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11 Best Nude Beaches in Florida to be Free and Easy!

11 Best Nude Beaches in Florida to be Free and Easy!

Looking for the best nude beaches in Florida? We have you covered! Florida is known for its sunshine and beaches and that includes clothing-optional beaches – aka yes, that’s right your birthday suit – so freeing!

While some nude beaches are well known among the naturists community, there are also some that come with a little thrill and discretion. We have included in our list traditional nudist beaches and also ones where you can go nude if you are discreet about it. Keep in mind, some of the beaches in the list are family friendly so you may not be able to waltz around with your tackle out but some nude sunbathing is probably acceptable – we have the details below for each beach and what to expect.

However, keep in mind that as with most beaches, lewd behavior and alcohol consumption is not allowed on the beaches. A full list of nude beaches near you here:

11 Best Nude Beaches in Florida you Must be Free at!

Haulover Beach 

Address: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

Haulover beach is the most well-known clothing optional beach in the U.S. Every year it draws approximately 1.3 million visitors. Located north of Miami Beach, this section of the coast was officially recognized as a clothing optional beach in July of 1991, making it the oldest nude beach in Florida.

The beach has all the things that you would expect a tropical beach to have. Pristine white sands, sparkling clears waters and of course, the famous ocean breezes that blow across Florida year round.

Haulover offers just about all the amenities that you could want. There are lifeguards on duty and there are chair and umbrella rentals available. There is a path that runs along the beach where you will find concessions with bathrooms and showers. Just look for the Art Deco structures. If you are looking for somewhere to have a barbecue and take a break from the sun, there are picnic tables and grills that are shaded by an ample amount of trees. If you like to be more active, bicyclists and roller-skaters frequent the path alongside the beach.

There is even a section of the beach just for dogs to run off leash! Just head to a section of the beach near lifeguard tower #3 where your furry pups can run free. And across from that is the south side of Haulover Park where there is a bark park that offers plenty of trees, picnic tables, water fountains, pooper scooper stations, and doggie showers. The bark park is enclosed with separate areas for smaller and larger dogs.

As it is with other Florida beaches, it is best to visit the beach during the weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds. So if you are looking for a clothing optional beach with plenty of amenities and close to stuff to do, Haulover Beach is the place for you! One of the best Florida nude beaches.


Blind Creek Beach

Address: 5460 S Ocean Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Although, nudism has been popular on this beach for more than decades, it was designated as St. Lucie County’s first official clothing optional beach in June of 2020. This official law created a less stressful experience for naturists. The designated area is 36 acres, with the beach being a mile long, making it an ideal spot to walk along the shore. However, be wary of scorching sand! It is known for its pristine white sand, clear turquoise waters, and spectacular sunsets. Visitors to the beach pick up litter fairly regularly, so the beach stays clean.

There is not much in the way of amenities here though. The parking is easy to find and free with portable bathrooms. There are no concessions on the beach, so be sure to pack up drinks, snacks, and other gear before heading out. There is sometimes a food truck, but don’t count on it being there.

The amount of visitors to the beach depends on a number of factors including season, day of the week and weather. Summer weekends can be pretty busy, but otherwise there is enough space to find a secluded spot to relax. Visitors are very friendly and include all ages, however, many of them are older people.

There are no lifeguards on duty, so swim at your own risk. Beware that there is seaweed near the waterline. But with clear water, it will be easy to see the seaweed and avoid it.

If you plan to stay for the night or several days, there are accommodations in nearby Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce. Both offer accessibility, entertainment and dining.

Apollo Beach

Address: Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Located on the most northern part of Canaveral National Seashore, Apollo Beach offers secluded areas to sunbathe and enjoy one of the best clothing-optional beaches in Florida. Although it is not officially designated as a clothing optional beach, the locals and rangers don’t mind as long as you stay in the more secluded areas. These can be found south of parking lot five. The beach is free unless you park in the lot, then it is twenty dollars for a week. And if you want to park in the lot, you better arrive early. Once the lot is filled up, they close the gates and no one is allowed on the beach afterwards. They do not allow driving on the beach.

There is currently a bill (Bill SB 850) that would allow Apollo beach to become an official clothing optional beach. However, many of the locals and rangers don’t see where it would change much of how things currently are.

The bad thing about Apollo Beach is that it is not possible to swim at this beach. This is because of strong rip currents, underwater rock features, a steep drop off and boating traffic. There are signs posted that warn visitors to the no swimming policy.

nude beaches in florida Apollo Beach

Playalinda Beach

Address: Playalinda Beach, Orlando, FL 32815

Playalinda Beach is south of Apollo beach, close to the Kennedy Space Center and still part of the Canaveral National Seashore. Directly across the Intracoastal Waterway is the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. This provides you with the opportunity to see hundreds of migrating bird species, dolphins and other wildlife. And if you book a turtle walk during the nesting season (May 1-November 15), you might even get to see the sea turtles nesting.

Since Playalinda is so close to the Kennedy Space Center, you can have a chance to watch a rocket launch, on the scheduled launch days of course. It is the closest, most unobstructed view of a rocket launch.

Thought it is busy on the weekends, on weekdays you will pretty much be the only person on the beach. Be sure to bring your own snacks and drinks as there are no concessions on the beach, however there are restrooms.

When looking for the clothing optional section of the beach, you want to head to beach entrance/crossing 13 which is accessible through parking lot 13. There are signs warning those who do not participate in the naturists lifestyle that there is the possibility of coming across naturists past that point.

It is one of the top clothing optional beaches because it has untouched nature, beautiful vivid blue waters, and no condos or hotels providing a truly private, peaceful and serene experience. One of the very best nude beaches in Florida for sure.


Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Address: 4425 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746

While Cypress Cove is not a traditional beach, it is located on a 50 acre lake that sports a white sand beach and a lakeside sun deck. Cypress cove is a nudist resort that caters to everyone interested in the naturists lifestyle. And best of all, you can do all available activities (except dining) completely in the nude!

They have many activities for you to enjoy while you are there. You can go out on the lake in a canoe, kayak, paddle board or pedal boat. Or you could go fishing. They have a huge heated pool and a relaxing hot tub. There are other activities such as tennis or pickleball or playing mini golf. They also have a fitness center for those who like to spend their time working out. They have a few options for dining and dancing, as they have a few dining/dancing options. They also have activity clubs, nightly entertainment, and themed weekend events.

The accommodations include 84 villa hotel rooms, a modern campground/RV park and a residential community.

Cypress Cove is family friendly, so bring the whole gang to enjoy the naturist lifestyle and have fun! 


Hobe Sound

Address: Hobe Sound Beach, Jupiter Island, FL 33455

Hobe Sound was a popular nudist beach in the 70’s, but the beach bordered privately owned undeveloped land. The land owner did not like the nudist being on the beach next to his property, so he donated the land to the refuge with two conditions: that they remove any non-native plant species and that the nude bathers be removed from the property. So the beach that was a popular social scene for nudists 30 years ago is now a sparsely populated beach where nudity is still practiced, just quietly and discreetly.

Rangers still patrol and do not tolerate nudity, but they patrol on ATVs which can be heard from a distance. So just be ready to cover up at any time. And take care not to be nude in sight of clothed visitors. If you want to relax at the secluded Hobe Sound beach, make sure to use discretion.

When you’re finished at this beach why not check out some of the best restaurants in Jupiter after!

Hobe Sound

Air Force Beach

Now known as John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, this beach was known as one of the most popular nudist beaches in the mid to late 1900’s. John D. MacArthur was a famous philanthropist who enjoyed skinny dipping. There are rumors that Walt Disney joined MacArthur for a skinny dipping excursion while MacArthur was trying to convince Walt to build Disney World in Palm Beach.

When he passed he stipulated that part of the park be deemed a clothing optional area. But the state did not honor his wishes and when they took over the land in 1982, they declared that nudity was no longer allowed on the beach.

So today if you would like to pay respect to MacArthur’s wishes, you will have to head north to just out of the park’s boundaries.


St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge

Address: 3100 County Rd 30A, Apalachicola, FL 32320

This virtually uninhabited location is accessible by boat and consists of more than 12,000 acres of lake, marsh, dune, pine and hardwood. This is a wildlife refuge, so you are likely to see a number of animals that call this area home.

There is a campground at Indian pass that is on the bay side of the island. There is a nice store that can provide you with provisions if you plan on camping. And if you are camping out, make sure to bring plenty of bug repellant as mosquitoes and biting flies are abundant.

If you plan on going to the beach, make sure to bring snacks and drinks as there is no concessions on the beach. Follow the beach southwest and follow it as it gradually turns east. There you will find an expanse of pristine beach that you can lounge on. This is not an official clothing optional beach, so discretion is advised.

St. Lucie Inlet

Address: 4810 SE Cove Rd, Stuart, FL 34997

Please note that this is not an official nude beach however, you often find locals nude sun-baking on the beach and it doesn’t seem to be a problem. If you decide to go nude at this beach, use some discretion and do so at your own risk! We would probably say nude sun-baking is okay but nude frolicking probably isn’t tolerated – haha. If you do decide to go nudey at this beach, go around the bend, a couple of miles south of the tram drop-off.

Even if you decide not to go without clothing, this is a really nice beach to visit in its own right. The beach is a barrier island in Florida which means that it is only accessible by boat. There is a nice boardwalk on the island which passes through  hammocks of live oaks, cabbage palms and paradise trees. If you visit during the summer months, you might be lucky enough to see a turtle as it is a nesting area for loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles.

It is also a really great place to go fish surfing – probably not in the nude though!

It is not a free beach as it is run by Florida State Parks and costs $3 to enter.

Boca Chica Beach – one of the best nude beaches in Florida

Address: Boca Chica Beach, Key West, FL 33040

Key West beaches are a pretty loud bunch, so it really comes with no surprise that there is a nude beach in Key West or the Florida Keys in general, for that matter. If you make a Florida Keys roadtrip, you better make the most of it, as it is the only nude beach in the Florida Keys!

While it is a nude beach of types, this seems to be changing as the years go on so you might want to exercise discretion if you decide to get out in your birthday suit. If you want to go nude, we would suggest hanging out at the southwest end of the beach.

If you do decide to visit, it is a stunning beach, perfect for snorkeling. Note there are no facilties so you will need to bring your own gear if you decide to snorkel at this beach.

Boca Chica Beach

Image credit: Flickr

South Beach Miami

Address: South Beach, Miami Beach, FL 33139

This is not an official nude beach in Florida but pretty much anything goes at South Beach. You could definitely do some nude sun-baking at the beach and get away with it. Woman go topless at this beach without too much of a problem.

South Beach in Miami is such a fun beach in its own right and the water is some of the best we have seen in Florida, so if you haven’t been here already, you’ve definitely gotta go.

Again, if you want to go nude at this beach do so with discretion, families probably won’t appreciate too crude of a show but a super itty bitty bikini will be totally fine!



That rounds up the best nude beaches in Florida, so if you want to be free and easy you can head to one of these fun beaches in the Sunshine State! I hope that this article provided you with some information about nude beaches in the Sunshine State and helped you to decide where you wanted to take your next vacation. There are many, many things to do in and around the beaches. So after sunbathing in the nude all day, there is still plenty of places to continue the fun into the night!

Take careful note of our description of each beach because many of the above are not official nudist beaches but rather, where nudity is accepted. Follow the lead of others at the beach and if you get a vibe it isn’t okay, exercise some discretion.

Happy Birthday-suiting and living that free and easy life!


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