowers home to display. 

After you have harvested your fill of flowers there are two options, take to the food truck and get some fresh baked treats, or head to the kid zone for some family fun.  The kid’s zone has a carousel, rock climbing wall, blow up obstacle course, giant slides, and much more to keep the little ones busy while the parents relax in the shade after a long day in the Florida sun.

Southern Hills Farms

Southern Hills Farms/ Facebook

Graham Farms

If you are ever in Lake County, give Graham Farms a visit.  This farm has been around since 1918, so you can bet they know what they are doing.  Guests are able to pick peaches, blackberries, wildflowers, and of course sunflowers during their respective seasons. 

This farm is gorgeous, with plenty of photo opportunities.  You can snag a picture trapsing through the rows of sunflowers, or in the beautiful peach grove during late winter when the trees are covered in tiny pink blossoms. 

If you really fall in love with the farm, you can reserve it for your wedding.  Farm weddings are making a comeback, and what better backdrop drop than a field of sunflowers in bloom for your special day.  The wedding package comes with use of the chapel, bridal suite, and pavilion for an outdoor reception.

Graham Farms

Graham Farms/ Facebook

Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

Looking for some knee slapping farm fun with a twist?  Well, at Stanley Pond Adventure Farm that is exactly what you will get.  This twenty-three acre estate not only has U-pick sunflowers and zinnias but multiple ponds that are stocked with fish!  Bring your own bait and fishing pole and get to catching. 

Other attractions include a basketball court, tricycle races, a splash pad, and a giant jumping pillow.  The jumping pillow and splash pad are mainly for the kiddos, but the trikes come in adult sizes and anyone can shoot the game winning basket on the court. 

After all the excitement of a day on the farm, you may have worked up an appetite.  Well, fear not because they are slinging barbeque sandwiches for lunch out at Stanley Pond Adventure Farm.  After all is said and done, you will leave with priceless memories and some gorgeous sunflowers to brighten your home.

Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

Stanley Pond Adventure Farm/ Facebook

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon farm in Ocoee, Florida hosts a Sunflower Festival every year during May.  At the festival, multiple types of sunflowers can be enjoyed and picked to take home.  It should be noted that you should bring your own scissors or shears, as they will not be provided at the farm unless you are planning to purchase a pair.  The minimum flower purchase per person is $10. 

Part of the sunflower festival is Harvest Moon’s petting farm, where you can get up close and personal with goats, ponies, pigs, and even a llama.  Other farm offerings include a horse swing, a whimsical tree house that sports vibrant colors, tricycles made to look like lawn mowers, giant slides, an old school playground complete with tetherball, and much more. 

Though this is not technically an attraction, if you are feeling peckish, grab some of the farm’s homemade kettle corn.  It is hard to beat piping hot popcorn that is both salty and sweet.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon/ Facebook

The Pickin’ Patch

Out in Dunnellon, Florida you can find a farm called The Pickin’ Patch.  During the month of October, The Pickin’ Patch is open to the public Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for U-pick pumpkins, gourds, and of course sunflowers.  During this time, live bands playing Bluegrass are out at the farm to really give visitors that farmstead feel while they harvest their own pumpkins and sunflowers. 

A unique feature of this farm is its little gourd trellis that visitors can walk through with people’s prayers and wishes scribbled on bits of paper and hung on the young gourds.  This may sound odd, but it is actually quite beautiful and almost acts as the farm’s version of a wishing well.  The trellis is covered in gourd vines that grow up and over the trellis to make an outdoor hall where you can get some much needed shade.

The Pickin' Patch

The Pickin’ Patch/ Flickr

A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery

A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery has it all.  They are community conscious and make it their business to not only teach about sustainability but make it easy for visitors to do the same.  They sell aquaponic gardens for household growing and even offer free classes that are open to the public on varying topics.  The love and care they put into their farm really shows through. 

The farm also has a nursey and organic farmer’s market as well as beautiful sunflower fields for guests to enjoy.  The sunflower fields are always a favorite and provide a wonderful backdrop for Instagram worthy photos.  The nursery has a large tree selection and guests can shop knowing that all are non-GMO, which is a big plus for shoppers nowadays.

A Land of Delight Natural Farm and Nursery

A Land of Delight Natural Farm and Nursery/ Facebook

Sledd’s U-Pick Farm

Sledd’s U-Pick Farm is located in Mims, Florida.  This small, little-known town doesn’t have much in the way tourism, but visiting Sledd’s is worth the trip.  The sunflower maze is breath taking, with golden beauties at every turn and the buzz of bees all around.  The farm offers U-pick flowers, strawberries, blackberries, tomatoes, eggplants, and much more.  Why hit the grocery store when you can pick your own fruits and veggies and really connect with nature, at least for a day?  The staff are very personable and make their guests feel right at home from the minute they set foot on the farm. 

Sledd’s U-Pick Farm

Sledd’s U-Pick Farm/ Facebook

Sykes Family Farms

Sykes Family Farms has been around for over 50 years.  This means they have plenty of experience and know how to please their guests.  They offer a nine-acre corn maze that is not for the faint of heart, hayrides, duck racing, a petting zoo, and now they even allow cow milking.

Milking a cow for fun may sound odd, but it is actually quite popular.  In October the farm allows sunflower picking at just $1 a stem.  The sunflower picking is always a hit and is an easy way to take a piece of the farm back home with you.

Sykes Family Farms

Sykes Family Farms/ Facebook

Coon Hollo

Coon Hollo may sound like a made-up land from a book or movie, but I assure you, it’s real.  In fact, it is located in a place called Micanopy, Florida.  Every Spring Coon Hollow hosts a Sunflower Festival for all to enjoy May 7th through May 21st.  The price of admission is only $8 and that includes two sunflowers, a hayride, and a chance to enjoy all the farm animals.  Of this package, the most unique is the hayride.  Whilst on the wagon, you are able to feed the cows on the farm by hand, they just walk right up to the wagon! 

Nana’s Country Store and Bake Shop is located on site and is perfect for both souvenirs and satisfying any sweet tooth.  As fun as the Sunflower Festival is, it is tame compared to Coon Hollo’s Fall Festival.  In the fall admission is $12.50 and the fun and games are endless.  There is a crop maze, putt putt golf, pig races, a hay fort, pony rides, archery and so much more.

Coon Hollo

Coon Hollo/ Facebook

Hunsader Farms

Hunsader Farms offers more than your average sunflower field experience.  They of course have your standard yellow sunflowers, but they also have varieties that come in red, purple, chocolate, and orange, perfect to spruce up your home for any fall gathering.  Yellow sunflowers are just one dollar per flower, while the colorful blooms are three.  As the colorful sunflowers are harder to come by, they are worth the upcharge. 

After sunflower picking season has come to an end, be sure to visit the farm for their annual Country Christmas.  Admission is $12 and only cash will be accepted, so make a trip to an ATM on your way.  Included in the price of admission is a Santa photo opportunity, hayrides, train rides, light displays, an outdoor movie, snow tubing, and a petting zoo.  If that were not enough, there are pony rides, axe throwing, and s’mores available for purchase.  Basically, there is something for everyone at Hunsader Farms.

Hunsader Farms

Hunsader Farms/ Facebook

The Berry Farms

If you find yourself in Miami in March, The Berry Farms are a must see.  They carve a maze into their sunflower field and offer U-pick options with sunflowers priced at $1 per flower. 

Once you have harvested your fill flowers, head on over to the play area.  In the play area there is a bounce pad, an expansive playground, hay barrel stacks for climbing with tubes running throughout for crawling, a turf field with music and cornhole, and a giant obstacle course that is quite daunting.  The obstacle course is tempting with its zip line, rock wall and monkey bars, but for all those show off dads, be warned that the weight limit is 150lbs. 

The Berry Farms has its own farmer’s market open for guests to purchase farm fresh produce and homemade preserves.  There is also a juice bar, barbeque pit, and taco joint on site to satisfy any craving.

The Berry Farms

The Berry Farms/ Facebook

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is another gorgeous Florida farm where you can find bliss among the towering sunflowers so many of us love.  In the spring, guests can take advantage of the farm’s kid friendly activities like tug-a-war, the playground, and the Ball Zone.

In the fall, there is a jump pad, cow train, Corn Crib, and of course a pumpkin patch where a soon to be perfect jack-o-lantern pumpkin can be chosen.  Most of this is self-explanatory, but I may have lost some of you at Corn Crib.

The Corn Crib is basically a giant sand box, but instead of sand, as the name suggests, it is filled with corn.  Whether you are in it for the flowers or the fun and games, you’re sure to have a blast at Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace/ Facebook

Family Farms

Out at Family Farms you can not only enjoy the great outdoors, but all the vendors and local artists that the farm hosts.

Now adays we are on the brink of recession and it is even more important to support local businesses, which is exactly what Family Farms does.  Amongst the farm’s own offerings like their produce and gorgeous sunflowers picked fresh from the fields, vendors offer crafts, caricatures, face painting and more. 

Family Farms is big on family, not shockingly, and bettering their community.  They do this through their summer camps and afterschool programs.  While at the farm, the staff teaches the kids about agriculture and hard work and they have tons of activities to keep their participants active, like yoga and archery.

Atwood Family Farms

Sunflowers are available for picking almost all year round at the Atwood Family Farms.  Whether it is summer, spring, or fall, they have you covered for all of your sunflower needs.

They also have props throughout the farm for photo opportunities at every turn, as if the gorgeous fields alone were not picturesque enough! 

Outside of sunflowers, the farm offers U-pick blueberries and strawberries to their guests. As an extra special treat, at the beginning of April there is an easter egg hunt held at the farm.  This hunt is all day and there are different time slots for different age groups, so all can participate.

There is a hunt for two and under all the way up to eighteen and older.  Beyond the easter egg hunt, Atwood Family Farms offer a plethora of activities including gem mining, an easter bunny available for photos, and a Bubble Barn that is always a hit with the kids.

Atwood Family Farms

Atwood Family Farms/ Facebook

Red, White and Blues Farm

Red, White and Blues Farm is located in Williston, Florida.  They have U-pick strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and sunflowers.  Their sunflower fields span twenty-two acres, so basically these yellow beauties go as far as the eye can see.

Post sunflower harvesting, head over to the kid’s area for some family fun.  Here you can find yard games like cornhole and giant checkers, frisbee golf, a sand pit complete with drivable diggers, tetherball, and not just a tree house, but an entire tree village to explore.

Though these activities are listed as “kid activities” on the Red, White and Blues Farm website, there are plenty of adults who would love some old school tether ball or a friendly corn hole competition.  There is something for everyone at the Red, White and Blues Farm whether you are looking for family fun, a not so cliché date, or a day with friends.

Red, White and Blues Farm

Red, White and Blues Farm/ Facebook

You Farm

You Farm is an odd name, but fits this farm’s purpose and background perfectly.  Before there was a farm, the Horbonis couple started a hydroponic garden in their garage in 2015.  They wanted to become agriculturally savvy and help others do the same. 

To grow their garden, they purchased some land that has now become an eclectic farm of sorts.  You Farm has rescued animals, bees, U-pick sunflower fields, and most uniquely community gardens.  They work to educate the community on how to grow their own food organically and are pushing for teaching how to grow your own food in schools so the next generation can be agriculturally knowledgeable.   

The U-pick sunflowers at the You Farm are an amazing draw for visitors and are beautiful in their own right, but guests coming for sunflowers may leave with a knowledge and understanding of the earth that they were not expecting.

You Farm

You Farm/ Facebook

Conner’s A-Maizing-Acres

Another farm offering the sought-after golden floral giants we call sunflowers is Conner’s A-Maizing-Acres.  It is located in Hilliard, Florida and offers U-pick sunflowers May 13, 14, 20 & 21.  This is a very short season compared to some other farms, but Conner’s A-Maizing-Acres farm makes up for this in other ways. 

In the fall they have a haunted trail and corn maze for those guests looking for some spooky fun.  During the day there are regular corn maze walk throughs and wagon rides.

On select days there are special activities, like a trick or treat scavenger hunt or Redneck Olympics, which is sure to have everyone laughing.

The farm also offers a rotating array of food trucks so that guests have a variety of quality cuisine to choose from on any given day that the farm is open to the public.

Conner’s A-Maizing-Acres

Conner’s A-Maizing-Acres/ Facebook

Orchard Pond

Orchard Pond is a farm located in Tallahassee, Florida. Their U-pick sunflower season starts in June and is a sight to behold.  Row upon row of giant sunflowers are enough to put a smile on any face, but in the Florida heat, there is a certain point when you just need to take a break and enjoy some nice cool refreshments. 

Luckily, Orchard Pond has just what you need.  They offer specialty sodas, organic juices, tea, locally brewed beer, wine, and of course ice-cold water.

And, if the drinks aren’t cold enough, you can always get some of their ice cream or popsicles.  They offer a variety of other goods for purchase as well, like honey, granola, and farm grown veggies.  There are also U-pick vegetable options if you are looking for the full farm experience.

Orchard Pond

Orchard Pond/ Facebook

Looking for Sunflower Fields near You?

Save this map to your phone to help you find sunflower farms and fields nearby you.

You’ll find the most sunflower fields near Orlando but there are farms near Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa too.

Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed one!


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