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Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida – How to Get There?

Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida – How to Get There?

Looking for the pink sand clearwater beach in Florida?

Well sadly, despite the internet saying otherwise, the “pink sand clearwater beach” that people are always asking about isn’t in actually Florida.

While Florida has some seriously good beaches, a bright pink beach isn’t one of them. Florida traditionally has very clear white sand beaches like Siesta Key, which is credited as having some of the whitest sand in the world.

Maybe there’s a few specs of pink sand in Clearwater BUT it is not the pink sand beach that people are talking about. Here’s the dets on the hidden gem and how to reach the pink sand beach everyone is going nuts about from Florida.

The good news is, it’s not too far away so you can visit if you want – it’s a great vacation idea from Florida for sure.

Pink Sand Clearwater Beach Florida – it just doesn’t exist

So where is pink sand beach?

Okay so we have established the pink sand beach isn’t in Clearwater so where is the pink sand beach and how do you reach it?

The pink beach that people are referring to is located in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It is an absolutely stunning beach which is very instagrammable, especially if you own a drone. Just check out some of the epic drone shots people have taken below.

So while the beach isn’t actually in Clearwater or Florida for that matter,  it is still relatively easy to reach from there, and a great play to go for a vacation.

How to reach Harbour Island?

By Ferry

The first option you have to reach pink sand beach is by Ferry. This Ferry leaves 3 times a week from Fort Lauderdale (4 hours from Clearwater) to Freeport, Bahamas. Once you arrive in Freeport you will need to board another ferry to Harbour Island.

The ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport, Bahamas takes 3 hours (departs at 9am and arrives at midday) on the Balearia Caribbean and costs as little as $120 USD one way.

By Air

Traveling by flight is another possible way to reach Harbour Island via North Eleuthera airport. Flights take around 1 hour 20 minutes and cost $200 USD one way, so they are not always a cheaper way to travel than getting on a ferry.

From the airport, you will need to get a 10 minute tax to reach Harbour Island.

How to get to Pink Sand Beach from Harbour Island

The good news is that it is a small place so you won’t have too much trouble finding the awesome pink beach while you are there.

You can easily drive your car around the island and there is plenty of parking available at the various beaches.

We would recommend staying in one of the beautiful hotels near the beach for the most accessibility and ease of access.

Where to stay near Pink Sand Beach

There are plenty of options for good accommodation near the beach. Our top choice for accommodation in the area is Pink Sands Resort, especially if you are on a romantic getaway of honeymoon.

Pink Sands Resort

One of the nicest places to stay to experience the stunning white sand beach is the Pink Sands Resort. Included at the resort is a freshwater pool, 2 tennis courts, and 4.8 km of pink sand beach! If you want pink sand, this is the place to be. You can kinda tell that by the name of the resort as well.

There are also a range of different restaurants and bars available at Pink Sands Resort including The Blue Bar and Malcolm 51 Restaurant so you don’t even have to venture out into greater Bahamas if you don’t feel like it.

pink sands resort

Pink Sands Resort

So, why is the sand pink?

How the sand came to be a pretty pink color is quite interesting. Basically, it comes from fine pieces of sea shells that the marine animal called foraminifera used to live in. When the shell gets crushed, it comes out as a pink-ish hue.


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