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19 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Naples FL You Gotta Eat at!

19 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Naples FL You Gotta Eat at!

Looking for the Best Breakfast Restaurants in Naples FL?

Resting on the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is known as both the prefect family destination that appeals to adventure as well bringng world class culture through high end shopping and dining. Naples is self titled the “Golf Capital of the World” as it has the second most holes of any city in Florida.

This area is most commonly inhabited by retirees and upper class families. Naples is popular to many tourists who enjoy local attractions such as Naples Botanical Garden, Naples Depot Museum and Golisano Chlldren’s Museum, Naples Zoo and the Venetian Village just to name a few spots.

Gallery Row is a concentration of art galleries that is well known and a great photoshoot area for your Instagram feed. Steps away from the secluded Everglades, Naples prides themselves on having the best well known sandboxes and calmest seas. When you are ready to enjoy a nice meal, particularly breakfast, find yourself waterfront taking in all the sites. 

Some of the best places to eat breakfast in Naples here:

19 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Naples FL That Are Worth It!

1. Goldie’s Restaurant

For breakfast to be first and the most important meal of the day, it is essential that it must be good. For a solid and inexpensive meal, you have to try out Goldie’s Restaurant and their stellar breakfast menu. The staff is regarded as top notch and a piece of home in a breakfast joint.

Everyone is friendly and the service and quick. This hidden gem is family operated and owned and started by Ciro Amato in August 1992. Aside from Goldie’s obviously well known breakfast foods, their sauces are also absolutely worth the try. These special sauces inside their strawberry sauce and peanut butter fluff sauces.

The coffee is also commendable and can be compare to an overly priced cup from Starbucks. The breakfast wraps are all amazing as well as the sausage, gravy & biscuits along with the eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce. If you are more in a lunch mood, their club sandwiches are said to be fantastic; in particular the corned beef on rye.

Goldie’s Restaurant best breakfast in naples fl

Goldie’s Restaurant/ Facebook

2. Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

Sometimes a comforting nostalgia can come from a restaurant; in particular a breakfast spot. If you want to be unexpectedly delighted for you next breakfast experience, you should try out the Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe. Being in the Naples area for more than 40 years, Locals and tourists alike love coming to these eatery for the food just as much as for its time capsule appeal.

It is much more than your typical coffee shop but do not expect anything super fancy on when you take look at the menu. It offers you a typical breakfast but done to perfection. The staff is also a nicely added to touch a to a worthwhile trip to dine in. The service is quick and reliable.

You know you can count on quality food at a pretty good price. Did I also mention that the portions are pretty satisfying as well? With all of these green flags under their belt, I’m not sure why anyone would not want to at least give this place a try. 

Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe

Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe/ Facebook

3. EJ’s Bayfront Cafe

Naples offers some astounding food spots that are worth the drive over. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, this area is pretty solid for tasty delights. If you are looking for the best brunch in Naples, I would like to suggest the affordable and vegetarian friendly spot, EJ’s Bayfront Cafe.

Open for just breakfast and lunch, this spot is owned and operated by Le Cordon Bleu graduate Eric Becker. Each dish is prepared with local and fresh ingredients that you can observe which you sit at the bar and enjoy. The staff has 5 star reviews, being prompt and attentive and doing it all with a smile and great attitude.

The biscuits and gravy are a sure 10/10 as well as cheesy potatoes and hash browns. EJ’s is well known for their incredible eggs making all of their omelettes top tier quality. The portion sizes for each meal are a great value, matching the affordable price. 

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe best breakfast in naples fl

EJ’s Bayfront Cafe/ Facebook

4. First Watch

The next food place to enjoy has a commendable take on the beginning of the day. At First Watch, they love to make the first shift of the day the very best one. From the crack of dawn, First Watch staff prepares and incorporates fresh fruit and vegetables into their cuisine along with whipping up everything from scratch everyday.

Every season brings change to First Watch. This eatery loves to especially go with the flow and highlight the crops that fit the current season. When it is available, outdoor seating is the best way to start your day with First Watch as they have a beautiful view of Lowdermilk Beach, one of the best beaches in Naples.

The staff is kind and friendly and always willing to help at every step of the way. Everything is said to be amazing on this menu. TO name a few, you should try their very popular Floridain French toasts with real maple syrup, kale salads and the crazy sandwiches like the Elevated Egg Sandwich and the Trifecta.

One of the best breakfast in naples fl for sure.


5. The Cafe

There are some spots that when you hear them you know what to expect already but still you want it to be worth it. The Cafe gives you a very standard menu but done well and with homemade high quality breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Owned and operated by the Danish Madsen family since August 2009, the Cafe gives a style influenced by a relaxed Scandinavian lifestyle and influenced by a European cafe life atmosphere. It has nice outdoor seating as well, heated when needed.

For starters, the coffee here is top notch and worth filling up a second cup. They also offer freshly pressed juices, mimosas and other options at the bar. As far as food goes, the omelettes are an absolute must to order along with the crepes and Belgian waffles with a buttermilk base.

The Cafe

The Cafe/ Facebook

6. Skillets 

As we can tell by this article, Naples is big on having food places that are not only serve really good but that really focuses on being healthy and have fresh ingredients with a homemade feel.

If you want a place that checks these off of your list, you have to try the popular Skillets. Ross and Noreen Edlund founded Skillets Restaurants in 1995 and have not showed signs of slowing down since. Their goal was to create a personal experience with comfort food at a good price ridding this are of bland options. A lot of the staff have been apart of the Skillets family for 20 years.

Everyone is heavily regarded as family. Now for food. The corned beef hash, breakfast burrito and the Denver skillet are all really great choices if you need some pointers. The cinnamon apple french toast and the Sunrise Benedict are also meals to take a look at. 


Skillets/ Facebook

7. Jane’s Cafe

Everyone deserves to feel even a little fancy during a meal every now and then. Of course we want a meal that is yummy and delicious. What also sets a dish over the top is the attention to detail. If you are looking to test new waters with your taste buds and feel fancy doing so, make sure you visit Jane’s Cafe.

At Jane’s, you can expect delicious comfort foods with healthy ingredients and a range of dishes from American to Mexican to European and even Asian cuisine. I would highly recommend having your meal in their gorgeous English Gardens or on the Courtyard Patio.

The French cuisine has to be the most popular on the menu. The stuffed French toast, eggs Benedict, with shrimp, and the lobster roll are all hits with guests. For lunch options, I would recommend the chicken panini and variety of stuffed quiches.  

Jane’s Cafe

Jane’s Cafe/ Facebook

8. Blueberry’s 

Blueberry’s is a breakfast & lunch restaurant offering some of the best blueberry pancakes you have ever tried. This eatery is a great casual dine in spot with excellent portions at decent prices. The staff and customer service alone are efficient, friendly and are always there for you.

It is always quite busy here with frequent regulars. All of the pancake flavors, especially blueberry, are top favorites amongst the crowd. If you are not so much in the pancake mood, there are other yummy options to try like the redneck eggs Benedict along with the potato pancakes and spinach crepe.

There are also really great lunch options if you are not into breakfast. If you would like lighter options, I recommend the tuna melt and the Waldorf Astoria Salad. 


Blueberry’s/ Facebook

9. Joe’s Diner

Joe’s Diner is for the typical American looking for a somewhat of a whole in the wall spot for breakfast. Before I continue on, this is not to downplay Joe’s Diner whatsoever. There is a charm in whole in the wall spots that bring the best meals we crave on the regular.

Joe’s Diner has this feel without the holes In the wall. They offer great prices and the portions are huge. It is also very clean and well decorated with very friendly staff.

The customer service is top tier. You have to order the sausage, biscuits and gravy is you are really hungry. If not so much that hungry, I also recommend the rocket omelet or the French toast. They do also offer lunch if you would like to swing back around for more. 

Joe’s Diner

Joe’s Diner/ Facebook

10. Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner 

This next breakfast restaurant, Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner, is surely a classic yet casual choice fit for just about any occasion. Their menu is fairly priced and offers a decent range of tasty breakfast, brunch and lunch cuisines.

With lines flooding out of the doorway, this spot is definitely a popular choice with locals and tourists alike. They also offer outdoor seating to add to the getaway action appeal of the location. Fifth Avenue has an exclusive delectable bakery being quite famous for their bagels and lox.

If you are in the mood for something a little different, they also offer delicious egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos along with better than average coffee. If lunch is more on your mind, the Cobb salad will leave you quite satisfied along with a cheese steak or a Cuban panini. 

Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner 

Fifth Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner / Facebook

11. Mels’ Diner 

Mel’s Diner has grown quite significantly since their old food truck days. Having been in business for more than 30 years, Mel’s Diner aims to offer a nostalgic experience with classic meals done right.

Every ingredient used is highly sought our for the best quality version of, partnering with local farmers and the best of the best in the food industry to deliver some great food. They strive for good times and great food. How could anyone go wrong with that slogan?

They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices. For breakfast menu top picks, you should look out for a western omelette with egg whites, the Mel’s special, which is biscuits with gravy and home fries and eggs, French toast or the eggs Benedict just to name a few. 

Mels’ Diner 

Mels’ Diner/ Facebook

12. Patio Cafe

Patio Cafe is for a late but still fabulous breakfast. Where food is traditional and comforting, you will be pleasantly surprised to find another homey restaurant for the morning time. They offer fast and friendly services at very affordable prices whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

For now, we will focus solely on breakfast. Whether you are adding chocolate chips, pecans or fruit, the buttermilk pancakes are an absolute must try and what they are popular for. The waffles are pretty good too if you’re more into those.

Similarly but still yummy are the Florentine egg crepes and the berry stuffed French toast. If you are thinking more savory, the Irish Benedict is an egg cuisine I am sure will not disappoint. They do also offer your typical breakfast spread that will make your day. 

Mels’ Diner 

Mels’ Diner/ Facebook

13. The Bowl

Typically for some folks, you are not always hungry as soon as you wake up. Sometimes it can be hard to eat in the morning but we still have to. The Bowl offers a really great alternative to your typical breakfast platter. Although not exclusively a breakfast choice, I wanted to include it in this list because it is a good healthy option from the rest.

The Bowl is female owned by FGCU alumni Kylee Brinkman after moving from Southern California. After spending time mastering açaí bowls in the kitchen and at farmers markets, she decided to start a business of her own in 2014.

The menu really ranges from a great selection plant based options other than just açaí bowls. They offer, pitaya bowls, smoothies, top mocha, cold brew and kombucha. The PB&J bowl is top tier and should be at the top of your list when you visit. The Key West Bowl is also a delicious option including ingredients like coconut milk and shreds, strawberries, pineapples, mango and honey to top it off along with granola. 

The Bowl

The Bowl/ Facebook

14. House of Omelets

At House of Omelettes, the staff strives to offer a friendly atmosphere that will keep you sticking around for a second and third cup of coffee. Offering both heart healthy options and home style meals, this restaurant offers the works in the most classic meals.

This eatery has a few signature meal options which include the Texan, the Chicken Cordon Blue or The Greek Connection, gyro meat with two eggs and tzatziki sauce.

If you are more into the classic hearty meals for breakfast, they have really great country fried steaks, something called the polish wonder or just the classic omelette. They are quite well known in the southwest Florida area for them. 

House of Omelets

House of Omelets/ Facebook

15. Country House East 

If you are on a diet or expecting to be taken a back by the sites of Country House East, you may be surprised. Although you should expect for the exterior to resemble much of a hole in the wall, do not be so turned off to not give it a try anyway.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner you can expect pretty hefty portions for each meal for a very good price. The establishment itself is small but the service is great and speedy along with the staff being very helpful and friendly. For starters, they have delicious homemade bread along with bottomless coffee. Omelettes are large and delicious making the eggs Benedict a major go to.

The homemade biscuits and gravy are also the top choice cuisine here and will surely have you wanting seconds. If you are looking for another hidden gem, explore your horizons and give this eatery a shot. 

16. Sunburst Cafe

Sunburst Cafe is filled with warmth with welcoming colors and wall art. This cafe is very much so a working artwork piece simply by existing, being highly influenced by the giant 6ft mural of Costa Rica. It is your cafe away from you typical restaurant.

Sunburst has been family owned and operated happily for over 20 years. They serve breakfast and lunch all day. The staff is really polite and attentive, giving really great suggestions from the menu when asked. The coffee here has quite a reputation, standing up as one of the best in the area. The Costa Rican coffee beans really helps them stand out intuit way.

The baked goods and omelettes here are first class. The chorizo omelettes, in particular, are said to be absolutely amazing. If you want a little taste of Disney in your coffee without the price, I would suggest spending a morning at Sunburst Cafe. 

Sunburst Cafe

Sunburst Cafe/ Facebook

17. Cafe gourmand

At Cafe Gourmand, the goal is to go even more above and beyond the normal line of service. This cafe aims to deliver you with a piece of happiness with every purchase.

Dominque and her husband Sam along with their best friend Sarah decided to open shop after moving from Belgium. They bring cuisine that is highly influenced by Europe along with a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Their French specialties are prepared with the finest products imported from France and Italy, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, organic eggs and milk and flour. The Lemon Citron Crepe is heaven on a plate. The quiche meals are also worth trying. You must also have the croissants and make it a sandwich with side options like brie and ham. You will not be sorry.

Cafe gourmand

Cafe gourmand/ Facebook

18. Grain de Cafe 

Very much like the last eatery, the Grain de Cafe is giving all the right amount of Parisian elegance and sophistication. It is a quaint atmosphere with very friendly staff. You order at the counter here and they take it to your table.

There is nice seating both in and outdoors but definitely splurge for the outdoors if you can. On select days like Sundays, they host live jazz and music regularly to further set the tone of a day in Paris. Guests are quite stunned by the French staff including a French chef, making all of the cuisine just that much more authentic. Drinks like coffee, espresso or French cider is served right away to you and is quite delicious.

The muffins and croissants are homemade and well known. The French toast and baguette sandwiches are also worth a shot. The crepes will have you thinking you are on vacation and enjoying a beautiful breakfast at a posh patissuerie. 

Grain de Cafe 

Grain de Cafe / Facebook

19. Brooklyn Dough with a Hole 

This bagel shop is unlike any other shop you will have a baked good at. Brooklyn Dough with a Hole brings New York style to the Naples neighborhood, taking no shortcuts and only delivering bagels with old fashioned tried and true techniques like hand rolling and kettle boiling.

There are no factory made, frozen chain bagels at this establishment. The shop was founded by a Brooklyn and a New Jersey native with over 30 years of bagel making experience.

The original owner has moved on; however, the head chef still keeps this spirit alive. All ingredients are fresh and free of preservatives. The egg and cheese and grilled cheese bagel are obvious classics yet are still amazing. The blueberry and bacon bacon bagels are also pretty delicious. 

Brooklyn Dough with a Hole 

Brooklyn Dough with a Hole / Facebook


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