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16 Best Orlando Hotels with Lazy River – Perfect for Kids!

16 Best Orlando Hotels with Lazy River – Perfect for Kids!

Looking for the best Orlando Hotels with Lazy River?

Back when I was a young child, it was a rarity to find a lazy river at a hotel. It always seemed like the only places that had lazy rivers in general was the local water-park. However, nowadays it seems like it has almost become a typical amenity for hotels.

There was a Hilton hotel near my house and my mom’s really close friend would always talk about potentially staying there for a night, just for a “staycation.” We were always excited about that, as there was just something magical about the idea of a lazy river going through a hotel.

Even though it isn’t that much of a rare gem anymore, this list of sixteen hotels in the Orlando area has somehow managed to keep that magic going with their own lazy rivers! The best lazy rivers in Orlando here:

16 Best Orlando Hotels with Lazy Rivers

1. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

It’s no secret that some of the best resorts in the Orlando area (or anywhere for that matter) are owned and run by Disney. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort is no exception to that with a New England-style yacht club theme. Besides the usual amenities, such as a gym, its own restaurant, and amazing customer service, it also has a lazy river!

This resort actually has a whole outdoor water recreation area, that is an actual water park. According to their official website, this area is about three acres long and is called the Stormalong Bay. It comes with a life-size “shipwreck” and three whirlpool spas.

Of course there are also waterslides meant for kids and adults both alike. They also have a splash pad for the young, young kids. Disney also has this newer gondola skyline transportation system, and you can be taken to Epcot or Hollywood Studios by that!

The Yacht Club Resort is an Epcot Deluxe Resort, which means as cool as the water-park part of the resort is, that probably does not even begin to compare to the other cool features that resort has to offer! One of the best orlando resorts with a lazy river and waterslides for sure.

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hotel with lazy river orlando

2. Fantasy World Resort

The next one on our list is the Fantasy World Resort which is a three star hotel and this is located in Kissimmee. More specifically, it is seven miles from Epcot, and eight miles from the Magic Kingdom. It is a Mediterranean-inspired resort and is a more casual and relaxed resort.

The two bedroom villas have full kitchens as well as a full washer, dryer unit, and have complimentary wifi. Other amenities include a business center, free parking, and a bar. The Fantasy World Resort has an outdoor pool area, but the outdoor pool is not as extensive as the one previously mentioned. Of course it also has an outdoor pool area that includes a lazy river, otherwise it would not be included in this list!

Unlike the other one, however, there is no hot tub or spa. On the plus side, they do have tennis courts if you or your family would like to play tennis while you are staying there! They are also pet friendly at this particular hotel as well, so feel free to bring your pets!

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Fantasy World Resort Hotels with Lazy River

3. Caribe Royale

The Caribe Royale is one of the fancier hotels on the list. It is labeled as a Caribbean-inspired convention hotel. They are located about two miles from Walt Disney World and SeaWorld is about six miles away. Since they are close to the Disney parks, they do offer a shuttle there, for a slight fee.

Other amenities besides a lazy river include bicycle rental, game room, and you can also play tennis here just like with the previous resort! There is also a convenience store in the resort, in case you have forgotten any essentials. Also if you need to shop for gifts for people back home, there is also a gift shop located right on property as well.

If you are in need of food, you have options available, such as the Venetian-themed restaurant, or room service.

While on the subject of food, they do offer a breakfast buffet for a slight upcharge as well. Due to the pandemic, they increased food safety by making a couple of changes. They offer disposable silverware and have individually wrapped meals.

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Caribe Royale

4. Orange Lake Resort

The Orange Lake Resort is located six miles from the Walt Disney World Resort and is thirteen miles away from SeaWorld. This resort has a convenience shop in it, as well as a gift shop. They also have a fitness center with an elliptical machine, treadmill, weight machines and weights that you can use for free. Unlike the other resorts mentioned, they do not allow pets of any kind.

Orange Lake Resort also offers free wifi in the rooms, which is rare when compared to other resorts. There are seven pools in total at the resort, not including the lazy river and waterslides. They also have eight restaurants to choose from.

Activities that they have available include four different golf courses which also includes a mini-golf course for the kids, playgrounds also for kids, a game room and you can also play tennis! Another important amenity in the state of Florida is of course air conditioning, which is included in each and every room. They also have a full kitchen in each room which includes a fridge, microwave and a coffee maker.

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Orange Lake Resort

5. Hilton Orlando

The Hilton Orlando is another one of the fancier places on our list. There are plenty of amenities, some of them being free and others costing a bit extra. For example, they have breakfast offered, but it does cost. They also charge for wifi in the rooms.

They do have a public internet workstation, and whether that is free or not, is not listed on their Google page. They have a fitness center available for use, and that includes the basics, such as treadmills, elliptical machines and weights to use.

They charge for parking but an interesting thing is that they have local shuttles for free. They have a lazy river, a waterslide, and an outdoor pool for use. The Hilton Orlando also has a pool that is for adults only, so adults who want to get away from kids, can go there!

A contemporary room or suite includes beds, flat-screen TVs, minifridges and coffee makers. You can also upgrade and have access to a private lounge that includes breakfasts. The resort itself is located about eleven miles from Disney’s water park called Typhoon Lagoon and is seven miles away from Universal Studios.

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Hilton Orlando

6. Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek

The Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek is located about five miles from Epcot and four miles from Hollywood Studios. A standard room has free wifi, flat-screen TVs, a mini fridge, a coffee maker, and 24 hour room service.

A family room would have all of this plus a bunk bed. If you really want to, you can upgrade rooms and have a balcony. The balcony would view the lake or the golf course, the suites also have separate living rooms! When you pay to stay at the resort, it includes whichever room you have, you can use the golf course, a spa, and an outdoor pool.

The gym is also available to guests for use, and that fitness center also includes a spa and sauna. They also offer a park shuttle to the Walt Disney World Resort parks. All of the rooms include air conditioning, which is again, one of the more important things for Florida. The resort has an energy conservation program and they also have energy-efficient lighting as they are committed to environmental sustainability.

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek

7. Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

We have talked about a couple of Disney resorts, but we cannot forget that Universal also has a few amazing resorts to choose from as well! It is located right inside the Universal Orlando Resort and is across the street from Universal’s Volcano Bay, and exactly one mile from Universal Studios itself.

The rooms are inspired by the 1950s and are retro-themed and the casual rooms have a mini-bar, free wifi and flat-screen TVs. If you are staying in a suite, you have access to a kitchenette, as well as living rooms with pull-out sofas. Some of the family suites have pool views. If you stay at this resort, you get early admission to the Universal theme parks, and complimentary shuttle.

Not only do they have a lazy river, which is already super cool, they also have a bowling alley and arcade! For the adults, they have a cocktail bar and grill. That is located in their food court which also has a diner, available for everyone to eat at.

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Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

8. Signia by Hilton Orlando

This next one is a four star hotel that is also set in the Bonnet Creek Nature Preserve, similarly to the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort that was previously mentioned on this list. This resort has over a thousand different rooms available.

Some of the contemporary rooms actually have panoramic views of Walt Disney World. The rooms all have flat-screen TVs, wifi, and mini-fridges available for use. If you upgrade to a suite, you will get all of that plus separate living room areas that also have a pull-out sofa. Other amenities include twelve restaurants and lounges, as well as a three acre pool (that includes the lazy river.)

The resort has amenities meant for families and their vacations, but it also has amenities designed for businesses and their meetings. They have a room designed for business meetings that are over 122,000 square feet of meeting space.

There is a daily resort fee that is applied for use of this meeting space. The hotel is also connected to a spa and they also have a fitness center for use and a golf course!

Signia by Hilton Orlando

9. Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

The Four Seasons Resort is known as a “luxury golf hotel” and it is within Walt Disney World Resort. It is located three miles from Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs. Disney Springs is the perfect place to go for food and shopping.

There are restaurants and bars at the resort itself, cuisine ranging from a steakhouse to an upscale Italian eatery. The steakhouse is located on the rooftop of the resort, which is super awesome and has amazing views. A standard room has wifi, flat-screen TVs, balconies and even bath-tubs. Some of the rooms have views of the park itself as well.

For activities, they have a golf course, a spa that is about thirteen thousand square feet, and also a fitness center. One of the main amenities is the water park that includes a lazy river and waterslides, they also have a hot tub. There is also a fitness center that has a sauna and all of the other gym essentials. Another awesome amenity they offer at the resort is a hair salon.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

10. Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve

This resort is about five hundred acres long and is located ten miles from Universal Orlando. Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve has plenty of places to choose from to eat. They have a bar and restaurant that are described as “relaxed.”

They also have a Pizza Hut, Starbucks and a grocery store to choose from. Other amenities include the sauna, fitness center, cabanas, golf course and a whirlpool tub, as well as the lazy river. At the fitness center, they have elliptical machines, treadmills, and weights that are free to use. After getting your fitness on, you can unwind with a massage, or go hang out in the sauna. Other activities include horseback riding, tennis and even a casino made for adults!

They actually also have a lot of water activities that include snorkeling, scuba, and water skiing. It is a kid-friendly environment with things for the kids to do as well. Each room has air conditioning, and a kitchen that includes the essentials such as a microwave and a coffee maker.

Marriott’s Lakeshore Reserve

11. JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes

Our next resort, the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes is located about nine miles from Disney Springs and about nine miles away from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They offer fitness classes for free, which is a nice amenity that the other resorts mentioned on this list so far have not offered. This resort also has an Italian restaurant, a place to order sushi, and three different cafes.

They also offer room service for those who need food but do not necessarily want to leave their rooms. JW Marriott also has bicycle rental available for those who would like to rent bicycles to use. They do serve breakfast in the mornings, but there is an extra charge for that.

There is an extra charge for wifi in the rooms, but they also offer wifi in the public areas. There is a boutique on the property, so if you want to go shopping, that is the best place to do it, in addition to the property’s gift shop. They have a game room, an outdoor pool, a lazy river, and a hot tub. They also have babysitters for the kids at the resort too.

W Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes

 12. Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

This next resort, the Omni Orlando Resort, is located in ChampionsGate and is eight miles from the Walt Disney World Resort.

The rooms all have wifi and flat-screen TVs while some have balconies that could potentially have views of the golf course. If you upgrade to a suite, you also upgrade to a living room area that has pull-out sofas available for use.

Another perk of the upgraded suite is that the room would have a bar and a dining area. When staying at the resort, you get access to a shuttle that transports you to Walt Disney World for free at no extra charge to you. For food, they have a bar and grill available to dine at as well as a place that specializes in Italian food. There is also bicycle rental for the guests staying there.

For the kids, and whoever else, they have a game room for use. Like one of the other resorts mentioned, there is an adult pool that can be used by adults only. There is also a wave pool, a hot tub, and a lazy river there.

Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

 13. Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort, an IHG Hotel

The Holiday Inn Club is about thirteen miles away from SeaWorld and six miles from the Walt Disney World Resort. It also offers several different kinds of rooms. The furnished studios include kitchenettes, flat-screen TVs, and free wifi. If you upgrade to a villa, you can get one to three bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a really upgraded villa gets you a whirlpool tub.

Parking on the premises is complimentary, and they do offer the shuttle to the parks which is also free. They have a fitness center with an elliptical machine, treadmills and weights to be used for free as well. According to their website, they have seven pools available which does not include the waterslides and a lazy river.

A cool fact about this hotel is that they actually have the longest lazy river on this property. The lazy river itself is about 1200 feet long. They also have other amenities that include eight restaurants and four golf courses, which also includes a mini-golf course for the kids.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort, an IHG Hotel

14. Flamingo Waterpark Resort

The Flamingo Waterpark Resort is listed as a “casual” hotel with a water park. This hotel is probably the furthest from Disney and Universal at this point, as it is fourteen miles and eighteen miles away respectively. The rooms are bright, with cable TV, mini fridges, coffee makers, and of course air conditioning. The necessity for Florida resorts.

The fee for the wifi is covered in the resort fee itself. If you upgrade your room to a suite, you can get whirlpool tubs, bunk beds and even living rooms with pull-out sofas. Guests can use the water park for a fee, and that of course, includes a lazy river.

There are also waterslides, a heated outdoor pool, and a “wading” pool. Besides the recreational water area, there is no fitness center available for use by guests. However, there is a business space available for them to use for their meetings. Like previously mentioned resorts, there is a laundry room for use, and a gift shop for guests to shop at. They have 24-hour service at the front desk, for whatever need you end up having.

Flamingo Waterpark Resort

15. Hyatt Regency Orlando

The Hyatt Regency Orlando is a four star hotel with a rating of about 4.6 on Google. This is listed as a high-end conference hotel and as such is connected by three different walkways to the Orange County Convention Center. It is about four miles away from Universal Orlando Resort.

The standard room has the typical amenities, such as coffee makers, mini-fridges, free wifi and flat-screen TVs. There is also a steakhouse available for dine-in at this resort, and two bars. They also have two outdoor pools at this resort, a hot tub, a spa and of course the standard fitness center. The fitness center is available for use all day, everyday.

There is also a tennis court for those who like to play tennis or never had the chance and want to learn. The rooms have free wifi and on top of that, they have a public internet workstation for those to use. For those who like to snack late at night, they actually offer room service twenty-four hours a day, everyday. Of course, that involves an additional fee.

Hyatt Regency Orlando

16. Villas at Regal Palms Resort and Spa 

This last resort we have on our list is none other than the Villas at Regal Palms Resort and Spa! When you stay here, you are located about nine miles away from the Walt Disney World Resort and about twenty-two miles away from Universal Orlando Resort.

An “informal” villa typically has three to five bedrooms available, they also have kitchens, cable TV, and washer/dryer units. Some of them have flat-screen TVs that also have DVD players. If you are staying in an upgraded villa, you might have iPod docking stations and game consoles. Water amenities include the lazy river, two outdoor pools, and a water slide. Other outside amenities include a clubhouse, a restaurant that is simply themed all about pirates, and an arcade.

There are also convenience stores for you to shop for your essentials that you might have forgotten about at home. Parking is free at this resort. There is a usual fitness center with all of the essentials you would need to use for your usual fitness needs. There is also a business center for those who are going away on business meetings.

Villas at Regal Palms Resort and Spa 



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